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for protecting me from dangers, and for the food and the comforts which I have received during the day from thy hand. Truly in thee I live, and breathe, and have my being, and thy visitation sustains my life.

O Lord, the searcher of all hearts, give me grace to understand my ways, and to know my transgressions. In every portion of my time, O Lord, I sin against thee, and come far short of thy glory. This day, O Lord, I have sinned against thee: I have done things which I should not have done, and I have neglected things which I should have attended to. Good Lord, have mercy upon me, and wash me this evening in the blood of Christ from all the sins which I have this day committed.

O God, I bless thee for providing a way by which sins may be forgiven, and thy favour enjoyed. Glory to thy name, O God, that Jesus Christ gave himself a ransom for sinners, and that he ever liveth to make intercession for them. Through him, O Lord, I approach thee, through him I implore the forgiveness of my sins, and through him I beseech thee to grant me thy peace, and the light of thy countenance.

Gracious Father, may a sense of my own weakness and sinfulness lead me to true humility of mind in thy sight, and to a more earnest watchfulness over myself, that I may not fall into sin. May I walk humbly and circumspectly before thee every day of my life. May I fear to offend thee; may I hate every thing that is sinful; and may I flee the appearance of evil. Strengthen me, O Lord, for I am weak; guide me, O Lord, for I am ignorant: may thy Spirit ever be within me; and may thy right hand be upon me.

O Lord, I thank thee for keeping me in some measure in thy fear this day. I bless thee for having enabled me to set thee before me in my various duties, and to seek to honour and glorify thy name. Not unto me, O Lord, not unto me, but unto thy name, be all the honour and glory. O Lord, I lament, that with these desires, I come so far short of thy holy will: alas, O Lord, when I would do good, sin is often

present with me, and brings me into subjection. But, O Lord, thou knowest all things, and knowest that the desires of my heart are only towards thee. my Father, forgive all my sins, I beseech thee, through Jesus Christ thy Son, and sanctify me wholly to thyself through thy Holy Spirit dwelling in me.

Father, into thy hands I commend myself this night. To thee, O Lord, the darkness and the light are one. Thou, the Keeper of Israel, slumberest not nor sleepest. Watch over me, O my Father, through this night, and graciously defend me from every harm. Be pleased, O Lord, to grant me, quiet and refreshing sleep through the silent hours of the night. May my thoughts, O Lord, be on thee when I lie down, may my thoughts be on thee should I awake in the night watches, and when I awake in the morning may my first thoughts turn to thee.

O Lord God, how precious is thy favour: what a blessedness it is to lie down in peace with thee: what a happiness it is to awake in the enjoyment of thy smile! Glory be to thee, my God, for having cast such a lot for me, in thy Son Jesus Christ. Through his atonement and his intercession 1 look unto thee, and hope in thy mercy. That good work, O Lord, which thou hast begun in me, be pleased to continue, and to increase until the end; and at the coming of Christ, may I be presented before his presence with exceeding joy, and be crowned with everlasting glory. Thus, O Lord, fulfil unto me thy rich and gracious promises to poor sinners through thy Beloved Son, my dear and glorious Redeemer.

O my Father, I adore thee anew for all the mercies of this day; cleanse me, O Lord, from all the sins I have committed, and take me under thy gracious care through the night. O my Father, never leave me : O my Father, never forsake me. Bless me in time, and bless me in eternity, for the sake of Jesus Christ. O Lord, in Jesus my Redeemer, smile on me: O smile and shine on me now, and for ever, and for evermore: amen, and amen.

A Grace, or Thanksgiving, to be used before Meals.

Father, or Master.-God Almighty, Thou art the giver of all good. We thank thee for the supply now before us. May we eat and drink according to thy will: and may it be our meat and our drink, to glorify thy name, through Jesus Christ: amen.


A Hymn of Praise to be sung after Meals.
When all thy mercies, O my God,
My rising soul surveys,

Transported with the view, I'm lost,
In wonder, love, and praise.

Another Grace and Hymn.

Father, or Master.-Our Father in heaven, we thank thee for the food thou hast here provided for us, and for all thy mercies: and we beg thy continual blessing, through Jesus Christ our Lord: amen. All. Amen.

Let us with a gladsome mind,

Praise the Lord, for he is kind :
For his mercies shall endure,
Ever faithful, ever sure.


Father, or Master.—Heavenly Father, we bless thee for our life, and our health, and our daily food. We beseech thee through Jesus Christ never to leave us, nor forsake us; and may we never depart from thee: amen.


Our bread is given, our water sure,
Body and soul sustained;

O may we to the end endure,

Till heaven itself is gained.

Father, or Master.—O Lord, we give thanks unto thee for these supplies may we receive thy blessing with them, through Jesus Christ our Lord: amen. All.-Amen.

Food, raiment, dwelling, health, and friends,
Thou, Lord, hast made our lot;
With thee our bliss begins and ends,

As we are thine, or not.


To be used on entering upon any Particular Duty.

Almighty Father, thou hast commanded thy people to acknowledge thee in all their ways, and thou hast promised to direct all their steps. I come therefore, O my Father, to set thee before me in this matter which I am about to undertake; and I beseech thee to remember thy gracious promise, and to fulfil it to me abundantly on this occasion.

O Lord, be pleased to instruct me fully in all parts of my duty in this concern. O save me from ignorance herein, and from all the evil effects thereof. Enable me, O my God, to use my best endeavours to instruct myself in the duties of what I am now called to, that I may have a full conviction on my mind that ignorance cleaveth not to me by reason of my neglect of the means of instruction within my reach.

Graciously also, O my Father, preserve me from Slothfulness in these duties on which I now enter in thy name. Thou knowest the natural indolence of man, and how often I have transgressed by yielding thereto. Be pleased therefore, O my God, to stir me up to Activity in these duties, that my conscience may not condemn me respecting them.

Preserve me, O Lord, in an especial manner, from Wilfully transgressing in any matter in these duties. O God, enable me to watch, and to pray, and to strive herein, that so by thy grace I may have a conscience void of offence-in thy sight, O my God,-and in the sight of those I am connected with in this concern and charge.

Most Blessed God, O do vouchsafe to me a right understanding, and a sound judgment, and energy of mind and of body, for serving thee, and for glorifying

thy Most Holy Name in this matter. Forbid it, O my God, that I should in any wise dishonour thy name in this thing: but grant me thy Holy Spirit that I may adorn herein the doctrine of God my Saviour; and may all my actions be, and so appear, before men in this undertaking, that I may greatly glorify my Father who is in heaven.

O my God, may my soul be truly clear and untainted in all this matter, and may I be kept from tainting in any manner the souls of others. Grant also, Ŏ Lord, for thy great goodness' sake, that my soul may acquire profit through this concern, and holiness, and peace, and joy and may all, and every thing I do herein, greatly redound to the honour and glory of thy adorable and blessed name, for ever and for ever.

O my Father-my Father-most graciously hear these supplications, and answer them, for the sake of Jesus Christ, my Lord and my Redeemer : amen, and



To be used on commencing the Perusal of any Particular Book.

Almighty God, source of all Knowledge, to thee are mine eyes directed for all the Instruction I stand in need of, for the life that now is, and for that which is to come. Vouchsafe to me, O Lord, all that knowledge which I require for enabling me to glorify thy name, in the state in which thou hast placed me, or in the state thou mayest hereafter place me in. Shut out also, O Lord, from my eyes and thoughts, the knowledge of every thing that might lead me to sin against thee, and endanger my own peace and my salvation.

I thank thee, O my God, for all the knowledge thou hast already communicated unto me. Forgive my

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