Of Domestical Duties

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This is a reprint (not facsimile) of the 1622 edition. William Gouge (1575-1653) was born in Stratford-Bow Middlesex County, England. Educated in Paul's School, London, Felstad in Essex, and at Eton School. He graduated from King's College, Cambridge, followed by a brilliant teaching career there. Following his ordination at 32 years of age, he ministered at Blackfriars Church, London for 45 years. In addition to his great success as a pastor, his mid-week expository lectures at Blackfriars drew increasingly larger crowds. Spirituality and scholarship made his career at Cambridge, his pastoral work and his writings unique. He was renowned as "the father of the London Divines and the oracle of his time." In 1643 he was made a member of the Westminster Assembly of Divines by vote of Parliament. His primary works include his Commentary on Hebrews, The Whole Armour of God, and Of Domestical Duties.

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William Gouge shies away from nothing! His scripture exposition on all things domestical is very thorough. The language is archaic, but I found it a nice change to be forced to stop, reread, and think about what was just written. Some of the 1600's terms - such as "Milksop" and "Hurley Burley" interject some humor amidst the convicting substance of this wonderful work. I challenge any marriage to put into practice these scriptural principles and not be pleasantly surprised at the results. God's word really does have all the answers for "life and godliness" - even in the home!! 

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An Exposition of That Part of Scripture out of which Domestical Duties Are Raised
Of Husband and Wife who are so to be accounted
Of commonmutual duties betwixt Man and Wife
Of Wives Particular Duties
Husbands Particular Duties
Duties of Children
The Duties of Parents
Duties of Servants
Duties of Masters
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