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against it, sin should ever have found an entrance, or obtained a footing in any of those fair worlds that surround the throne of the universal Father. Yet so it is; and man with all the tone of an indignant sufferer is heard to lift his remonstrances against it—as if he bore the whole weight of an injury, laid upon him at the pleasure of an arbitrary tyrant, who has laid open his dominions to the cruel inroads of a spoiler, who but for Him would have neither had the power nor the liberty of mischief. But without making so much as an attempt to solve the difficulties of a topic so inscrutable, we may at least say, that one thought has occurred, which, more than any other, melts us into acquiescence; and disposes us to look on the rise and continuance of evil, as being indeed some dire though mysterious necessity which overhangs creation-and that is, that, after all, it is not man who bears the whole burden of this dark and awful visitationNeither is it any other creature beside man.. It is the Creator in fact who offers to take upon Himself, the whole burden of it; or at least to relieve our species of it altogether. It is at His cost, and not at ours, unless we so choose it, that sin has invaded the world we tread upon. It is He, the Eternal Son, who went forth to the battle against this Hydra; and who in the soreness of His conflict, bore what millions through eternity could not have borne; and who, though He had all the energies of the Godhead to sustain Him, yet well nigh gave way under the pressure of a deep and


dreadful endurance; and who, by His tears and agonies and cries, gave proof to the might of that mysterious adversary over whom He triumphed. Yes we murmur because of the origin of evil. But Christ was the mighty sufferer who hath borne it away from us; and let us hazard what reflections we may on those who die in ignorance, or who die in infancy-yet, in regard to you who are hearing us, every ground of complaint is annihilated. Christ is offered; and you by confidence in Him, and cleaving unto Him, will reach those happy shores of peace and light and joy, where all sin is for ever banished, and all evil is unknown.

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