The Power of Deliverance

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The power of deliverance is a book that unveils the secrets and the activities of the kingdom of darkness to you and shows you how ones life is being hindered by generational curses and familiar spirits. Many today are being bound by demonic forces and their lives are being hindered by demonic spirits which have been operating in their lives and in their families for generations. Many today are being bound by the spirit of setbacks and limitation and nothing they do in life ever seems to prosper and their lives does not exceed certain level. When somebody is bound by demonic spirits they will continue to struggle in life without much success and their life will continue to be miserable and depressed.

In short it will surprise you to know that God has blessed you with abundance of blessings but the demonic spirits have blinded your eyes not to see them and they want you to labor in life without making anything meaningful out of your life. Ignorance is a terrible disease and the bible declares that people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. What you dont know can kill you and preclude you from receiving from God. One of the greatest weapons of the demonic forces is ignorance, and as long as people dont know then the powers of darkness will continue to control and manipulate their lives and stop them from enjoying the blessings of life. In fact discovery leads to recovery and once you know the secrets of the devil and his forces, your eyes will be opened to see things from a different dimension and your life begins to receive the blessings of God.

Many people today are being manipulated in their sleep at night and demonic seeds are being sown into their lives to control them without them knowing it. Indeed the demonic powers controls people lives through sexual dreams and by giving them demonic food to eat in their sleep and when this is done, then their lives begin to face many hindrances and setbacks. It is important to know that all demonic attacks are carried out in ones sleep at night and when demonic seeds are sown into ones body, then one becomes subject to demonic control. When evil seeds have been sown in ones life, then ones mind becomes a toy in the hands of the forces of darkness. So this book is written to open your eyes to the manipulations of the devil over your life and show you the way to be free and receive your deliverance and breakthroughs. You are about to take a spiritual journey that will profoundly change your whole life for good and may the Lord richly bless you as you read this book, amen.

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The power of Deliverance

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