The Sons of Abraham: Spirits in Conflict

PublishAmerica, 2005 M11 1 - 713 páginas
Two of the world's major faiths claim to have evolved from the common ancestry of one individual named Abram, called Abraham by God. The Holy Scriptures of one, the Judeo-Christian faith, predate the other, Islam, by almost twenty-seven centuries, but each belief claims its inheritance through the male offspring of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael, respectively. Because their father pleaded on their behalf, God blessed both sons, but in different ways, resulting in an enmity that exists even into modern times. Most people of these faiths today have little true understanding of the beliefs of the other, but these faiths have interacted throughout recent history, at times resulting in mutually attempted destruction. This book is intended to bridge the knowledge gap that exists between these faiths in a hope of revealing the truth of God's will for all men resulting in reconciliation to Him and obtain everlasting life in Heaven.

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