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utterance to their common supplications. This prayer will therefore be serviceable in such a circle, and thus the number of assemblies and supplicators for this object will be increased.

Further it will not unfrequently happen that individuals, through various circumstances, are hindered from assembling with their brethren for the hallowed object here treated of. To all such this prayer is likely to prove acceptable, as it will enable them to join their supplications to those of their friends at the same hour, though absent from them in body. To this it may be added, that many individual christians may be inclined to pray specifically and at length for this interesting and important object, not only at the monthly period, but also weekly on the Lord's day, and on other days besides according to their leisure and opportunities. These also, it is hoped, may be benefited by this little manual.

The writer now commends to God this feeble attempt to promote the kingdom and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. He hopes, and prays, that it may be acceptable to his christian brethren; and that it may prove to them a stimulus and an aid in presenting their prayers at the throne of grace, in supplications for the glory of Christ, and the salvation of mankind.]



Secretary.-Let us Pray.

[All kneel.]

Secretary.-Almighty and Most Merciful Father, we praise and adore thee for giving unto mankind a Revelation of thy Holy Will; and we bless thee, that this precious book, the Bible, thy holy revelation to the world, has been preserved from age to age, and down to the present times in which we live.

Meeting.-O God, we praise thee for the Bible, and for having preserved it down to our days.

Secretary.-Most Blessed God, we thank thee, that our lot was cast in a land where the Holy Scriptures are made known, and where they are open unto all. We thank thee that thy Word has been translated into our native tongue. We thank thee that we have been taught to read, and that we have thy Holy Book in our possession.

Meeting. We praise thee, O God, for so graciously

casting our lot, and that we have thy Word in our hands in our native tongue.

Secretary-Glory be to thy name, O God, for having put it into the hearts of thy people in these latter days, to send thy Word abroad through all the world, and in the language of every people.

Meeting. Glory be to thy name, O God, for this grace bestowed on thy church in these days.

Secretary.-Almighty God, we praise thee for what thou hast thus far enabled thy servants to do in this great work. Not unto them, O Lord,-Not unto us, but unto thy great name alone be all the praise and the glory.

Meeting. All the glory herein is thine, Most Holy Father.

Secretary-Follow with thy blessing, O Lord God, the circulation of thy Holy Word already effected through thy unworthy servants; and grant, O God, that thy Holy Spirit may be given to all who have had thy Word put into their hands. O lead them to read it attentively: may they understand it, and be made truly wise unto salvation through faith in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ our only Lord and Saviour.

Meeting-Grant thy Holy Spirit, O God, unto all who have received thy Word, that they may be made wise unto salvation.

Secretary.-O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, be pleased to grant, we beseech thee, that thy Word may have free and full course over all the world. Raise up, O Lord, many learned, and pious, and judicious men, that through their instrumentality thy blessed Word may speedily be translated into the languages of every kindred, and tribe, and nation, throughout the whole world: and graciously guide, O Lord, all those who at the present time are engaged in translating this precious Volume.

Meeting-O Lord, be pleased to raise up faithful translators of thy Word, and guide and direct all those who are translating it at the present time.

Secretary.-Be pleased, O Lord, to stir up thy people to come forth willingly and abundantly with the substance thou hast given them, that nothing may be wanting at any time to carry forward this great work. We adore thee for thy grace vouchsafed already to thy people in this matter in opening their hearts and their hands; and we pray thee to give them more and more grace to glorify thee herein.

Meeting. O Lord, we thank thee for thy grace bestowed on thy people in this work: give them more and more, we beseech thee,

Secretary.-O Lord our God, we adore thee for thy especial favour in honouring us who are connected with this Society to labour in this glorious work. Forgive, O Lord, all the sins, the errors, the ignorances, and the negligences which may heretofore have been found in us, or in others, engaged in the administration of this service. And now, O Lord, be pleased to grant unto us, all that knowledge, and wisdom, and strength, and grace which we require, to enable us to glorify thee in conducting and forwarding the affairs of This Society committed to our charge.

Meeting-We adore thee, O God, for employing us in this work pardon our past sins herein: and grant us now and henceforth thy grace abundantly.

Secretary.-Almighty God, since thou hast been pleased to honour us as thy instruments for putting thy Word into the hands of many, grant us grace, we beseech thee, that we ourselves individually may diligently read thy Word, may understand it, and follow after it, in its doctrines, and in its precepts, that so we may enjoy thy salvation in this world, and in the world to come.

Meeting.-Lord, grant us grace to read thy Word

constantly, and may we enjoy all its promised blessings here and hereafter.

Secretary.-Almighty Father, pour out thy Spirit, we beseech thee, on all the Members of this Committee, and on all the Office Bearers, and Supporters of this, and all other Bible Societies. And vouchsafe, O Lord, to guide, direct, and bless, all who are engaged specifically, or generally, in circulating thy Word at home and abroad. Raise up more of thy Servants to take a share in this work of diffusing life through the world, and make openings for thy Word every where.

Meeting.-Bless, O Lord, all the Members and Officers, and Supporters of this, and of all Bible Societies; and bless all who are employed especially or generally in circulating thy Word; and give an entrance to it in every place.

Secretary. O Lord, most graciously vouchsafe to be with us on this present occasion. We trust we have come here in thy name, and to promote thy glory. But, O Lord our God, we are weak, erring, and inefficient in ourselves. We come therefore unto thee, and we implore thee to give us thy Spirit, to teach us and to guide us in all that we are called to engage in on this occasion. Give us a sound judgment in every thing that comes before us, and lead us to those measures which may the most effectually promote thy kingdom and glory, and the salvation of men. Grant us a right spirit in all we say, and incline us duly to defer to each other, and with simplicity and sincerity of mind to seek after what is most conformable to thy blessed and holy will.

Meeting.-Gracious Father, vouchsafe to us thy presence on this occasion, we earnestly beseech thee.

Secretary-Hear these our supplications, O Lord; accept of our thanksgivings; forgive us all our sins; and grant unto us collectively, and individually, an abundant blessing, and above all we ask, for the sake

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