Creating Your Own Way to Happiness: For Those Considering Getting Married, Are Married, Divorced, Or Widowed

Robert Bruce, 2007 - 180 páginas
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Ways to improve your live and create your own happiness.
Are you ready to make positive changes in your life? If so, what will they be and when will you begin? Many people go through life being unhappy, but they can make the changes to their life and become happy, only if they want to. In this book you will read about improving your life like . things to consider before a relationship or marriage . you as a child . a possible negative side . relationships with friends . making the right choices . creating your own vision for the future . your relationship(s) or marriage(s) . considering the right choices . setting goals . maintaining a happy relationship or marriage . becoming enthusiastic about your life . how important communication is in your life . your image . honesty . teamwork with others . networking . negotiation skills . controlling stress . becoming divorced . coping with loneliness . caring for a sick loved one . coping with death of a loved one . living single . budgeting your income and expenses . If you are single, thinking about becoming married, are married, divorced, widow or widower this book may be just right for you. There are many ideas and stories for you to consider when you are creating your own way to happiness.

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Book Review: Creating Your Own Way To Happiness by Robert Bruce and Lee Ann Kirby
Written by Alexandria Jackson
Published February 23, 2008
Creating Your Own Way To Happiness is a self-help workbook that helps the reader learn or remember that you create your own happiness. While that sounds like a trite, over-used cliché, reading this book is an interactive way of reminding yourself of who you want to be.
There are many useful fill-in-the-blank forms for you to reacquaint yourself with you. After each assessment tool, there are helpful statements of encouragement and often a biblical reference. Each main area of the book has, “Go for it! You can do it!” or other motivating statements. The concept may sound pedestrian, but while reading the book I was smiling and eager to keep reading.
Hindrances to achievement were listed as: fear, carelessness, laziness, indifference, forgetfulness, and procrastination.
Basic strengtheners were listed: enthusiasm, optimism, creative intuition, persistence, belief, and activity.
The reader is encouraged to smile, live life to the fullest, and change to a more positive attitude. The authors give you tools to help you on your path toward self-understanding and subsequently to happiness.
Other tools offered in Creating Your Own Way To Happiness are: ways to communicate more effectively, how to deal with stress and anxiety, and how to improve your self-image, self-confidence and self-respect. The reader is also given business solutions and strategies to assist in working with different types of people.
The authors do not shy away from darker issues such as dealing with loneliness, divorce, and the death of a loved one. Practical coping techniques are suggested in a kind and caring manner.
Creating Your Own Way To Happiness asks you to consider living your life with honesty, integrity, courage, and tact. This may seem to be an old-fashioned concept, but I cheered when I read this chapter. I have long yearned for the days when a man’s word was his honor. We don’t hear about integrity enough anymore and it no longer appears to be a valued commodity.
Robert Bruce and Lee Ann Kirby have 95 years of marriage, 6 children, 11 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren between them. They have both survived the death of their respective spouses and are the best of friends. They seem to be beautiful people, both spiritually and emotionally.
Their book is a gently encouraging, motivating and easy-to-read (170-pages).
I will recommend Creating Your Own Way To Happiness to anyone I know over the age of fifteen.
Alexandria Jackson is a psychologist by day and a Blogcritic by night. She is the author of Don’t Take it Personally: Keep Your Self-Esteem in a Relationship.

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Me as a child
My negative side
Relationships with friends
Relationships with a member of the opposite
Consider the right choice
Creating your own vision for the future
My relationships or marriages
Honesty is still the best policy
Teamwork in a relationship or marriage
Networking can amplify your development
How are your negotiation skills
Controlling stress
All of a sudden divorced and single
Coping with loneliness
Caring for a sick loved

Self motivation guides you toward your goals
Maintaining a happy relationship marriage
Your enthusiasm can breed more enthusiasm
Communication and its importance
How is your image
Coping with death of a loved
Living Single
Budgeting your income and expenses
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