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into the Countries [belonging to that Empire,] and shall overflow, and pass over. He shall also enter into the glorious Land [of Judea,] and many Countries fhall be over thrown. But these shall efcape out of his Hand: Edom and Moab, and the Chief of the Children of Ammon, [the wild Arabs:] He shall stretch forth his Hand alfo upon the [other] Countries; and the Land of Egypt fhall not escape: But he fhall have Power over the Treasures of Gold and Silver, and over all the precious Things of Egypt And the Libyans and the Cubites, [Algerines, or Moors, in the North of Africa; and the Arabians, about Mecca and Medina] fhall be at his Steps. But Tidings out of the Eaft, [from the Perfians, ] and from the North, [ from the Mufcovites,] fhall trouble him. Therefore he shall go forth with great Fury, to deftroy, and utterly to make away many. And he fhall plant the Tabernacles of his Palace, [or the Tents of his Pavilion,] between the Seas, in the glorious holy Mountain, [of Judea ;] Yet he fhall come to his End, and none fhall help him.

. Hag. ii. 6.-9. Thus faith the Lord of Hoft, yet once and I will thake the Heavens, and the Earth, and the Sea, and the dry Land; and I will shake all Nations, and the Elect of all the Nations, fhall come and I will fill this House with Glory, faith the Lord of Hofts. The Silver is mine, and the Gold is mine, faith the Lord of Hofts. The Glo

ry of this last House shall be greater than of the firft, faith the Lord of Hofts. And in this Place will I give Peace, faith the Lord of Hofts; and to

obtain Peace of Soul to every one that builds, in order to raise up this Temple. Behold, they that. destroyed this Temple, they themselves fhall build it. And it fhall come to pafs in the laft Days, the Lord will deliver the Sheep of his Pafture, and the Sheepfold, and their Tower to Destruction. And it shall come to pafs, that, when a Week is fully come, the Temple of God fhall be built gloriously in the Name of the Lord. [See Lit. Accomp. of Proph. Pag, 24. 25.]

Now the principal Events foretold here by Joel, and Daniel, and Haggai, as generally prior to the Restoration of the Jews, are these twenty-nine that follow, going on with the former Numbers.

(15.) That there should be feen bloody, and fiery Meteors in the Heavens.

(16.) That there should be seen Pillars of Smoke, or the Tails of feveral Comets there.

(17.) That there should be great Eclipfes of the Sun.

(18.) That there should be great Eclipfes of the Moon..

(19.) That, long before thefe Times, the Saracens fhould fall upon the Roman Empire with great Succefs.

(20.) That after them the Turks fhould do the fame.

(21.) That these Turks fhould conquer many Countries.

(22.) Particularly, that they fhould conquer Judea, and the neighbouring Countries.

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(23.) Yet were they not to conquer the wild Arabs.

(24.) They were to conquer other Countries also. (25.) They were particularly to conquer Egypt. (26.) They were to poffefs all the Treasures of Egypt.

(27.) The Algerines and Arabians were also to be at their Devotion.

(28.) They fhould, after all, hear difagreeable News from the East.

(29.) As alfo from the North.

(30.) They were at length to go out with great Fury, to destroy many, before they were driven from Conftantinople.

(31.) They were, however, at last, to be driven from Conftantinople into Judea, and there to plant their Royal Pavilion on a glorious Holy Mountain.

(32.) Where they were to perib, without Help from any.

(33.) There were to be now great Concuffions and Changes in the Supreme Rulers of the World. (34.) There were to be the like Concuffions and Changes in the Subordinate Rulers of the World. (35.) There were to be great Concuffions or

Storms at Sea.

(36.) There were to be great Concuffions, or Earthquakes at Land.

(37.) There were to be Concuffions of all Nations. (38.) The Jews are to rebuild their Temple of Jerufalem.

(39.) This Temple is to be a very glorious one.

(40.) Even more glorious than Solomon's Temple. (41.) God will give Peace, by the Meffiah, in this Temple.

(42.) Those that formerly deftroyed this Temple fball rebuild it again.

(43.) The Rebuilding of this Temple is to be when the feventh Millinery is beginning.

I now proceed to the Prophecies of Efdras, taken out of what our English Bible calls the Second Book of Apocryphal Efdras; but by the vulgar Latin, which I follow, the fourth Book of that Efdras; which Book has been but lately discovered to be a genuine Prophetick Book of the Old Teftament. Nor ought the inquifitive Reader to be moved with the fictitious Title given this, and other excellent and genuine Books of the Old Teftament of Apocryphal. All the oldeft Copies of every one of thofe Books, I mean the Vulgar Latin Copies, the Vatican, and the Alexandrian MSS. knowing nothing of that groundless Appellation; but placing these Books among the other Canonical Books, without any fuch Diftinction; that Appellation being only deriv'd from Jerom's foolish Rashness near 400 Years after the Days of our Saviour.

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Vulgar Latin Copy.

upon the Earth fhall be, taken in great Number, or found with great Wealth, and the Way of Truth fhall be hidden; and the Land fhall be barren of Faith.

2. But Iniquity fhall be increased, above that which thou now feeft, or that thou haft heard long ago.

3. And the Land, that thou feeft or that thou now treadeft upon, and feeft, now to have Root, fhalt thou fee wafted fuddenly.

4. But if the the most High grant thee to live, thou fhalt fee, after the third Trumpet, that the

Arabick Copy.

there fhall come Days in which they that underftand fhall be removed from the Earth, and the way of Righteousness fhall be hid; and the Land fhall be left barren of Faith.

2. But Iniquity shall be increased, above that which thou now feest, or that, thou haft heard long ago. And the Way fhall be rough, not trodden; and there fhall be no Guide; and there fhall be great Difturbance in many Places, from those of these Kings which thou fhalt fee.

3. And the Land fhall be defolate.

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