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(74.) 'Tis here foretold, that the Heads and Governors of the People fhould about this time tyrannize over them.


to its prefent State, can doubt but this Prediction has been already abundantly fulfilled.

(74.) Nor can any fuch intelligent Perfons doubt, but this Prediction has been long, and ftill is abundantly fulfilled; which Tyranny we have feen already, this Coming of the Meffiah to restore the Jews, and fet up his Kingdom of Righteousness is intended to remedy, for the great Comfort and Ease of the Afflicted and Perfecuted, who have long groaned for Deliverance. Apoc. vi. 10. How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and revenge our Blood on them that dwell on the Earth? fay the Souls under the Altar, after the fifth Seal; which Lamentation, in a leffer Degree, may well fill the Mouths


(75.) 'Tis here foretold, that the Princes fhould want wife Directors.

(76.) 'Tis here foretold, that Providence will preserve the truly good Men from many of those Calamities, which are now approaching, or at least from Deftruction by them; and that they shall live to fee and rejoice with the good Jews upon their Reftoration to their own Land.

Completions. Mouths of the Oppreffed

in thefe Times alfo. (75.) Nor will those that confider the Folly, as well as Wickedness in the late Administrations of Princes, which is ge nerally owing to their principal Minister or Minifters, doubt, but this Prediction has been abundantly fulfilled already also.

(76.) This is ftill future; though I muft confefs, I have myself often put up that Petition, which relates to God's People, Pfal.cvi. 4, 5, in the Course of the publick reading of that Pfalm: Remember me, O Lord, with the Favour that thou beareft unto thy People; O vifit me with thy Salvation, that I may fee the Felicity of thy Chofen; that I may rejoice in the Gladness of thy Nation, and may give Thanks with

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(77.) 'Tis foretold, that the Prophet Elijah, the Tifhbite, fhall return, for the Restoration of the Tribes of Ifrael.

(78.) It was foretold, that the Jews were to fall by the Edge of the Sword.

(79.) It was foretold, that the Jews were to be led away Captives into all Nations.

(80.) It was foretold, that Jerufalem fhould be trodden down of the Gentiles.

(81.) It was foretold,

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(77.) This is not yet fulfilled; but is one of the next Things, after the Deftruction of the Turks in Judea, which I think is foon to be expected.

78.) This has been notoriously fulfilled in the Days of Titus Vefpafian and Adrian : Where, in the former Cafe, the Slain were 1100,000, and in the latter, at least 580,000.

(79.) The Captives in the former Cafe were 97,000, and in the latter plainly innumerable.

(80.) All know, that both Jerufalem and Judea have, fince the Days of Adrian, been in the Hands of the Gentiles. (81.) Thefe Times of

that this Conculcation the Gentiles, as parallel



Predictions. fhould laft till the Times of the Gentiles were fulfilled: Immediately after which, in the Words of St. Matthew, the long Tribulation of thofe Days being fulfilled, the following Signs were to be expected :

(82.) It is foretold, that there fhall be Signs

in the Sun; which is to be darkened.

(83.) It is foretold, that there fhall be Signs in the Moon; which is not to give her Light.

(84.) It is foretold, that there fhall be Signs in the Stars, which are to fall from Heaven. These naturally denote Comets, which are now known to be proper Stars that fall from immense Distances in the Heavens, as did that in 1680-1, in a very par

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(83.) Of thefe extraordinary Eclipfes of the Moon, fee my Aftronomical Year alfo.

(84.) Six Comets appeared in four Years at the Reformation by Luther, 1530, 1531, 1532, and 1533, as in my Aftronomical Year, Page 25. And in the last eleven Years feven Comets have appeared, viz: 1737, 1739, 1743,1744, K 2



particular Manner, which the Aftronomers do very

well know.

(85.) It is foretold, that the Powers of Hea ven fhall be fhaken.


1746, 1747, 1748 ; befides that foretold by Dr. Halley, to return either at the End of 1757, or the Beginning of 1758. (See No. 7. priùs.) To fay nothing of any others, that may, not improbably, return by 1766.

(85.) The late Northern Lights, from March 1715-16, have been evidently remarkableConcuffions in the Air. And the Paffage of the wonderful Ball of Fire, which threw itself two hundred and fifty Miles in an half Quarter of a Minute, 1718-19, was one of the greatest Concuffions of the visible Powers, and perhaps of the invifible Powers of Heaven alfo, that was ever heard of fince the Creation. (See my two fmall Tracts on those Meteors and Balls of Fire throughout,)

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