Meat in Due Season

Lulu Enterprises Incorporated, 2006 - 284 páginas
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Meat in Due Season - Psalms 145:15, is a commentary on Judeo Messianic Christianity, a simple and complete overview of what it is, what it is not and what it has become as the result of erroneous institutional doctrines and teachings. The author presents an interesting and concise look at the subject of Devine Salvation from the time of Adam through Scriptural Prophesy to the current Middle-East geo-political situation involving the West, Israel and Islam, all the way down to who built the Great Pyramid of Giza -- controversial and uncomfortable in parts for some, but extremely nourishing and Biblically well supported for others. The first limited two-color text version of this book published in 2005 drew such favorable comment as: Meat in Due Season, is both inspiring and thought provoking and I have enjoyed reading it...we are committed to Israel and the book reflects this well. Malcom Hedding, Executive Director of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.

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