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(25.) The Land of Egypt, how remote foever, was not to escape at laft.

(26.) This King was alfo to poffefs all the Treasures of Egypt.

(27.) The Algerines and Arabians were to be at his Devotion alfo.

(28.) Yet was this King to hear very difagreeable News from the Eaft.

(29.) As alfo from the North.

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(27.) So they are to the Grand Turk at this Day.

(28.) So has the Grand Turk heard thofe ill Tidings many Years from the Perfians on the Eaft, and been often beaten by them, and is ftill greatly afraid of them.

(29.) So did the Turk hear very ill News from the Muscovites, whofe Czar made War upon him for fome Years, as Prince Cantemir, who left the Turk, and went over to the Czar, informs us, Page 399. G 2



(30.) This King of the North was at length to go out with great Fury to destroy many.

(31.) This King of the North is to plant his royal Pavillion between the Mediterranean and Dead Seas, in a glorious holy Mountain of Judea.

(32.) Yet is he there and then to come to bis End, without any Means of avoiding it.

(33) There was to be a great Concuffion of the Heavens, Hag. ii. 6-9, as in Ifaiah, before the Restoration of the Jews. I fuppofe it here means grea:Changes in the fupreme Rulers of the World.


402. 417. 428. 429: 448. 453.

(30.) This the Turk did, in a terrible Manner, at the Siege and taking of Belgrade, 1736.

(31.) This is juftly and speedily to be expected of the Turk.

(32.) This is juftly and fpeedily to be expected of the Turks: Till which Avoidance the Jews cannot peaceably settle themselves in their own Country of Judea.

(33.) Thefe Changes of fupreme Rulers will, I believe, foon verify this Prediction.

(34.) There

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any Doubt but Changes in fupreme Rulers will occafion Changes in those that are fubordinate.

(35.) There were to be great Concuffions on the Sea; or, in the Language of our Saviour, The Sea and the Waves roaring; of which hereafter.


(34) Thefe Changes

of fubordinate Rulers will, I believe, foon verify this Prediction.

(35.) Thefe These great Concuffions on the Sea, moft obviously denote terrible Storms at Sea, which we have had of late Years; beginning with the prodigious Storm at Sea and Land, Nov. 27, 1703, and going on with that when Admiral Balchen was loft, with about twelve hundred of his Men; that in the Eaft- Indies, April 13 and 14, 1749, that in the Weft-Indies, or North Carolina, Oct. 7 and 8, 1749, and those about Cape Breton and Annapolis in the Years

G 3


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(36.) There were to be great Concuffions, or Earthquakes at Land.

(37.) There were to be Concuffions of all Nations, till the Elect of all the Nations, God's ancient chofen People the Jews, return into Judea again.

(38.) Thefe Jews are to rebuild their holy House, or Temple of God, upon

their Return.

(39.) This holy House, or Temple, is to be a very glorious one, and adorned with Silver and Gold.


(36.) Of thefe Earthquakes, fee already No. 7. prius, at large.

(37) Thefe great Convulfions, or Concuffions, have lasted already many Years, and have extended in a Manner,

over the whole habitable Earth, and are likely to continue till the Reftoration of the Jews.

(38.) This Return of all the Twelve Tribes is the great Hope of Ifrael, and this rebuilding of their Temple is exactly and largely defcribed by Ezekiel, Chap. xl, &c.

(39.) This perfectly agrees to Ezekiel's Defcription of his Temple.

(40.) This


(40.) This Temple is to be more glorious than Solomon's own Temple, and to be the last, as that was the first Temple at Jerufalem.


(41.) Almighty God will give Peace in this Temple by the Meffiah, who will himself refide in it for ever. Nor does this Circumstance giving Peace by the Meffiab in this Temple, permit us to apply these Predictions to Herod's Temple. When Chrift came not to fend Peace, but a Sword, Matt. x. 34, and after which he fent his Roman Armies, and destroyed that Nation, and burnt up their City, Jerufalem, in fuch a Manner, as no other Nation or City were ever destroyed.

(42.) Those that once destroyed this Temple



(40.) This alfo perfectly agrees with Exe-. kiel's Defcription.

(41.) This perfectly agrees to Ezekiel's Defcription of his Temple, and the Meffiah's folemn entring into it, and abiding in it for ever, Ezek. xliii.

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