The Beast Uncovered

Vantage Press, Inc, 2006 M10 30 - 690 páginas

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This is an awesome book written by a true man of God! My father-in-law wrote this right after his first brain tumor was removed and goinf through chemo and radiation treatments. We witnessed his healing twice from brain cancer and in his last days of the third tumor, he was ready to go home to be with our Heavenly Father! Clarence Martin was an inspiration to all who knew him and through this book he gave us all the final message Jesus had given him to share with all who would listen (and read). As family we all received signed copies, and last year we bought all the local Christian book store had in stock to loan to friends. We never received the books back to share with others, so I guess that says something in itself about the book!
If ANYONE has a copy of this book, please contact me via email or message me via facebook on Pamela Pitcock MArtin so that we could possibly purchase additional copies. Unfortunately the publisher went out of business and we know of no other way to find or get copies.

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