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neglect and abuse of this knowledge, in all respects wherein I have so done; and let not my soul, O God, nor the souls of others, be injured by this neglect and abuse. And grant me, O my God, henceforward to make a right and a godly use of all the knowledge which by thy grace I enjoy, or that I may attain unto in future. Be pleased, O Lord, to grant me that proper desire which thou wilt approve of, for an increased measure of knowledge. Let me not shut my eyes against the light thou affordest me: but let me desire a continual increase of knowledge, with the view of glorifying thy name the more by every light thou wilt give me.

Thou hast now, O God, in thy providence put This Book into my hands. O grant me thy Holy Spirit to guide and to direct me in the reading of it. My mind, O God, is entirely in thy hands: O save me from harm, and guide me to what is good by the Book now before me. Shield me, O my God, from imbibing any errors which this work may contain, and guide me to a right comprehension of all that is true, and holy, and useful in it. Grant also, O my Father, that the Truths I may be led to by this book may make a firm impression on my memory, and on my heart, that so they may prove the means of enabling me to serve thee more than ever I have yet done. O Lord, most graciously grant, that all the knowledge I may attain to through this book may be employed in promoting my own true and best interests here and hereafter; and may this knowledge likewise prove, through thy grace to me, the means of bestowing present and eternal blessings upon others.

O Lord my God, for the sake of thy Beloved Son Jesus Christ, my only Mediator and Advocate, vouchsafe me an abundant answer to these my sincere and earnest supplications: and to thy name be glory, both now and for ever: amen, and amen.


O God Almighty, I adore thee for This Precious. Book. Pardon, O Lord, my neglect of it: and grant me now thy gracious blessing in Reading and Studying it, to the glory of thy name in my Instruction, Sanctification, and Salvation, in Jesus Christ, my Lord and Redeemer: amen.


Almighty Father, be pleased, I beseech thee, to enlighten and instruct me, to sanctify and comfort me, and to animate and strengthen me, through the Reading of thy Holy Word at this time, by thy Holy Spirit sent down from heaven, through and for the sake of thy Beloved Son Jesus Christ, my Saviour, my Lord, and my God: : amen.


O Lord God Almighty, forgive all my neglect of thy Holy Word, and enable me now to read a portion of thy Sacred Book with much attention and with great profit, for the Lord Jesus' sake: amen.

Chapman, Printer, Star Street, Paddington.

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