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Portsmouth, and the neighbouring Parts, Sunday, March 18. Another, or the fame, at the Bath, at the fame Time; all three 1749-50. Another at Hull, 31 Days after the great Storm, or December 28, 1703. Another Earthquake was felt at Taunton, in Devonshire, July 1, 1747, and reached about forty Miles fquare; and as Mr. Fofter, who wrote the Letter wherein that Account is contained, (Philofophical Tranfactions, No.488. Pag. 398, 399, 400.) adds, What in

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creased the Surprize here, was the Account then fresh in every Body's Mind, of the dreadful Earthquake at Lima in Peru:' Of which it may justly be expected I should say something. We have a very particular Account of it in a Book then publifhed by Mr. Oborn, 1748, Pag. 102-199. The Circumftances most remarkable were thefe: That an Earthquake, June 17, 1678, ruined a great Part of the City Lima, and particularly the Churches dedicated to the Bleffed Virgin; as if, in the Words of one that wrote the Life of St. Toribio, God the Son bad rifen against his Mother, the Bleffed Virgin Mary; who indeed is almoft the only God or Goddess that is wor shipped in that Coun


That the Me


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mory of this dreadful
Earthquake is yearly re-
vived there, on the Nine-
teenth of October, by
publick Prayers. That
it was foretold by a re-
ligious Man, of the Or-
der of St. Merced, who
feveral Days before ran
along the Streets, like
another Jonah, crying,
Repent. That on Mon-
day, October 20, 1687,
N. S. at Four of the
Clock in the Morning,
was another most horri-
ble Earthquake at Lima,
which was fo dreadful,
that the very Cattle were
in great Astonishment,
and above 50co dead
Bodies were found. That
in 1709, between April
and January, were no
fewer than 14 Earth-
quakes there. That the
laft great Earthquake,
both at Lima and its Port
Callao, happened October
28, 1746, Half an Hour




after Ten at Night. That about 1141 perished at Lima; but at Callao all the Inhabitants perished, but 400, in Number near 5000. That this Earthquake was foretold by Mother Teresa, a Nun of the Order of Jesus, in the Monaftery of Barefoots of St. Jofeph, in Lima, with repeated and most efficacious Affertions of what was to come to pass; to which the added, that her Life would not last long e nough for her to experience the fad Event. And in Fact, fhe died at the Age of above an hundred Years, the Fifteenth of the fame Month of October, a Year before the Earthquake happened. To demonstrate the Truth of this, Informations are actually now making, which will contain the whole Parti




culars of her Cafe; al

though at that Time, the extreme Earneftness with which the delivered her Prediction was looked upon as a Mark of the Failure of her Understanding, at that advanc'd Age. But that this great City of Lima was a Place of the utmoft Luxury and Wickedness, especially among the Religious and Clergy, and fo did highly deferve fuch a terrible Judgment, is notorious, and is there at large fet forth, Pag. 246-254. To conclude this Matter of Earthquakes: There was a moft dreadful one a Quarter of a Year before that, which I best remember, which was Sept. 8, 1692, at PortRoyal in Jamaica. This happened upon June 7, the fame Year; and at the End of the before


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