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congregation for which we have now been praying, be wholly thine. O may we be all sanctified unto thee in Jesus Christ, in our bodies and spirits which are thine. May we continually increase in individual and collective holiness, and in knowledge of thy holy word, and may we shine and give light to all around us. O may many around be enlightened by us, and be joined to us, and be saved with an everlasting salvation.

Family. O God, may all this flock and congregation be wholly thine in Jesus Christ, through faith and love, and may many be joined to us here below, and in the everlasting mansions of heaven.

Father.-God Almighty, bless all thy people, and all the ministers of the gospel of Christ. Follow with thy gracious blessing all the exercises and services of thy flocks this day, in our own land, and in every place. O bless all the assemblies of thy saints, pour out thy Spirit on thy whole church, and hear on our behalf the prayers of all thy faithful people. Send forth thy Word to the ends of the earth in every language, and send forth the Preachers of the Gospel to beseech men of every nation, and kindred, and tribe, to be reconciled unto God through his Son Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord.

Family.-O Lord, bless all the assemblies of thy saints, pour out thy Spirit on all thy church, and may the Gospel sound through all the earth.

Father. O God our heavenly Father, let the instructions and impressions of this day have an especial effect upon us through all this week. On every day of the week may we glorify thee in love and obedience, and may we joyfully look forward to the return of thy day.

Family.-Blessed Father, guide us and bless us throughout this week, and may we rejoice at the return of thy holy day.

Father. O God of all grace, who carest for thy

people by night and by day, graciously watch over us and bless us throughout the silent watches of the night, and may we awake in health and strength in the ensuing morning, and in peace and joy with thee, our God and our Father.

Family.-O our God bless us all this night, and in the ensuing morning, and for evermore, in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Father. Now unto God and our Father, be glory, for ever and ever: amen.

Family. Now unto God and our Father, be glory, for ever and ever: amen, and amen.


Most Blessed Father, in the name of thy Son Jesus Christ, the only Mediator, I come before thee. I bow my knees, O Lord, in thy presence, in token of reverence and humility: enable me also to bow down in my heart before thee.

In all my approaches unto thee, grant me, O Lord, to remember that thou art a Spirit, and that thou art to be worshipped alone in spirit and in truth. May I also remember, O God, that thou art the searcher of all hearts, and knowest at all times the nature of that worship that is presented to thee. Enable me therefore, O my God, to pray unto thee aright at this time, and may I enjoy thy blessing in waiting on thee at thy throne of grace.

O my Father, thou knowest that I come to thee only and solely through the atonement wrought out for sinners by thy Son Jesus Christ. For his sake, O Lord, have mercy upon me: O have mercy upon me, for the sake of thy Son Jesus Christ, my only refuge, my only Lord and Saviour. I am a sinner, O God, in every way. I am a sinner in Adam the head of our polluted race, and I am a sinner in myself: and O how often and how grievously have I sinned against thee. O Lord, enter not into judgment with me, for in thy sight no one can be justified. But look upon me, I beseech thee, in thy mercy, and in thy compassion, and love.

Glory be unto thy name, O God, for thy great love toward our fallen race. Blessed for ever be thy holy name for sending thy Son Jesus Christ to save this lost world. And I thank thee, O my God, for casting my lot in a land where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is made known, and is freely accessible unto all. I adore thee also, O my Father, that whilst thousands reject this gospel to whom thou hast offered it, yet thou hast made me by thy grace, in some measure to listen to

it, to understand it, and to rest in it, as all my hope, and all my salvation. Not unto me, O Lord, not unto me, but unto thy name alone be all the glory.

O Lord, I adore thee, for having, as I trust, washed away my sins in the precious blood of thy Son Jesus Christ and I do earnestly pray that I may live unto Christ as not being my own, but as bought with a price. O Lord, teach me the love of Christ, and the obedience of Christ. May I entirely yield myself up unto him by whom I am saved, and may my every thought, and feeling, and word, and action, be wholly under the direction of my Dear Redeemer.

O my Father, I praise thee this morning for all thy goodness to me through the night that is passed. I bless thee for the protection and refreshment I have enjoyed during the silent hours of the night, and I adore thee, O my Father, that I enjoy health and strength of body and of mind this morning.

In entering on this day, I do desire, O my God, to serve thee, and thee only, with all my heart, and with all my strength. But, O Lord, thou knowest, and my own experience tells me, how weak I am, how prone I am to forget thee, and how readily I fall into sin. O Lord, I come therefore unto thee this morning, and I beseech thee compassionately to look upon me, and O grant me thy Holy Spirit to dwell in me this day, that I may be kept in thy fear, and be strengthened for doing thy will all the day long. Guide me, O Lord, by thy counsel, and uphold me by thy Spirit this day, that my footsteps may not slide, and that thy adorable name, by which I am called, may not be dishonoured in me, but be glorified. O Lord, grant me grace throughout this day to adorn the doctrine of God my Saviour in all my outgoings and in all my incomings.

Set a watch upon my mouth this day, O Lord; keep thou the door of my lips; and let not my heart incline to any evil thing. Enable me to think and feel towards all men, and to speak and act respecting them, as I could wish them to do towards me agreeable to

thy most holy commandment. Keep me, O Lord, this day from grieving thy Holy Spirit: keep me from quenching thy Holy Spirit: and O take not thy Holy Spirit away from me. May thy love be truly within my heart this day: may I trust in thee with all confidence, through the blood of Christ may thy peace dwell richly within me: and may I be filled with comfort and joy in God my Father, and in Jesus my Redeemer.

In all the duties that devolve upon me this day, enable me, O Lord, to be diligent, and faithful; and may it please thee to grant me thy gracious blessing to accompany me in attending to them all. In my successes and prosperity, may my rejoicing be in thee; and in my disappointments, trials, and adversities, may I also rejoice in thee. And, O grant me, under all circumstances, thy presence and thy help; and may the light of thy countenance ever shine upon me.

O Lord, in thy name, and in thy strength, I would now go forth, and enter on the duties of this day. Mercifully and graciously answer the petitions I have now presented unto thee, and fulfil to me all thy kind and precious promises; for the sake of Jesus Christ, my Lord, and my Saviour: amen, and amen.


O Lord God Almighty, I bow down before thee at the close of this day. Enable me, O God, to approach thee with the deepest reverence, and with lively feelings of gratitude and love.

Glory be to thy name, O my God, for having sustained me in life through another day. I thank thee, O Father, for the health and strength of body and of mind which I have enjoyed from thee. I bless thee

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