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Progrefs of the Female Sex.

HE progrefs of the female fex, capital branch of the hiftory of

man, comprehends great variety of matter, curious, and interefting, But sketches are my province, not complete hiftories; and I propofe in the prefent sketch to trace the gradual progrefs of woVOL. II. A men,

men, from their low ftate in favage tribes, to their elevated ftate in civilized nations. With regard to the outlines, whether of internal difpofition or of external figure, men and women are the fame. Nature, however, intending them for mates, has given them difpofitions different but concordant, fo as to produce together delicious harmony. The man, more robuft, is fitted for fevere labour and for field-exercifes: the woman, more delicate, is fitted for fedentary occupations; and particularly for nurfing children. That difference is remarkable in the mind, no lefs than in the body. A boy is always running about; delights in a top or a ball, and rides upon a ftick as a horse. girl has lefs inclination to move her first amusement is a baby; which fhe delights to drefs and undrefs. I have feen oftener than once a female child under fix getting an infant in its arms, careffing it, finging, and walking about ftaggering under the weight. A boy never thinks of fuch a paftime. The man, bold and vigorous, is qualified for being a protector: the woman, delicate and timid, requires protection.


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