These Radical Children of Abraham

Tate Publishing, 2007 - 143 páginas
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'WHAT IS IN These Radical Children of Abraham FOR YOU? Do you even know if you could be a child of Abraham? Becoming a spiritual child of Abraham and personally claiming the blessings. 'We Muslims, Christians and Jews can all agree on at least one thing!' The Covenant of Abraham is the Handshake of God God is trying to get our attention! Spiritual Roots of the Tree of Life which tree brings which fruit? Winning the war against spiritual oppressors. Previously hidden Spiritual Principles, Terminology and Symbolism EXPLAINED (See page 81-84) The other voices (see page 96) Resist them! But how? (See page 97) Praying always - Can we delete the darkness? God gave us a formula for healing our land. Believe it! How to receive the GIFT OF REPENTANCE, DISENCHANTING THE ENCHANTED CITIES How to Pray for PERSONAL protection from spiritual counterattacks! The danger of the Religious Fundamentalist name tag CANCELLING the Missions of the dark spirits and asking God to send His angels to enforce such decrees: ' This controversial book, These Radical Children of Abraham . .. . .. . Offers a challenge to face truth rather than tradition; yet adheres to many traditional values. Creates a renewed respect for God and opens doors to things hidden from the beginning. Challenges the apathetic among us and educates the ignorant, if such would even read it. Offers people who are presently Muslims, Christians or Jews a way to triumph over evil. Exposes the effectual threat of fundamentalist lumping. Is what you need to know to win the spiritual battle for our souls, begun centuries ago. Speaks of a battle which must not be lost. Builds shelves of understanding, line upon line, precept upon precept, here alittle, there a little. Offers new and refreshing insight into spi

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