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Selected papers from the annual meeting of the Conference.

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Página ix - LORD, who hast taught us > that ,all our doings » without Charity > are ,nothing worth ; Send thy Holy ,Ghost, and pour into our hearts that most ,excellent gift of charity, the very ,bond of peace > and of ,all virtues, with,out which > whosoever liveth is counted ,dead before thee : Grant this > for thine only Son Jesus .Christ's 'sake. Amen.
Página 173 - ... After a plea or verdict of guilty, in a case where a discretion is conferred upon the court as to the extent of the punishment, the court, upon the suggestion of either party, that there are circumstances which may be properly taken into view, either in aggravation or mitigation of the punishment, may, in its discretion, hear the same summarily at a specified time, and upon such notice to the adverse party as it may direct.
Página 35 - Leaving aside the exceptions, it is apparent that on an income of $600-700 many families in Manhattan have a fierce struggle for existence. The maximum of food purchases approximates the minimum set up by authorities on this subject. The narrowest margin is allowed for other essentials. No provision can be made for accident or emergency. If either of these occur, the family runs into debt. Were it not for the charity of friends, relatives, employers or philanthropic organizations, the expenditure...
Página 205 - ... governed by persons of the same religious faith as the parents of the child...
Página 177 - A person, who, having his face painted, discolored, covered or concealed, or being otherwise disguised, in a manner calculated to prevent his being identified, appears in a road or public highway, or in a field, lot, wood or inclosure ; 8. Any child between the age of five and fourteen, having sufficient bodily health and mental capacity to attend the public...
Página 174 - ... if the judgment has been pronounced and the execution thereof has been suspended, the court may revoke such suspension, whereupon the judgment shall be in full force and effect, and the person shall be delivered over to the proper officer to serve his sentence, less any credits herein provided for.
Página 18 - ... citizens. THE PRESIDENT (continuing) : Next on the programme will be the report of the Committee on the Standard of Living, given by the chairman. The members of the Committee have devoted much time and labor to this report, which, I am satisfied will prove of absorbing interest to this Conference. I now have the pleasure of introducing to you a gentleman who is well known to every charity worker in the State, Dr. Lee K.
Página 36 - Committee believes that with an income of between $700 and $800 a family can barely support itself, provided that it is subject to no extraordinary expenditures by reason of sickness, death, or other untoward circumstances. Such a family can live without charitable assistance through exceptional management and in the absence of emergencies...
Página 174 - The parents, guardian or master of such child, if the child has any, shall be summoned by the magistrate to attend any examination or trial of such child and to be present in court when the child is placed on probation and informed by the court of the action taken in such case.
Página 274 - Hortense V., Hudson. Superintendent, New York State Training School for Girls. Bruere, Robert W., 105 East 22d street, New York City. New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor. Bryant, Miss Delia, 7 High street, Albany. Buck, William B., 1535 Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa. Buckner, Miss GV, 105 East 22d street, New York City. New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor. Bunn, Miss Ida L., Iroquois. Burke, Rt. Rev. Thomas MA, 225 Madison avenue, Albany. Burnham,...

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