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the firft remarkable Me-
teor of the fecond Sort,
or the Ball of Fire,1718-
19, came but three Years
after the other. This
Ball, this amazing Ball
of Fire, began to be vi
fible over Radnor in
Wales, at the Top of our
Atmosphere, or fifty-
five Miles high, and in-
creafing, like a Snow-
ball, threw itself almoft
directly South, about
feven Miles Eaft of Ex-
eter, of the Brightness of
the Sun, and of a Mile
in Diameter: And, af-
ter it had paffed in half a
Quarter of a Minute's
Time, as far as Guernsey,
or the neighbouring
Coaft of Britain in
France, or about two
hundred and fifty Miles,
descending a little all the
Way; it burft at about
the Height of thirty-fix
Miles, with fuch a migh-
ty Noise, as amazed the

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People of Exeter to a prodigious Degree, and was heard back as far as Radnor ten Minutes afterwards; being perhaps greater than if 100,000 Barrels of Gunpowder had been fired fo high at once, Nor was it, I suppose, any other than fuch a Ball of Fire, or rather Fire and Brimftone, which was the Inftrument of Providence in the Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Now fuch an one, had it fallen upon the Cities of London and Westminster, including Southwark also; and which we know no mechanical or philofophical Reason why it may not do; all their Inhabitants would be dead in much less than a Minute's Time. These terrible Meteors may well be here infifted on by me particularly; be




cause I had Lectures upon them both, at the fe

(7.) That many, and fome of them terrible Earthquakes, are to come upon Mankind, either from the Air above, or the Ground below, or from both together.

veral Times they happened, at London; as I had these upon occafion of the later Meteors and Earthquakes; which I then alfo printed and publifhed, in the like Manner as I now print and publish these before


(7.) As to the Earthquakes, which, by the Prophecies, will not be few, they have been very lately at Rome in Italy, and particularly at Leghorn, at Naples, but chiefly at Cerigo, an Island South of the Morea, where our News says 2000 perished in it; at the South of France, and efpecially near Pau, under the Pirenees, which the News áffures us it was prodigious also, as alfo another at Munich in Bavaria in the very E 4 laft

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laft News-Paper, befides the two at London. They have also been lately felt at Taunton, at Bath, at Portsmouth, and at Eastwell in Kent; and principally at Chester and Liverpool. The two Earth

quakes at London I felt myself, as I had felt one at Norton in Leicesterfhire, when I was ten

Years old, 1677, and another much more plainly at Clare Hall, Cambridge, Sept. 8, 1692. Thefe two at London have already greatly and juftly alarmed the whole City. On which Occafion we had immediately publifhed, by an unknown Author, A fober and ferious Address to the Inhabitants of that City; as alfo foon after, a fomewhat larger Address to them by Bishop Sherlock; and both highly worthy the Perufal of all the Citizens. And may




all fuch fober and ferious Applications, be accompanied with the divine Bleffing, and produce fuch a thorough Repentance and Amendment, as may avert the divine Wrath from that City, and the whole Nation. As to the Number of our British Earthquakes, we have,

in the Gentleman's Ma

gazine for February 1750, Page 56, a Catalogue of those the Author had met with in our Hiftorians, being only twentyfour in feven Centuries, fince A. D. 1047, of which fourteen have happened in my Life-time, and of which, as has been said already, I have now felt four, viz. that in 1677, and that Sept. 8, 1692, and these two laft at London, Feb. 8, and March 8, 1749-50. The laft of which greatly fur


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