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But the kingdom is one, under one fupreme Head, in all ages and countries, however diftant from the time and place where first it began; and every fignal enlargement of its borders, whether immediately, by the converfion of multitudes, or by confequence, from the overthrow of enemies, may be confidered as having been either directly intended, or more remotely implied, in the prayer for this kingdom's propagation and furtherance. Several events of this fort, befides thofe above noticed, are foretold in the Gofpels, and other books of the New Teftament. But none is more frequently alluded to, none more minutely defcribed, than the deftruction of the city and temple of Jerufalem. The prophecies, therefore, refpecting that period, and other points clofely connected with it, I fhall endeavour, with GoD's blefling, to ftate and illustrate in the enfuing lectures.

True it is, these prophecies, from the days of their accomplishment to the prefent time, have frequently been examined with care, and enforced with ability. But a fubject, which affords fuch a direct and convincing proof of the truth and divinity of our holy religion, can scarcely be too often reviewed, or unfeasonably urged.

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Treading in a beaten track, exploring a region so often described and so well known, it was the preacher's wish, that the reports and obfervations fhould, nevertheless, be his


He furveyed therefore, as it were, the face of the country, he collected and confidered the historical facts, before he inquired, how others had applied them. Hence, if the account to be offered fhall in some points differ from, and in others agree with, former writers; as fuch diverfity will not proceed from a fpirit of innovation, so neither will the coincidence be the refult of blind deference to respectable authority. The testimony of conviction alone can be valuable. The remark therefore, which fhall appear juft, will not be given up, though it may be proposed with more diffidence, when others have thought differently; nor will obfervations always be retrenched, because they have occurred to others before, but rather be urged with greater boldness, as being supported by thofe, who have with fkill and attention confidered the subject. '.

* Ημεις γε μεντοι όσοις συνετύχομεν ταυτα γνοντες εκείνῳ, εκ έξι α λειφομεν εκ των ημετέρων, αλλά πολύ ήδιον παραδώσομεν αυτά τοις φίλοις, νομίζοντες αξιοπισότεροι είναι, ότι κοίκοινος κατα ταύτα ήμι gyva, ixmixos av, Xen. de Re Equeft,


In conducting this argument, a point which has often been proved, and which the Jews themselves, with whom at present we are chiefly concerned, do not deny, will be taken for granted; namely, that the books of the New Teftament were written at the time generally fuppofed, and by the perfons whose names they bear. This being allowed, if the prophecies contained in them have been punctually fulfilled, the confequence is undeniable, That they are of heavenly original.

It was the observation of a young man in Tully, with regard to the great question of the foul's immortality, that whilst he read the treatife of Plato on the fubject, he was convinced by his reafoning; but when he laid down the book, and revolved the matter with himself, his affent vanished *. So numerous, it may be prefumed, or fo perplexing were the difficulties, which the ftate of things then presented to his mind, that they effaced the impreffions made by philofophy.

The cafe, in the prefent inftance, is far otherwise. Read the arguments of those, who

Tufcul. Quæft. L. I. c. xi.
C 4


have defended Chriftianity; the demonftration is clear, your conviction full. Step forth from your closet, and caft your belief is confirmed. of creation, they cry out,

your eyes abroad, View the works There is a GOD;

furvey the moral world, and the revolutions of kingdoms, they refound, There is a providence. Look upon the people, that once were the Lord's fee them continue, as it was foretold of them, though difperfed, yet not loft, though perfecuted, yet not destroyed; what do they but proclaim, by their infidelity now, as they fhall one day, we truft, in their converfion acknowledge, "Great and marvelous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; juft and true are thy ways, thou King of faints."

To Him therefore, to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghoft, three perfons in one adorable and undivided Godhead, be afcribed, by us and by all creatures, " bleffing and honour and glory and power"" now henceforth and for evermore! Amen.

Rev. v. 12.




This gofpel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world, for a witness unto all nations, and then fhall the end come.

T is needless to prove, that by the end


here mentioned we are to understand, not the final diffolution of the world, but the destruction of the temple, and the Jewish state. To this, the question of the apostles, in the beginning of the chapter, relates; and to this confeffedly belongs the whole of the context before, and feveral verses after, the words now read. The parallel paffage, in St. Mark, is, "The gospel must first be publifhed among all nations';" where " firft" can allude to nothing, but the subject in

Mark xiii. 10.


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