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1748, Jan. 7. An express arrived from goods and merchandizes, to be imported • Falmouth with advice, that M. de la Bour- into this kingdom, and for raising a certain donaye, late commander in chief of the sum of money by annuities and a lottery, French king's ships in India, was seized to be charged on the said subsidy; and an the 4th instant, on board a Dutch ship, act to revive and make perpetual two acts called the Statianse Friendship, captain of parliament, to prevent frivolous and Decker, bound from St. Eustatia to Hol. vexatious arrests. land, which put into Falmouth the 22d The duke of Bedford, was appointed past, by contrary winds.

one of his Majesty's principal secretaries Jan. 11. Above 900 sailors, belonging of state. to the Bedford, Sterling-Castle, and Chat- Feb. 24. This morning the Duke of Cumham men of war, went to St. James's, and berland accompanied by several officers delivered several petitions to his Majesty, of distinction, set out from his apartments in behalf of themselves and their brother at St. James's for Harwich, to embark for seamen, on account of prize money ; Flanders, and take the command of the which were graciously received by his army. Majesty ; on which the sailors gave three The Magnanimous, a French man of war, cheers, and were ordered to come again was taken by the Nottingham and Portthe next Monday. The guards were or- land, two of admiral Hawke's squadron. dered out of the Palace-yard to make room The duke of Cumberland arrived at the for the seamen, at which his Majesty ex. Hague on Saturd: Feb. 27. pressed great satisfaction.

Accounts were received from captaiu Jan. 26. His Majesty's pardon passed Pocock, the commanding officer of his the great seal unto John Mackenzie, com- Majesty's ships at Barbadoes and the monly called lord Mac Leod, eldest son of. Leeward Islands, dated Jan, 12, that his the late earl of Cromartie, of all treasons, ' Majesty's shiệs, já jhose parts had taken misprison of treason by him commit:er. and about thirts sàij of the convoy that sailed on or before December 24, 1747.

from France with the French men of war Feb. 6. The right honourable the earl which şir Edward Hawke fell in with ; of Chesterfield resigned into the King's and thaj, atout ten more of that convoy hands the seals of office of one of his Ma. had also been taken by the privateers of jesty's principal secretaries of state. the said islands; that a French privateer

Feb. 18. His Majesty went to the House had been taken Hy his Majesty's ship the of Peers, and gave the royal assent to an Ludlow castle, and that five French pri. act for granting to his Majesty a subsidy vateers had also been taken by his Maof poundage (of 51. per cent.) on all dry jesty's ship the Centaur.



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