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then; for this Counsel is upon all the Heathen. [lxxii.)

9. He will destroy in this Mountain the Face of the Covering cast over all People, and the Veil that is fpread over all Nations. (Heb.]

7. And he will suddenly, in this Mountain, bring on the face of the Bond that is gathered over all People ; and the Covering he hath begun upon all Nations. ( Vulg. ] [I prefer the Hebrew.)

8. He will suddenly swallow up Death in Victory. And again the Lord will take Tears from all Faces : The Reproach of his People will he take away from the whole Earth: For the Lord hath spoken it.

9. And they shall say in that Day, This is our God, in whom we have hoped, and he will save us: This is the Lord, we have waited for himwe have been glad, and rejoiced in his Salvation.

10. For God will give reft upon this Mountain and Moab [some great Enemy of God's People the Fews] shall be trodden down in her Place, as they tread down the Floor with a Cart.

11. And he will spread his Hands in the same Manner as he hath brought it down to destroy it: And he will bring down his Pride upon that which he laid his Hands upon.

12. And he shall bring down the Height of the Retreat of thy Wall; and it shall come down even to the Duft.

IS. xxvi. 1. [ An Ode. ] In that Day they shall sing this:Song in the Land of Judah, Saying, We have a strong City, [the New Jerusalem, Apoc.

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xxi. 10.] He will set for us a Wall of Salvation, and a Bulwark,

2. Open ye the Gates, that the People who keep Righteousness, and keep the Truth, may enter in.

3. Who takes hold on Truth, and keeps Peace.

4. For upon thee, O God, have they hoped, O Lord, for ever, O Great and Eternal God.

5. Who haft humbled and brought down those that dwelt on High: Thou wilt cast down the strong Cities, and wilt bring them unto the Duft.

6. And the Feet of the Meek and Humble shall tread upon them. 7.

The Path of the Just is right, and the Way of the Juft is prepared:

8. For the Way of the Lord is Judgment: We have hoped in thy Name, and in its Remembrance. go

Wherein dur Souls desire thee in the Night. [An Ode.] My Spirit comes early to thee, O God, becaufe thy Commands are light upon the Earth. Ye Inhabitants of the Earth learn Righteousness.

10. For the wicked one ceases, he will not learn Righteousness upon Earth. Let the wicked one (therefore] be taken away, that he may not see the Glory of the Lord.

11. O Lord, thy Hand is on High, and they have not known it: When they have known they shall be ashamed. Fury shall take hold upon an unteachable People; and now a Fire shall devour the Enemies.

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12. O Lord, our God, give us Reace ; for thou haft repay'd all our Works. 13:

O Lord, our God, take Poffefsion of us : O Lord, besides thee we have known no other, we have named no other.

14. Now let not the (Wicked] Dead see Life ; nor the Giants arise. Wherefore haft thou visited them, and destroyed them, and made all their Memorial to perish.

15. Add Miseries to them, O Lord, add Miseries to all that are in Glory upon the Earth.

16. O Lord, in Afiction I have remembred thee. Thy Chastisement has been upon us in a Imall AMiction.

17. Like as a Woman with Child, that draweth near the Time of her Delivery, is in Pain, and crieth out in her Pangs, so have we been in thy Sight, O Lord :

18. For thy Fear, O Lord, have we been with Child; we have been in Pain ; we have not brought forth the Spirit of Salvation ; nor have the Inhabitants of the Earth fallen.

19. The Dead [Martyrs] fhall arise again, and those that are in the Graves shall be raised up: Those on the Earth shall rejoice, for the Dew that is from thee shall be healing to them ; but the Land of the Wicked shall fall. [ Constitut, v. 7. Ezekiel xxxvii.]

20. Go my People, enter into thy Chambers, and shut thy Door upon thee: Hide thyself for a very little while, till the Lord's Indignation be over past.

21, For

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21. For behold the Lord, out of his Holy Place, will bring Indignations upon che Inhabiz cants of the Earth, for their Iniquity. The Earth also shall disclose her Blood, and shall no longer cover her Slain.

Ifa. xxvii. 1. In that Day God shall bring out his holy and great Sword upon Leviathan, che Serpent that fed away; upon Leviatban, the crooked Serpent ; and will Nay the Dragon that is in the Sea. [ I suppose Leviathan to mean the old Serpent the Devil, and the Dragon, some Antichristian Power.]

2. In that Day sing ye, A choice Vineyard.

3. I the Lord will keep it : I will water it every Moment lest any hurt it: I will keep it Night and Day.

4. Fury is (not] in me. Who would set the Briars and Thorns against me in Battle? I would go through them, I would burn them together.

5. Or let him take hold of my Strength, that he may make Peace with me; and he shall make Peace with me.

6. He shall cause them that come of Jacob to take Root; Israel Thall blossom, and bud, and fill the Face of the World with Fruit.

7. Shall not he (Antichrift] be smitten as he smote; and shall not he be Nain as he new ; [ the Lex Talionis...]

8. In that Measure that he measured, he fall be judged. Art thou not be that meditates in thy severe Spirit to Nay them, in the Spirit of thine Anger?

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9. For

9. For this shall the Iniquity of Jacob be taken away ; and this is all his Fruit, when I shall take away

his Sin. When I shall make all the Stones of the [Idolatrous] Altars to be broken to Pieces, as small as Duft ; and their Groves shall not remain ; and their Idols fhall be cut down as a Forest. (See Ifaiab ii. 18.]

10. The defenced City shall be desolate, and the Habitation forsaken, and left like a Wilderness; there shall the Calf feed, and there shall he lie down and consume the Branches thereof.

11. When the Boughs thereof are withered they Thall be broken off; the Women shall come and set them on Fire: For it is a People of no Understanding: Therefore he that made them will not have Mercy on them; and he that formed them will not pity them.

12. And it shall come to pass in that Day, that the Lord shall beat off from the Channel of the River (Euphrates,] unto the Stream of Egypt; (Rhinocolur a) and ye shall be gathered one by one, ye

Children of Ifrael. 13. And it shall come to pass in that Day, that the Great Trumpet shall be blown ; and they shall come who were ready to perish in the Land of Asyria, and the Outcasts in the Land of Egypt, and shall worship the Lord in the Holy Mount of Jerusalem.


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