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(14.) That the Reftoration of the Jews shall be very fudden and unexpected.

(15.) That two of the Wonders in Joel, which are to precede the Reftoration of the Jews, are Blood and Fire.


off their Attachment to the Papacy, and join with us and the Dutch in the Accomplishment of thefe Predictions. See Bishops Sherlock's Sermon at Salisbury, October 6, 1745. with my Additions at the End of the Memoirs of my own Life, Pag 13. See alfo Lit. Accompl. of Proph. Pag.

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which our News fre

quently informs us; yet,

(17.) That another Signal fhould be Pillars of Smoke.

because the Coherence inclines us to look upward to the Heavens, I interpret this Blood and Fire rather of those red, bloody, or fiery Meteors, which have of late fometimes appeared in our Northern Lights; particularly in thofe of 1736, mentioned in my Aftronomical Year, Page 23; in that frightful one Jan. 23, 1749-50, and in that of April 2, 1750, feen at Liverpool; of which read, Pag. 50. prius.

(17.) These feem to be plainly no other than the lower Parts of the Tails, or the Atmofpheres of thofe many Comets which we have had of late. (See my Aftronomical Principles of Religion, Pag. 129.) For, as at the Introduc



tion of the Proteftant Re

ligion into Germany, and

(18.) The Sun is to be turned into Darkness, and the Moon into Blood.


thence into other Parts of Europe, there appeared, in few Years, fewer than fix Comets. (See the Aftronomical Year, Pag. 25.) So have there in the last eleven Years appeared no fewer than seven; as my Grandfon, Mr. Thomas Barker, who has computed the Orbits of all the Comets that are capable of Computation, affures me, besides that expected at the End of 1757, or the Beginning of 1758; and perhaps others that may appear before 1766, the Beginning of the Millennium.

(18.) These may be understood of those total Eclipfes of the Sun and Moon, which have of late been fo remarkable, and by which the Sun


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(19.) The King of the South was to push at the Roman Empire.

(20.) The King of the North was to come against the Roman Empire, with great Forces and Succefs.

has been darkened, and the Moon has appeared of a bloody Hue, before this Restoration of the Jews. (See the Aftronomical Year, per tot. and thofe eight Eclipfes of the Sun drawn on my Map of Europe, A. D. 1733.) This I fay, unless somewhat perhaps more furprizing of this Nature may ftill be expected before 1766, which I no way deny to be not improbable.

(19.) This King of the South was plainly the Saracen Caliphs, who came, or fent vaft Armies against that Empire, from Arabia in the Southern Parts of the World; being the fifth Trumpet, or first Woe, in the Revelation.

(20.) This King of the North is plainly the Turkish Sultan, or Ottoman Emperor, who came G



(21.) The fame King of the North was to conquer many Countries belonging to the Roman Empire.

(22.) The fame King of the North was to get Poffeffion of Judea, and the neighbouring Countries.

(23.) But the wild Arabs were to escape out

of his Hands; i. e. thofe that inhabited the Countries where the Edomites, Moabites, and Part of the Ammonites, formerly inhabited.

(24.) This King was to conquer other Coun

tries alfo.


or fent vaft Armies against the fame Empire from Turcomania, in the Northern Parts of the World, being the fixth Trumpet, or fecond Woe,

in the Revelation.

(21.) This was exactly true of the Turks.

(22.) This was exactly true of the Turks.

(23.) This was true of the Turks also.

(24.) So did the Turks, who raifed a prodigious Empire out of thofe Countries, which continues to this Day.

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