An outline of the history of the British Church ... to the period of the Reformation


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Página 93 - Or that images were then set up in the churches, to the intent the people might worship them ; Or that the lay people was then forbidden to read the word of God in their own tongue...
Página 26 - Roman superintendence during their transition from paganism to Christianity, and these two were largely indebted to domestic zeal for their conversion. Every other county, from London to Edinburgh, has the full gratification of pointing to the ancient Church of Britain as its nursing mother in Christ's holy faith.
Página 45 - Whereupon our said lord the king, by the assent aforesaid, and at the request of his said Commons, hath ordained and established, that if any purchase, or pursue, or cause to be purchased or pursued in the court of Rome, or elsewhere, any such translations, processes, sentences of excommunications, bulls, instruments, or any other things whatsoever, which touch the king, against him, his crown and his regality, or his realm...
Página 9 - Spirit of truth should lead them into all truth and abide with them for ever, that the gates of hell should not prevail against his Church, and that he would himself be always with his disciples, — imply that the faith revealed by Jesus Christ should, in every age, continue to purify and sanctify the hearts and lives of his real followers ; and we may hence infer, that the belief which has, in all ages, been derived by the Church from holy...
Página 85 - They were accused of the following practices and opinions: —that they had married wives, that they owned but two sacraments, Baptism and...
Página 84 - are of the true faith, whatever you from the west may be ; for we come from the place where the followers of Christ were first called Christians.
Página 74 - Liverous bishop of Kildare, suffered deprivation for their refusal to join in that renunciation. Two others, — Lacey bishop of Limerick, and Skiddy bishop of Cork and Cloyne, resigned ; the former in 1566> and the latter in 1571, possibly from scruples on the same score.
Página 7 - after his imprisonment, preached the Gospel in the western parts;" by which expression it is universally admitted the British islands were then understood.
Página 60 - Great pan of it consisted of the very words of Scripture, as the Psalms, Lessons, Hymns, Epistles, and Gospels : and the rest was in every particular made agreeable to it, and drawn from the Liturgies of the ancient Church. The Rubrics of it were written in the blood of some of the compilers, men famous...

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