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at Jerufalem, are to re- ple, under Titus Vefpa

build it again.

fian, fo fhall the Re

(43.) This rebuilding of the Jewish Temple is to be after a grand Week of Years, when the fe venth Millenary is beginning.

(44.) 'Tis here foretold, that Truth, Wif dom, and Understanding, fhould greatly fail in, these last Parts of the

laft Times, or a little before the Restoration of the Jews.

mains of the Ten Kings, into which the Roman Empire was parted in the fifth Century, contribute their Wealth to rebuild it again.

(43) This feventb Millenary will begin 1766, as has been already demonftrated, Pag. 608, 609. But as to the Times of the Completion of these last fix Predictions, it is evident that they are not fully come, although I believe they are very foon approaching.

(44.) The fulfilling of this is fo evident already, that a fober confiderate Perfon would think the Men of this Age were degenerated into absolute Folly and Madness; and had not the common Senfe of former Ages. The


(45.) 'Tis here foretold, that at this Time Infidelity fhould greatly prevail in the World.


The Inftances are too many and too grofs to bear an Enumeration.

(45.) This Infidelity, which almost began with Hobbes and Spinoza, a little above a Century ago, is now come to fuch a prodigious Height as is aftonishing; especially when the Pretences for it have of late been fo thoroughly baffled, and the fulfilling of Scripture Prophecies, and Truth of the Scripture Miracles, with Sir Ifaac Newton's utter Demolition of all atheistical and irreligious Philofopby, [to say nothing of my clearing more than 39 Parts in 40 of the antient Scripture Difficulties,] are undeniable. Nay, the Cafe is now become so amazing, that Perfons, otherwife of good Learning and Parts, when they


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for many Years past fwarmed with Books, • fome to difpute, fome to ridicule the great Truths of Religion, • both natural and re•vealed? I fhall men⚫tion no particular Cafes; there is no Need for it, the Thing is noto<rious. The Industry • used to disperse these Books at Home and Abroad, and especially to our Plantations in • America,to which great • Numbers, and at a great Expence, have

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(46.) It is here foretold, that at the fame Time Wickedness should be enormously increased, beyond the Measure of former Ages.


• been conveyed; are • Proofs of fuch Malice ⚫ against the Gospel, and the Holy Author of it, as would not be borne in a Mahometan Country. In this Branch of Trade this great City beats all the World; it is become even the Mart for Infidelity.'

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(46.) Take the fad Accomplishment of this Prediction, first in the Words of the unknown Author of the fmall Serious Addrefs, Page 14.

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• Roads and Places ofRe

fort are crowded with Company : The · open and avowed Per juries, Lies, Suborn⚫ation, &c. in the poli⚫tical World, encouraged and protected by thofe who are bound in Duty and Honour to detect and punish • them. Thefe, and · many other Enormities, which every Man • fees, and every good • Man laments, gives us • too much Reason to • fear, that fome national Judgment will quickly • overtake us.' Take the fame alfo in the Words of Bishop Sherlock, firft in his Sermon at Salisbury, Page 7. The Joy, fays he, at the Restoration [ of • Charles II. ] was exceffive, and, as the • Cafe too often hap


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