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Minister. O Lord, forgive all our wanderings, and all our inattention during these instructions, and during all this service. Pity our infirmities, O our God, and heal our diseases, and make us healthful and strong in the divine life. O let our light increase more and more unto the perfect day, and let us ever shine and give light to all around, that so our Father in heaven may be glorified in us, and that our fellow creatures may be savingly and eternally benefited by the means and the influence of all our ways.

Congregation.-O Lord, forgive all our wanderings, and heal our infirmities, and let thy name be glorified in us in all our ways.

Minister.-Most Gracious Father, dismiss us now with thy sanctifying and cheering blessing, and guide us, we beseech thee, with thy counsel whilst we live, and bring us at length to thine eternal glory through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Congregation.-O Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing, and bring us to glory through Jesus Christ.

Minister. Now unto the Blessed and Only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords; who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honour and power everlasting:


Congregation.-Amen, and amen.



[The Minister standing: the Congregation sitting.]

Minister. Let us Worship and Glorify God in this Holy Communion. Let us Pray.

[All kneel.]

Minister.-Almighty and Eternal Majesty of heaven and earth, behold us poor sinners coming before thee at thy call and invitation. Most Blessed God, never should we have thought of coming to thee, hadst not thou made us to think on thee, and to come; and never, O Most Holy God, durst we have ventured and presumed to come unto thee, hadst not thou told us we might, hadst not thou reconciled the world to thyself by thy Beloved Son Jesus Christ. O Lord God, we adore thee for this access to thy presence and favour which thou hast given us, in thy compassion and tender mercy to our souls.

Communicants-Almighty God, we adoret hee for this access to thy presence and favour which thou hast given us in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Minister.-Most Holy Father, enable us to come into thy presence in that frame of mind which we ought to have when we contemplate thy Most Holy

Character, and contrast with it our own which is most sinful, guilty, and rebellious. Yes, O God Most Just and Holy, we are a rebellious race, and rebellious individuals. We confess before thee, O God, that we are covered over, and filled with, iniquities, transgressions and sins, that we are shamefully ignorant of thy Most Glorious Character and Ways, and that we are absolutely and entirely guilty and corrupted in thy sight. Communicants.-Lord God, we confess before thee, that we are most sinful, most guilty, most ignorant, and most corrupt, in thy holy sight.

Minister. O God our heavenly Father, what shall we render unto thee for compassionating us in our low and lost estate, and for thy unspeakable mercy and love in giving thy Son to save us from wrath, and to bring us unto everlasting glory. O Lord God, fill our hearts with love to thee, fervent and abounding and may we devote ourselves to thy service all our life long, and in every thing. O may we praise, honour, and adore thee, unceasingly in life, and for


Communicants.-Lord God Almighty, may we praise, honour, and adore thee, unceasingly in life, and for evermore.

Minister.-Most Blessed God, surely thou hast forgiven our sins and washed us from all our guilt and defilements, for thou hast brought us to see our guiltiness, and to confess our sins before thee, and to look to thee for mercy in the blood of Jesus Christ which cleanseth from all sin, and purifies poor sinners so as to make them acceptable in thy most holy sight. Lord God, surely we are thy sons and daughters, and heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ, for such blessedness hast thou promised to every sinner who turns to thee in sincerity of heart through the great sacrifice which was made for our guilty world. O God our heavenly Father, fulfil unto us thy most blessed and gracious promises in thy Beloved Son

Jesus Christ, and send down thy Holy Spirit bountifully upon us, that we may think, and feel, and speak as the Children of God holy and beloved, and may shine and give light in this dark world in which we live, that thy name, Most Holy Father, may be honoured and adored through our weak instrumentality and when thou hast served thy purposes with us here below, then give unto us, O our Father, that kingdom, and glory, and honour, and immortality, which thou hast promised to us in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Communicants.-Lord God our heavenly Father, bless thy children with thy Spirit, and with glory, and honour everlasting, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Minister. O Most Gracious Father, be pleased, we beseech thee, to feed thy children with heavenly food, for through this food we shall live for ever: Ö feed us, we pray and entreat thee, with the food on which the angels, and the spirits of just men made perfect, live in thy presence. O set our affections on things above, O feed us with the bread of life, O let us live for ever and ever before thee.

Communicants.-O feed us, feed us, our Father in heaven, with the bread of life.

Minister. O our God and our Father, all thanks and glory be unto thy most gracious name, thou God of love, for bringing us here into this place to day to eat the flesh and drink the blood of Jesus Christ, and to have fellowship with the Father Everlasting, and with the Son of God, in the Holy Ghost. O our Father, for ever blessed be thy name for this feast on earth in anticipation of the feast everlasting above in thy presence in glory unspeakable and eternal.

Communicants.--Glory and glory, O God, be unto thy name for this feast of love, and for the blessed hope of the feast everlasting.

Minister.-And now, O our Father and our God, since thou hast in so great mercy and love brought us here in thy divine favour, O let thy most blessed presence be with us whilst we wait upon thee: O bless us in reading thy most holy word, bless us in expounding and exhortation, bless us in pouring out our hearts to thee in our united prayers, bless us in eating and drinking in this holy sacrament, bless us in our silent individual supplications, and bless us in singing to thy glory and praise, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour: amen.

Communicants.—Amen, and amen.

[All rise and stand.]

Minister. Let us now sing to the praise and the glory of God:-" "Twas on that night" &c. :-[pronouncing the two first lines of the following hymn :or, referring to some other, and pronouncing the two first lines of it.]

1. 'Twas on that night when doomed to know,
The eager rage of every foe:

That night in which he was betrayed,
The Saviour of the world took bread :

2. And, after thanks and glory given,
To him that rules in earth and heaven,
That symbol of his flesh he broke,
And thus to all his followers spoke :--

3. My broken body thus I give,

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For you, my friends; take, eat, and live;
And oft the sacred feast renew,

That brings my wonderous love to view.'

4. Then in his hand the cup he raised,
And God anew he thanked and praised;
While kindness in his bosom glowed,
And from his lips salvation flowed :-

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