Financier and the Finances of the American Revolution, Volumen1

Dodd, Mead, 1892
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Página 108 - Paneles, Coffee or Pimento, from the British Plantations or from Dominica; nor Wines from Madeira, or the Western Islands; nor Foreign Indigo.
Página 264 - ... me, I sacrifice much of my interest, my ease, my domestic enjoyments, and internal tranquillity. If I know my own heart, I make these sacrifices with a disinterested view to the service of my country. I am ready to go further; and THE UNITED STATES MAY COMMAND EVERYTHING I HAVE EXCEPT MY INTEGRITY, AND THE LOSS OF T.HAT WOULD EFFECTUALLY DISABLE ME FROM SERVING THEM MORE.
Página 255 - I am grown old. I feel myself much enfeebled by my late long illness, and it is probable I shall not long have any more concern in these affairs. I therefore take this occasion to express my opinion to your Excellency that the present conjuncture is critical ; that there is some danger lest the Congress should lose its influence over the people if it is found unable to procure the aids that are wanted, and that the whole system of the new government in America may thereby be shaken.
Página 244 - I shall find one hundred thousand livres not sufficient, having already paid above sixty-five thousand on that article. And now, the drafts of the treasurer of the loans coming very fast upon me, the anxiety I have suffered, and the distress of mind lest I should not be able to pay them, have for a long time been very great indeed.
Página 211 - I believe the men who have conducted the affairs of America incapable of being influenced by improper motives; but in all such transactions there is risk, and I think that whoever ventures should be secured, at the same time, that...
Página 292 - ... has no doubt but in future Congress will most studiously avoid a repetition of it. He has, nevertheless, resolved to discharge the bills, which became due last year, to the amount of one million of livres ; and it is probable his Majesty will be able to provide funds to the amount of three millions for the discharge of those, which will become due in the course of the present year. The King's Ministers have also procured for...
Página 158 - I before hinted at, possesses the entire confidence of the ministry ; he is a man of wit and genius and a considerable writer on comic and political subjects ; all my supplies are to come through his hands, which at first greatly discouraged my friends, knowing him to be a person of no interest with the merchants, but had I been as doubtful as they, I could not have stepped aside the path so cordially marked out for me by those I depend on.
Página 158 - ... lay useless in magazines, with other military stores, in some such proportion, I apprehended it no way impossible to come at a supply from hence, through the agency of some merchant, without the ministry being concerned in the matter. In such case the merchant would be accountable to the ministry, and the colonies to the merchant, by which means a greater time of payment might be given, and more allowance in case of our being disappointed.
Página 284 - Disdaining, therefore, those little timid artifices which, while they postpone the moment of difficulty, only increase the danger and confirm the ruin, I prefer the open declaration to all of what is to be expected, and whence it is to be drawn.
Página 254 - ... will exert themselves to bring things back to first principles, correct abuses, and punish our internal foes, inevitable ruin must follow. Indeed we seem to be verging so fast to destruction, that I am filled with sensations to which I have been a stranger, till within these three months.

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