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(60.) 'Tis here foretold, that the wild Beasts of the Earth, or oppreffive and tyrannical, Princes fhall change their Places in thefe Times.

(61.) 'Tis here foretold, that there should be Signs in the Women, or more particularly, that


farther Enlargement here.

(59.) Whether these Fires refer to fuch eminent Northern Lights as resemble Fires, and have been already mentioned, or to real Fires, they have both been in Part remarkably fulfilled already, as has been before obferved, No. 14,


(60.) If we look abroad into the World, we fhall find, that both before, and in the late terrible Wars, both in Afia and Europe, there have been many fuch Changes already. Nor is it at all unlikely there may be a great many more fuch Changes before the Jews are thoroughly fettled in Judea.

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(61.) This Prediction has already been fulfilled in the Willingham Boy, a particular Account of



menftruous Women Should bring forth Monsters.



whom is given in the Philofophical Tranfactions, No. 475. In Dr. Handyfide's, a Man-midwive's double monstrous Child; which the Law has lately allotted to the Parents. In the late Hermaphrodite at Paris, a Print of which has been lately published there, with the royal License, as the Gentleman's Magazine for January 1750 informs us; and which Hermaphrodite itself is now publickly advertised to be seen in London. And before all thefe, in the famous Rabbet Woman of Surrey, in the Days of King George I. As to the former three, the Facts are wholly undeniable; but as to the

laft, the poor Woman, who had seventeen or eighteen Portions of Rabbets taken out of her Body: The



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Story has been fo long laughed out of Countenance, that I must diftinctly give my Reasons for believing it to be true, and alledging it here, as the fulfilling of this ancient Prophecy before us. Accordingly, befides the Testimony of the Woman herself, who moved great Compaffion at first, and was relieved by charitable Perfons, because of her Poverty, the Manmidwife, Mr. Howard of Godalmin in Surrey, a Perfon of very great Honefty, Skill, and Reputation in his Profeffion, attested it. It was then believed by King George to be real; it was also believed by my old Friends the Speaker, and Mr. Samuel Collet, as they told me themselves, and was generally believed by fober Perfons in the Neighbourhood,




till it was unjustly laughed out of Countenance at London. Nay, Mr. Molyneux, the Prince's Secretary, a very inquifitive Perfon, and my very worthy Friend, affured me, he had at first so great a Diffidence in the Truth of the Fact, andwas fo little biaffed by the other Believers, even by the King himfelf, that he would not be fatisfied till he was permitted both to fee and feel the Rabbet in that very Paffage whence we all come into thi World out of our Mother's Womb. Accordingly he told me, he had

more Evidence for it,

than he had that I had a
whilft he had
known that by one of
of his Senfes only, that of
feeing, but knew this
by two of his Senfes,
both feeing and feeling.
Hear the following Ex-




tracts out of Mr. St. An

dre's Narrative, where

Page 3, 4.

Mr. Molyneux's Atteftation printed is at the End. This Narrative was printed for John Clarke, at the Bible under the Royal-Exchange, 1727.

Extracts out of that Narrative.

A $

S Mr. Howard himself intends shortly to publish the whole Account, and prove every Circumftance of it, by fuch Evidences as will put this Matter out of all Poffibility of Doubt, I muft refer to him for several Particulars here omitted.

And as it will be impoffible to judge impartially of this Fact, till the Evidences above-mentioned are produced, it cannot be dubted but all fuch Perfons as are not governed by Prejudice, or fome worse Motive, will fufpend their Judgment till these Facts come to their Knowledge, by a more certain Way, than by flying Reports and Conjectures.

Page 7. On Nov. 15, I attended the Honourable Mr. Molyneux, Secretary to his Royal Highnefs the Prince of Wales, who was inclined to enquire into the Truth of this extraordinary Cafe; and defired me to go with him to Guilford. We heard the Woman was actually in Labour of the 15th Rabbet. Page 13. I delivered her of the Skin of the abovefaid Rabbet, [very like the Skin of an Hog's Bladder.]

Page 15. Between the Times of vifiting the Woman, we examined the feveral Rabbets, which were all kept separate in diftinct Pots, with Spirits of Wine, in the Order they were brought away. The firft Animal did not appear to be a perfect Rabbet in all its Parts; three of the Feet being like the Paws of a Cat. The Stomach and Inteftines like those Parts in the fame Animal, &c.


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