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(93.) It is foretold in the Sibylline Oracles, that the Beams of the Moon fhall fhine with bloody Drops. Whether there be any Allufion here to that Blood which is mentioned in Barnabas, as fet down, No. 51. priùs, or to the Moon's being turned into Blood, in Joel, already mentioned also, No. 14. does not appear. It feems most likely to me to be a new Signal, or one not yet mentioned;

and per

haps is not to be under


which are spared, will be fo happily affrighted at fo terrible a Judgment, as to give Glory to the God of Heaven. But of this Matter fee the important Addenda to the laft Sheet of the fecond Edition of my Essay on the Revelation more largely, Page 330, 331,


(93.) This Signal feems not hitherto to have been fulfilled, but cannot, I think, be long future.



(94.) It is foretold there, that Reprefenta tions of Swords fhoud be feen in the Night towards Sun-fetting, or Sun-rifing, in the ftarry Hea


(95, 96.) It is foretold there, that the Sight of the Sun, and perhaps of the Moon, fhall fail in the Midst of their Course

in the Heavens.

(97.) It is there foretold, that the Rocks fhall give a Sign.


ftood till its Completion.

(94.) This Signal feems not hitherto to have been fulfilled, but cannot be long future.

(95, 96.) If these Signals belong only to great and total Eclipfes of the Sun and Moon, they may have been already fulfilled, as we have noted feveral fuch Eclipfes.

(97.) We have had one remarkable Sign, or Voice of a Rock taken notice of already, No. 52. Whether this Sign be different from that, or whether the Plural Number Rocks do not imply other, or more Rocks than one, may well be queftioned: So I can determine nothing farther about its Completion.


(98.) It is there foretold, that the End of Wars fhould be fignified by eminent Northern Lights before-hand.

(99.) 'Tis there foretold, that Navigation, with the Direction by the Mariner's Compass, &c. fhould be greatly improved, and Men enabled much better than before to guide themfelves in their Voyages and Journies by Sea and Land.


(98.) I incline to think, that the late providential End put to our late fatal Wars here, were partial Completions of this Prediction; and that the more compleat Completion is not far off. Several of fuch eminent Northern Lights we have had for thefe thirty-five Years, very well agreeing to the Prediction before us.

(99.) This Prediction has been, in Part, already fulfilled, and is now fulfilling among us, by the Discovery of the Mariner's Compass; of its Variation i of the Variation of that Variation; of the Inclinatory, or Dipping-Needle, and its Variation, according to its Distance from the Magnetick Poles and Equator, by the uncommon Attempts lately made, and ftill conti


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LECTURE III. March 10.

Of the horrid Wickedness of the present Age, highly deferving fuch terrible Judgments.

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S to the Jews, they generally follow all along their Talmud, full of abfurd and groundless Traditions, and injudicious Notions; and this when they evidently contradict the Laws of God by Mofes, which yet they all own to be divine. This our Saviour feverely condemn'd them for in his Days, and they are equally guilty of the fame Crime in these latter Centuries. I fay the Jews generally follow their Talmud, not univerfally, the remaining Samaritans and Carraites keeping close to the Law, without fuch a vaft Regard to the Talmudical Doctors; but whofe Numbers are inconfiderable in Comparison of the others. Hear our Saviour's Words to the Scribes and Pharifees, out of St. Matthew's Gofpel. [See Sacred Hift. of the Old Teft. Pag. 107, 108, 109.]

Matt. xv. 1. There came to Jefus Scribes and Pharifees, which were of Jerufalem, saying,

2. Why do thy Difciples tranfgrefs the Tradition of the Elders? For they wash not their Hands when they eat Bread.

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