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fering more than ordinary in our three feveralCopies; the prefent Hebrew, in our English Verfion, the Septuagint, and the Old Vulgar Latin Verfions, I fometime fince defired my Son-in-law, Mr. Barker, one very skilful and accurate in fuch Matters, to affift me in comparing the Copies, and thence shall give the feveral Chapters (with a few parallel Texts) as exactly as I can, from that Comparison.

ISAIAH xxiv.

1. Behold the Lord will make the Earth empty, and will make it waste, and will deface it, and will scatter Abroad the Inhabitants thereof.

2. And it shall be as with the People, fo with the Priest; as with the Servant, fo with his Mafter; as with the Maid, fo with her Mistress; as with the Buyer, fo with the Seller; as with the Lender, fo with the Borrower; as with the Taker of Ufury, fo with the Giver of Ufury to him:

3. The Earth fhall be utterly emptied, and utterly spoiled; for the Lord hath spoken this Word:

4. The Earth fhall mourn and fade away; the World fhall languifh and fade away; the haughty People of the Earth fhall languish.

5. The Earth alfo is polluted by the Inhabitants thereof; because they have tranfgreffed the Laws, changed the Ordinances, broken the everlasting Covenant :

6. Therefore a Curfe fhall devour the Earth, because its Inhabitants have finned; therefore the In

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habitants of the Earth fhall be impoverished, and few Men fhall be left.

7. The new Wine fhall mourn; the Vine fhall languish; all the merry-hearted fhall sigh :

8. The Mirth of Drums fhall ceafe; the Sound of those that rejoice fhall ceafe; the Noife of the Harp fhall ceafe :

9. They fhall be put to Shame; they shall not drink Wine; strong Drink fhall be bitter to them that drink it.

10. Every City of Vanity fhall be made defolate, every Houfe fhall be fhut up, that no one may come in.

11. There fhall be a Lamentation for Wine in the Streets; all Joy fhall ceafe; the Mirth of the Earth fhall be gone.

12. The Cities alfo fhall be left defolate, and the Houses fhall be relinquifhed, and fhall perish.

13. All thefe Things fhall be in the Earth, in the Midft of the People. As if one glean an OliveTree, fo fhall they glean them.

14. As when the Gleanings are over, fo fhall they cry aloud with their Voice: Thofe that are left fhall rejoice with the Glory of the Lord; they fhall cry aloud from the Sea.

15. Wherefore the Glory of the Lord shall be in the Inles of the Sea: The Name of the Lord shall be glorious.

16. O Lord God of Ifrael, we have heard Signs, (or Songs): Hope to the righteous. And he fhall fay, My Mystery is to myself, my Mystery is to my

Cited thus by Christ himself in Clem, Alex, See Sae, Hift. of the N. T. p. 132..


felf and to mine: Woe unto the Difobedient that dif obey the Law.

17. Fear, and the Pit, and the Snare are upon thee, O Inhabitant of the Earth.

18. And it fhall come to pass, that he who fleeth from the Noife of the Fear, fhall fall into the Pit: And he that cometh out of the Midft of the Pit, fhall be taken in the Snare: For the Windows from Heaven shall be open, and the Foundation of the Earth fhall be shaken.

19. The Earth fhall be greatly difturbed, and the Earth fhall be in great Distress, and the Earth fhall be moved exceedingly.

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20. The Earth fhall reel to and fro, like a Drunkard. (See a Parallel in Ifaiah ii)

If. ii. 19, 21. 19. They fhall go into the Holes of the Rocks, and into the Caves of the Earth; for fear of the Lord, and for the Glory of his Majefty, when he arifeth to shake terribly the Earth.

21. To go into the Clefts of the Rocks, and into the Tops of the ragged Rocks; for Fear of the Lord, and for the Glory of his Majefty, when he arifeth to shake terribly the Earth.

If. xxiv. 20. For Tranfgreffion has been heavy upon it, and it fhall fall, and not be able to rife again.

21. And it shall come to pafs in that Day, that the Lord shall vifit the Hoft of Heaven, and the Kings of the Earth upon the Earth. (See a Parallel at large.)

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Ifa. ii. 10-17. Enter into the Rock, and hide thee in the Duft, for fear of the Lord, and for the Glory of his Majesty.

11. The lofty Looks of Man fhall be humbled, and the Haughtiness of Men shall be bowed down, and the Lord alone fhall be exalted in that Day.

12. For the Day of the Lord of Hofts fhall be upon every one that is proud and lofty, and upon every one that is lifted up, and he shall be brought low.

13. And upon all the Cedars of Lebanon, that are high and lifted up, and upon all the Oaks of Bafban:

14. And upon all the high Mountains, and upon all the Hills that are lifted up:

15. And upon every high Tower, and upon every fenced Wall.

16. And upon all the Ships of Tarshish, and all pleasant Pictures :


17. And the Loftiness of Man fhall be bowed down, and the Haughtiness of Men fhall be made low, and the Lord alone fhall be exalted in that Day.

I. xxiv. 22. And they fhall be gathered together, and they fhall be fhut up in Prison; and after many Days fhall they be vifited.

23. Then the Moon fhall be confounded, and the Sun afham'd, because the Lord of Hofts fhall reign in Mount Sion, and in Jerufalem, and fhall be glorified before the Elders. (See a Parallel in Ita.) If. xxx. 26. Moreover the Light of the Moon fhall be as the Light of the Sun; and the Light of the


Sun fhall be fevenfold, as the Light of feven Days'; in the Day that the Lord bindeth up the Breach of his People, and healeth the Stroke of their Wound.

I. xxv. 1. [An Ode.] O Lord, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy Name; for thou haft done wonderful Things; thy Counfels of old are faithful and true. Amen.

2. For thou haft made of Cities an Heap; of defenced Cities a Ruin; that their Foundation may fall. The City of the Wicked fhall not be built for ever.

3. Therefore the poor People fhall bless thee; and the Cities of Men injured fhall bless thee.

4. For thou haft been an Helper to every City that was humbled, and a Covering to thofe that were diftreffed through Want: Thou wilt deliver them from the Wicked, and be a Covering of the Thirfty; and the Spirit of thofe that have been injured fhall bless thee.

5. As Men difpirited, who thirst in a dry Place; from wicked Men, to whom thou hadft delivered us. He will bring down the Heat, with the Shadow of a Cloud; thou wilt bring down the Branch of the ftrong Ones.

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6. And the Lord of Hofts fhall make a Feaft to all the Heathens, [Profelytes. J Upon this Mountain they fhall drink Gladnefs, they fhall drink Wine:

7. They shall anoint themselves with the Ointment of the Vine-Branches, well refined, in this Mountain. Deliver all thefe Things to the Hea

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