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for their offence, and because For he maketh the storm of their wickedness.

to cease, so that the waves Their foul abhorred all thereof are still. manner of meat, and they Then are they glad, bewere even hard at death's 'cause they are at reft: and fo door.

he bringeth them unto the So, when they cried unto haven where they would be. the Lord in their trouble, he O that men would there delivered them out of their fore praise the Lord for his diftress.

goodness, and declare the He fent his word, and wonders that he doth for the healed them, and they were children of men ! Javed from their destructi- That they would exalt on.

him also in the congregation O that men would there- of the people, and praise him fore praise the Lord for his in the seat of the elders ! - goodness, and declare the Who turneth the foods ,wonders that he doth for the into a Wilderness, and dri.children of men !

eth up the water springs. That they would offer un- A fruitful land maketh he to him the facrifice of thankfc barren, for the Wickedness giving, and tell out his of them that dwell therein. works with gladness! Again, he maketh the wil

They that go down to the derness a standing Water, sea in ships, and occupy their and Water-springs of a dry business in great waters. ground. - These men see the works And there he setteth the of the Lord, and his won- hungry, that they may build ders in the deep.

them a city to dwell in. For at his word the stor. That they may low their my wind ariseth, which lift- land, and plant vineyards, to eth the waves thereof,

yield them fruits of increase. They are carried up to the He blesseth them, so that heaven, and down again to they multiply exceedingly ; the deep: their soul melteth and suffereth not their cattle away because of the trouble. to decrease. They reel to and fro, and And again, when they stagger like a drunken man, are minished and brought and are at their wits end. low, thro' oppression, thro'

So when they cry unto the any plague, or trouble. Lord in their trouble, he de- Though he suffer them to livereth them out of their be evil-intreated through tydifrels.

rants, and let them wander



- out of the way in the wil• praise and glory to thy holy derness.

Name, through Jesus Christ Yet helpeth he the poor our Lord. Amen. out of misery, and maketh

Or this. him housholds like a flock of


Most mighty and grasheep.

cious God, thy mese The righteous will confi- cy is over all thy works, but der this, and rejoice ; and in special manner hath been the mouth of all wickedness extended towards us, whom shall be stopped.

thou hast so powerfully and Whoso is wise, will pon- wonderfully defended. Thou der these things; and they haftshew'd us terrible things, shall understand the loving and wonders in the deep, kindness of the Lord. that we might see how pow

Glory be to the Father, erful and gracious a God &c.

thou art; how able and reaAs it was in the begin- dy to help them that trust in ning, &c.

thee. Thou haft Thewed us Collects of Thanksgiving. how both winds and seas oO

Moft blefled and glori- bey thy command; that we

ous Lord God, who art may learn even from them of infinite goodnessand mer- hereafter to obey thy voice, cy; We thy poor creatures, and to do thy will. Wetherewhom thou hast made and fore bless and glorify thy preserved, holding our souls Name for this thy mercy in in life, and now rescuing us saving us, when we out of the jaws of death, ready to perish. And we behumbly present our felves a- seech thee, make us as truly gain before thy divine Ma- sensible now of thy mercy as jesty, to offer a sacrifice of we were then of the danger: praise and thanksgiving, for And give us hearts always that thou heardft us, when ready to express our thankwe called in our trouble, and fulness, not only by words, didît not cast out our pray. but also by our lives, in beer, which we made before ing more obedient to thy hothee in our great distress. E- ly commandments. Contiven, when we almost gave all nue, we beseech thee, this for loft, our ship, our goods, thy goodness to us, that we, our lives, then didst thou whom thou haft saved, may mercifully look upon us, and serve thee in holiness and graciously command a deli- righteousness all the days of verance ; for which we now our life, thro' Jesus Christ being in safety, do give all our Lord and Saviour. Amen.



An Hymn of Praise and of thy servants, but didft

Thanksgiving after a dan- hear our cry, and haft saved gerous Tempeft.

us. Come, let us give thanks

Thou did ft send forth thy unto the Lord, for he is commandment, and the gracious, and his mercy en- windy storm ceased, and dureth for ever.

was turned into a calm. Great is the Lord, and O let us therefore praise greatly to be praised ; let the the Lord for his goodness, redeemed of the Lord say so, and declare the wonders that whom he hath delivered from he hath done, and still doth the merciless rage of the for the children of men. Sea.

Praised be the Lord daily, The Lord is gracious and even the Lord that helpeth full of compassion, flow to us, and poureth bis benefits anger, and of great mercy.

upon us. He hath not dealt with us He is our God, even the according to our sins, nei- God of whom cometh falther rewarded us according vation : God is the Lord,by to our iniquities.

whom we have escaped death. But as the heaven is high Thou, Lord, haft made above the earth, so great hath us glad thro' the operation been his mercy towards us. of thy hands, and we will

We found trouble and triumph in thy praise. heaviness, we were even at Blessed be the Lord God, death's door.

even the Lord God who onThe waters of the sea had ly doth wondrous things. well nigh covered us, the And blessed be the Name proud Waters had well nigh of his Majesty for ever, and gone over our soul.

let every one of us say, AThe sea roared, and the men, Amen. ftormy wind lifted up the Glory be to the Father, Waves thereof.

thro' the Son, in the Holy. We were carried up as it Ghost. were to heaven, and then As it was in the beginning, down again into the deep, is now, and ever thall be, our soul melted within us, world without end. Amen. because of trouble.

2 Cor. 13, 14. T


of our Lord O , didft

, liver us out of our distress. love of God, and the fel

Blessed be thy name, who lowship of the Holy Ghoft, didst not despise the prayer be with us all. Amen.


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After Victory or Deliver- thy Name be given the gloance from an Enemy.

гу. A Pfalm or Hymn of Praise The Lord hach done great

and Thanksgiving after things for us, the Lord hath Vistory.

done great things for us, for IF F the Lord had not been which we rejoice.

on our fide, now may we Our help ftandeth in the say, if the Lord himself had Name of the Lord, who not been on our fide, when hath made heaven and earth. men rose up against us, Blessed be the Name of

They had swallowed us the Lord, from this time up quick, when they were forth for evermore. so wrathfully displeased at Glory be to the Father,

thro' the Son, in the Holy Yea, the Waters had Ghost. drowned us, and the stream As it was in the beginhad gone over our foul; the ning, is now, and ever shall deep Waters of the proud be, world without end. Amen. had gone over our soul. After this Hymn may be sung

But praised be the Lord, the Te Deum. who hath not given us over

Then this Collect. as a prey unto them.“

O Almighty God, the SoThe Lord hath wrought

vereign Commander of a mighty salvation for us. all the world, in whose hand

We gat not this by our is power and might, which own sword, neither was it none is able to withstand our own arm that saved us; we bless and magnify thy but thy right-hand, and great and glorious Name for thine arm, and the light of this happy victory, the whole thy countenance, because glory whereof we do afcribe thou hadft a favour unto us. to thee, who art the only

The Lord hath appeared giver of victory. And, we for us, the Lord hath cover- beseech thee, give us grace ed our heads, and made us to improve this great mercy to stand in the day of bat. to thy glory, the advancetle.

ment of thy Gospel, the hoThe Lord hath appeared nour of our Sovereign, and for us, the Lord hath over- as much as in us lieth to the thrown our enemies, and good of all mankind. And dashed in pieces those that we beseech thee, give us fuch rose up against us.

a sense of this great mercy, Therefore not unto us, as may engage us to a true Lord, not unto us, but unto thankfulness, such as may


appear in our lives, by an Prayer Book may be used; humble, holy, and obedient only instead of these words, walking before thee all our [We therefore commit days, thro' Jesus Christ our his Body to the ground, Lord : to whom, with thee, Earch to Earth, &c.] in the Holy Spirit, as for all say, thy mercies, so in particular WĘ therefore commit for this victory and delive- his Body to the Deep, rance, be all glory and ho- to be turned into Corruptinour, world without end. on, looking for the RelurAmen.

rection of the Body, (when 2 Cor. 13, 14.

the Sea shall give up her THE grace of our Lord dead) and the life of the

Jesus Christ, and the world to come, through our love of God, and the Fel- Lord Jesus Chrift; who at lowship of the Holy Ghost, his coming shall change our be with us all evermore, vile Body, that it may be like Amen.

his glorious Body, according At the Burial of their Dead to the mighty working, at S E A.

whereby he is able to subThe Office in the Common- due all things to himself.

A TABLE of the Psalms for every Day of the


I to 5

12 14

19 20 24 26

Days. | Morn. | Even. Days. Morn.

6 to 8 17 86 to 88 89
9 II

90 92 93

94 3 15 17 18

19 95 97 98 101
22 23

20 102 103 104
27 29



30 31 32 34

22 107 108 109 7 35 36 37

TIO 113

114 115
41 43

CXIX. 9 44 46 47 49

Part JO 50 52 53 55 24

116 118 I 4 II 56 58 59 61 25 15 9 IQ 12 62 64 65 67


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82 85

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