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[The Minister standing: the Congregation sitting.]

Let us

Minister. Let us Worship and Glorify God, with all solemnity, and in spirit, and in truth. Pray.

[All kneel.]

Minister.-Almighty and most merciful God, we desire to come into thy presence, and deeply to humble ourselves in thy sight. O give us a right spirit in coming before thee: let us see a somewhat of thy Glory and thy Holiness: and let us understand our own vileness.

Congregation.-Almighty God, enable us to come before thee with all fear and humility.

Minister.-0 God Almighty, most Holy and Glorious, we confess before thee that we are sinful creatures: we are corrupted polluted and vile. There is no goodness in us in thy sight, no holiness, no righteousness, no purity, no love. Truly, O God, we are a rebellious race, and a stiff necked generation. We are aliens, O Most Holy Jehovah, from thee, because of the sin of our First Parents; and we have alienated ourselves from thee farther and farther by our ungodliness, and our transgressions, in every period

of our life, and in all that we have done. There is no cleanness nor soundness in us before thee, O God: we are altogether lost and undone in our iniquities.

Congregation.-O Lord God Most Holy, there is no soundness nor righteousness in us: we are all corrupted and vile before thee.

Minister. O God of mercy, be merciful unto us, we beseech thee; O be merciful unto us, and enter not into judgment with us, for our guilt is great, and thy most holy judgments must condemn us.

Congregation.-O God, be merciful unto us, we beseech thee.

Minister.-Most Gracious God, we adore thee for giving thy Beloved Son Jesus Christ, to be a ramson for our sins, and to make an atonement for our guilt. O Lord, wash us from all our guiltiness in the precious blood of Jesus Christ, and grant unto us a full pardon, and an entire absolution from all charges that lie against us from thy holy laws in every way, so that we may fear no condemnation, but rejoice in thy acceptance of us, and in our adoption through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour: to whom be glory, for ever and for ever.

Congregation.-O Lord God, absolve us from all guilt and condemnation through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour: to whom be glory for ever and for ever.

Minister. And now, O Lord our God and our Father, now that thou hast washed us from our sins, as we trust, in the atoning blood of Christ, mercifully and graciously cleanse our hearts and souls, our bodies. and our spirits, by thy Holy Spirit taking possession of us, and dwelling continually within us. O enable us, we earnestly beseech thee, to put off concerning the former conversation the old man which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts, and to be renewed in the spirit of our mind, and to put on the new man which is created in righteousness and true holiness.

Congregation. Most Blessed Father, grant unto us thy Holy Spirit, that we may walk continually before thee in holiness and righteousness.

Minister.-Almighty and most gracious God, we adore thee for thy great goodness in providing for us such ample means of instruction, of admonition, of cousolation, and of all grace. Grant us understanding, O God, to profit by thy gracious condescensions and goodness, that we may advance in the knowledge of God, and be enlarged in the kingdom of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour: and as we advance in knowledge, may we advance in humility and in grace.

Congregation.-O Lord, enable us to advance in knowledge, humility and in grace.

Minister.-Merciful Father, we praise thee for thy Holy Word. O let us read and study it with constant profit and delight.

Congregation.-Graciously hear us, O God.

Minister. O Lord, we praise thee for thy Throne of Grace, ever open to us, through our Great High Priest. O let us earnestly and without ceasing come to thee on thy throne of grace through Jesus Christ, and there may we ever receive thy blessing.

Congregation.-O Lord, ever bless us at thy throne of grace.

Minister. O Lord our God, we bless thee for all the institutions of thy house, and for commanding thy people to assemble together and to worship thee on thy Holy Day. Let us rejoice in thy services, O God, and in all thy appointments for the edification of thy Church; and may we go on to perfection thereby in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Congregation.-O Lord, may we ever be built up in Christ Jesus.

Minister.-We bless thy Name, O Lord, for

encouraging us to meet together at other times besides the stated periods of thine own day, and we praise thee for thy promised blessing whenever we meet in thy name. We thank thee for the opportunity we now have of withdrawing from the world and its business to come into thy presence in holy public worship: and we pray for thy gracious blessing to be upon us in all our services at this time.

Congregation. O Lord, vouchsafe to us thy blessing in this service.*

Minister.-Direct us, O our Father, in our addresses at thy throne of grace, direct us in reading and in expounding thy holy word, and direct us in our songs of praise to thy most holy name.

Congregation.-Direct us now, O Lord, in all our


Minister. Graciously, O Lord, look upon thy whole church, and bless and enlarge thy inheritance. Give grace, O God, to all thy faithful flock, and pour out thy Spirit abundantly on all thy ministers and let all the ends of the earth bow before the Lord our Saviour.

Congregation.-O Lord, bless and increase thy


Minister.—Almighty God, mercifully and graciously look upon our King, and bless him richly in all his ways and may we be true and loyal to him as thy



Minister. O Lord, bless all men in authority among us, and may we be subject to them in thy


Congregation. Amen.

* By leaving out this Collect, this General Prayer might be used for Sundays.


Minister-Merciful God, compassionate the Poor, and all that are in distress of every kind.

Congregation. Amen.

Minister. O Lord, be merciful to the great, pity the ignorant, and have mercy on the slothful, on the vicious, and on all criminals.


Minister. Almighty God, graciously look on our native land. Great have thy favours been to us, O our God. Forgive our misuse and all our abuses of thy goodness: continue thy mercies to us we beseech thee, and let us profit more than we have heretofore done by thy good hand upon us.

Congregation.-O Lord, forgive us, and bless us still with thy goodness.

Minister.-O Thou Hearer of Prayer, let these our confessions, our thanksgivings, and supplications be acceptable in thy sight through Jesus Christ our Lord: and let thy presence be truly and abundantly with us. Congregation.-O God, we beseech thee to hear these our prayers.

Minister. Our Father in heaven, hallowed be thy name: Thy Kingdom come: Thy will be done on earth, as it is done in heaven: Give us this day our daily bread: Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us: And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil : For thine is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and

ever: amen.

Congregation.-Amen, and amen.

[All standing.]

Minister-Let us now sing to the praise and the glory of God:-"Happiness &c." [pronouncing the two first lines of the following hymn :-or referring

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