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and our only help art Thou O God our heavenly Father, for we have no strength in ourselves, nor knowledge, nor wisdom. Give us, O God Almighty, O give us all the knowledge and grace and might which we need, that thy name may be glorified in us, in all thy ordinances, and that our souls may be eternally blessed in thy presence, in the mansions of love and of glory.

Congregation. Merciful Father, keep us from temptations and dangers, and let thy name be glorified in us in this ordinance, and may we be glorified with thee for ever.

Minister.-God of mercy and salvation, be pleased now, we beseech thee, to give us the light of thy countenance in departing from this place, and in pursuing our way to our respective homes. And do thou, in our homes and in our closets meet with us, and still and ever cause the light of thy countenance to be upon us through Jesus Christ our Lord and Redeemer. Congregation-O Lord our God, let thy face of mercy and love shine on us evermore.

Minister.-Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost; as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end: amen. Congregation.-Amen, and amnen.




[The Minister standing: the Congregation sitting.]

Minister.-Let us Worship and Glorify God, with all solemnity, and in spirit, and in truth. Let us Pray.

[All kneel.]

Minister.-Our Father in heaven,-Hallowed be thy name.


Minister.-Thy Kingdom come.


Minister.-Thy will be done on earth, as it is done in heaven.


Minister-Give us this day our daily bread.
Congregation. Amen.

Minister.-Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.


Minister-Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.


Minister. Thine, O Lord, is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory,-for ever, and ever,Amen.

Congregation.-Amen, and amen.

[All rise and stand.]

Minister.-Let us sing to the praise and the glory of God:-" To thy temple &c." [pronouncing the two first lines of the following hymn :-Or, referring to some other, and pronouncing the two first lines of it.]

1. To thy temple I repair,

Lord, I love to worship there,
When within the veil I meet
Christ before the mercy-seat.

2. Thou through Him art reconciled,
I, through Him, became thy child;
Abba! Father! give me grace,
In thy courts to seek thy face.

3. While thy glorious praise is sung,
Touch my lips, unloose my tongue,
That my joyful soul may bless
Thee, the Lord my righteousness.

4. While the prayers of saints ascend,
God of love, to mine attend;
Hear me, for thy Spirit pleads,
Hear, for Jesus intercedes.

5. While I hearken to thy law,
Fill my soul with humble awe,
Till thy gospel bring to me
Life and immortality.

6. While thy ministers proclaim
Peace and pardon in thy name,
Through their voice, by faith may I
Hear Thee speaking from the sky.

7. From thy house when I return,
May my heart within me burn,
And at evening let me say,
- I have walked with God to day.

[Still standing.]

Minister.-Let us pray.

[All kneel.]

Minister-Almighty and Glorious Majesty of heaven and earth, we poor creatures of a day and of the dust, venture to come into thy presence to worship thee. O Lord God, permit us to wait upon thee; turn us not away as we deserve, for we are very sinful, guilty, and corrupted; but graciously allow us access to thy throne of mercy, and permit us to open our lips in thy praise.

Congregation.-Almighty God, vouchsafe us access into thy presence, to praise thee.

Minister. O Lord God Almighty, Thou Thyself alone fillest Eternity, Immensity, Infinity: Thou, O God, art the only Living One. All life is derived from thee, and from thee alone; for all that exists, exists solely by thy will and power. O Glorious Jehovah, Almighty God, Source of all, teach us, we entreat thee, some little of thy Blessed Self; teach us that we may give thee glory. O Lord, teach us, that we may glorify thy Adorable Name, for to glorify Thee is happiness, is joy, is glory.

Congregation.-All Glorious Jehovah, teach us somewhat of Thy Ever Blessed Self, that we may glorify thy Name, and be glorified in Thee.

Minister-O Lord, the Eternal God, Thou art Light, and in Thee there is no darkness at all.

Congregation.-Glory be to thy name, O God of


Minister. O God Almighty, Thou art all Knowledge: Thou art all Power: Thou art the God of Love. Congregation.-Glory be to God in the highest, and for ever.


O God, All-Glorious and Infinite, enable us to worship and adore thee, with the profoundest reverence, with the deepest humility, with all gratitude, with the fullest confidence, and with the most affectionate love.

Congregation.-O Lord God, give us grace thus to worship and adore thee.

Minister.-Almighty and Everlasting God, Thou hast made all things, and thou orderest and directest all things, in the fullness of knowledge, of power, of wisdom, of goodness, and love.

Congregation. O God, thou art all goodness and


Minister.—O God Almighty, thou hast created this world in which we dwell, with all its wonders. Thou hast created the heavens above, in all their glory. Thou, O God, art the Source and the Sovereign of the Whole Universe. Praise and glory everlasting be unto Thee from all thy works, O Thou who art the First and the Last, and The All in All.

Congregation.-O Thou who art the First and the Last, glory be to Thy Name in all thy works, and for ever and ever.

Minister-Almighty Father, Thou hast created us, and not we ourselves; and we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Thou, Lord, hast given us our Bodies, our Minds, and our Souls. All our Faculties, our

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