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ANNE BALL of London, widow, 13 March 1653, proved 9 October 1654. My body to be buried in the parish church of St. Dunstan's in the East, in London, near to the body of my late husband. The poor of said parish, the poor of Stanmore and the poor of Weald in the parish of Harrow on the Hill. My cousin Cicely Gilbert if living at the time of my decease. My daughter Anne Young. Richard Cooke son of my late deceased daughter Mary Cooke. My grandchild Thomas Ball (a minor). My daughter in law Susan Ball. My daughter Barbara Reeve, to whom I have "bin" kind and helpful at her second marriage. My daughter Jane Pindar. Those messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments which I have near Battle Bridge in the parish of St. Olave Southwark in the Co. of Surrey, the inheritance whereof I purchased of Lady Welde and her son. My son Richard Ball. My daughter Margaret Allott. My daughter Elizabeth Gough. Their children. My sons in law William Robinson, John Cooke, William Pindar, James Gough and Thomas Reeve. My brother Master Thomas Burnell, and his wife. My son John Ball. My daughter Anne Young to be executrix. Alchin, 46.

HESTER BURNELL of the Spittle, Midd. widow, 14 March 1663, with codicil dated 17 May 1664, proved 15 October 1664. To be buried in the parish church of St. Allhallowes (sic) Barking, near my late dear husband. Cousins John Burnell Esq., Thomas Burnell and his wife and Henry Burnell and his wife. Brother Henry Wollaston Esq. and his wife. Brother Thomas Wollaston. Cousin Sarah Edlin widow. Brother Robert Smith and his wife. Cousin Dr. Edmund Trench and his wife. Cousin Dr. Roger Drake and his wife. Cousin Dr. Samuel Winter and his wife. Cousin John Crowther and his wife. Cousin Stephen White and Hester his wife. Cousin Edmund Trench, son of the said Dr. Trench. Cousin Thomas Marlow and Aune his wife. Mr. Samuel Slater the elder and Mr. Richard Kentish. Cousin Elizabeth Goffe. Cousin Katherine Burcher. Cousin Bowtell. Cousin Lucy Manistey wife of Clement Manistey. If it shall please God that I die at Dr. Samuel Annesley's house then I give unto the said Dr. Annesley and his wife four pounds apiece. The poor of Stanmore Magna, Midd. Cousin Ann Woodroffe wife of Thomas Woodroffe. Cousin Elizabeth daughter of my cousin Frances Hassell. Cousin John the son of my said cousin Hassell (to be placed out an apprentice). Cousin Edward Hassell, brother to the said Elizabeth and John. Cousin Hassell's other two daughters not before named. Mary Burnell daughter of Henry Burnell. Cousin William Johnson. Henry Wollaston, grandson to my brother Henry Wollaston Esq. Cousin Henry Barrington, grandson to Henry Wollaston Esq. Ursula Berrisford, grand daughter to Henry Wollaston Esq. My chamber at Hunterscombe. Thomas Burnell son of John Burnell Esq. and the daughter of John Burnell Esq. To my Cousin Farmer I give the gilt owl which her mother gave me, to use for and during the term of her natural life; and after her decease I give the same to her nephew Thomas Marlow. Others named. Bruce, 109.

[The two foregoing wills still further extend our knowledge of the English connections of John Morley of Charlestown, whose mother Katherine was the only sister of Mrs. Anne Ball and sister, also of Thomas the husband of Hester Burnell. Mrs. Ball's husband was Richard, son of John Ball of Wellingborow (Northampton), as it is shown in the pedigree of Younge (Vis. of London 1633-4). Her daughter Anne was married to James Yong of London, merchant. In my extracts from London Marriage Licenses (Hist. Coll. of Essex Institute 1892) will be found, on page 39, the marriage Allegation of Thomas Gate Esq. and Anne Morley, the sister of our John Morley. HENRY F. WATERS.]

JOHN HACKER of Limehouse, Stepney Middlesex, planter, 7 January 1653, proved 8 June 1654. I give unto William Rookeing of Virginia, planter, one heifer of three years old, with calf, or at least with a calf by her side, and one fowling piece and shot bag which was his father's, to be delivered unto him in Virginia, within six months after my disease, at my plantation. To my man James, now resident in Virginia, a weaning calf. To my loving wife Elizabeth Hacker, during her natural life, the lease of a small cottage and garden &c. in Freethorne, in the Co. of Gloucester, and after her decease then to come and be, during the remainder of the lease, unto my son John Hacker. To my wife Elizabeth and my son John all my whole estate and plantation in Virginia, with my household stuff, goods, corn, tobacco and stock of all sorts of cattle whatsoever and servants whatsoever as are or shall be bound unto me during the terms of their apprenticeships. If my said wife marry with another man then her part to come and return unto my son John and his heirs &c., remainder to my kinsman Ralph Hacker, son of my brother Thomas Hacker of Penzance, in the Co. of Cornwall, glover, and his heirs &c., lastly to my right heirs. My said wife, during my son's nonage, shall receive his part of the profits yearly of my plantation for and towards his education and bringing up. To my wife all my personal estate in England. My wife and son to be executors and loving friends Master John Westrop and Captain Abraham Reade to be over


Proved by Elizabeth Hacker the relict &c., power reserved for John Hacker &c. Alchin, 23.

[John Hacker came to Virginia in the Hopwell, at the age of 17, in 1624. In 1635 he had a patent granted him of 150 acres on the west side of upper Chippoaks Creek; fifty of this was due him for his personal adventure and one hundred for his two servants Abraham Hill and Charles Hould. William Rookeing came over in the Bona Nova in 1619, and was aged 26 in 1624. In 1636 Wm. Rookins had 150 acres in the county of James City, the said land being called "the flying point." There was also due him 50 acres for his wife Jane Baxter, and 100 for Robert Risby and John Allen.-W. K. WATKINS.]

PETER PRIAULX of Melkesham, Wilts, clerk, 18 May 1677, proved 26 August 1686. Five pounds to the use of the parish church of Melkesham. The same to the poor of Melkesham and also of Rusper, Sussex. To my dear kinsman Mr. John Priaulx of Salisbury Wilts, linen draper, my freehold messuage &c. in Horsham. Sussex, called Jenhams and another called Birds. Bequests to John and Henry Stone sons of my dear brother Mr. John Stone of Rusper. My dear kinswoman Bridget Greenfield now dwelling with me. Peter Priaulx younger son of Doctor John Priaulx late Canon Residentiary of the Close of New Sarum deceased. William Priaulx younger son of Mr. Paul Priaulx of the city of London merchant. Elizabeth Stone the daughter of my brother Mr. John Stone. My sister in law Elizabeth Gurney the now wife of Mr. John Gurney of Rusper in Sussex. Reference to decease of honored father Mr. William Priaulx of Rusper, Sussex, Clerk. Brother Mr. John Stone senior to be executor.

Mr. John Stone, the executor named in the will, having died in the life time of the testator, commission issued to Elizabeth Gurney (wife of Johu Gurney) sister on the mother's side and next akin to Peter Priaulx deceased &c. Lloyd, 109.

[See the Pryaulx and Mercor wills, with notes on the Bachiler family in REGISTER, Vol. 47, pp. 510-15 (ante, pp. 783-8).-EDITOR.]

WILLIAM TATTON of St. Mary Aldermary London, 9 July 1665, proved 26 February 1665. Not knowing (in this the Lord's visitation by Pestilence in this City) how uncertain my hour may be &c. To be buried in the chancel of the parish church aforesaid in the same grave where my most loving wife was buried, at the upper end of the S. isle at the very corner of the pews on the left hand (before you step up where the ground is raised) under a broken stone. Mr. Richard Bagnall and my sister in law Anne Machen to be overseers and assistants to my son William Tatton whom I do constitute and appoint to be my sole executor (afterwards referred to as only son). Conditional gifts to the poor of St. Martin's in the Fields and of the parish or borough of Newcastle under Lyne in the Co. of Stafford (bread to be distributed on the Seaventh day of February, if it be Sunday, or else on the Sabath day next following the Seaventh of February yearly). My mother in law Ellen Machen of Newcastle under Lyne, widow, provided she be married to no man beside her husband Richard Machen deceased. The two children of my sister Illage (now Weston). The three children of my brother George Tatton. The two children of my sister Susan Milles. The two children of my brother and sister in law John and Alice Harrison of Newcastle under Line. John Machen now in Virginia. I desire Mr. Hugh Piers and Mr. James Whitchurch to assist my executor about my shop. I also desire that my executor and overseers will take care of Sam: Aylworth and provide him a good place and procure what favor for him they can.

Commission issued 29 July 1682 to Anne Cumberlege, wife of John Cumberlege M. D., relict and administratrix of the goods of William Tatton the younger deceased, while he lives the son, executor and residuary legatee under the will of the said deceased, to administer the goods &c. by the said executor left unadministered &c. Mico, 34.

[John Machem, age 18 in 1635, came over in the Paul of London.-W. K. W.] MARY BENDISH senior of London, spinster, 17 April 1693, proved 9 June 1693. To my niece Mary Bendish of London junior ten pounds and to my niece Sarah Tookie of London senior, being the daughter of Job Tookie, ten pounds. To Thomas Bendish of London, son of Edmond Bendish of Norfolk, five shillings to buy him a ring. To my niece Rachel Bendish all the remainder of my goods, money and estate, both real and personal, after the payment of the above said three legacies, and I do make, constitute and appoint her to be sole executrix &c. Coker, 92.

[See Tookie wills and notes in the REGISTER, vol. 44, pp. 96-8 (ante, pp. 431-3); vol. 46, p. 456 (ante, p. 648).—EDITOR.]

JOHN ABBOTT of St. Saviours Southwark, Surrey, gent. 2 February 1692, proved 13 July 1693. My sister in law Sarah Reynolds of Stamford, Lincoln, widow. My niece Ruth Brinknoll. The widow of my late cousin John Abbott. William Surflet and Thomas Webb. To the poor of Mr. Matthew Barker's church.

Item, I do give and bequeath unto my loving son Josiah Abbott (who, if living, is, I suppose, at Boston in New England) the sum of fifty pounds of lawful money of England to be paid to him within the space of one year next after my decease (if he shall be then living): if he be dead and leave any child or children, by him begotten or to be begotten, then I bequeath and appoint the same fifty pounds to his child or children. My son Samuel Abbott (at twenty three years of age). My cousin James Foe. My loving


daughter Mary Eyton. Her husband, my son in law, Sampson Eyton, Coker, 104. [Josiah Abbott married about 1686 Hannah, b. 22 July, 1662, the daughter of John and Mary (Bullard) Farrington of Dedham, and had John, b. in Boston 22 Aug. 1687, and Hannah, b. 1690.

31 Dec. 1690. Josiah Abbott cordwainer of Boston, and Abraham Browne cordwainer of Boston, agree that the said Browne should take the nine months old daughter of said Abbott and feed, clothe and educate the said daughter Hannah as his own child till she reach the age of eighteen or marries. In consideration of this Abbott grants him eight acres of land known as Purgatory in Dedham, and sixteen acres of land in Natick called Wapensett near Dedham, this land being formerly the estate of John Farrington deceased of Dedham, which Abbott received by marriage with Hannah daughter of John Farrington, it having been settled on her by order of the Suffolk County Court.-Suffolk Deeds, L. 15, 178.

Later, 23 Nov. 1711, John Abbott of Newport, R. I., son and heir of Josiah and Hannah Abbott, for £20 paid by John Everett, junior, of Dedham, grants five acres in Naponsett Field butting in Dorchester, also eight acres in Purgatory, his mother's, formerly a Farrington.-Suffolk Deeds, L. 26, 70.-W. K. W.]

MARY MORRIS of the Liberty of the Tower of London, widow, 15 February 1653, proved 27 February 1653. To Master Thomas Baylye and Mistress Katherine Bayley and Master Nicholas Humphrey, to each of them twenty shillings. To my son Thomas Newman a mourning cloak, hat and other things fitting for mourning. To Mistress Jane Humphry my silver tankard and to Mistress Susan Perrye my ring with a white stone and to Jane Bannister my ring with a small diamond and a ruby. To Thomas Newman all those forty and eight acres of land in the Lew ward and ten acres of land in Scotland and one hundred and twenty foot of land next the State house, at the Bridge, all lying and being in the island of Barbados, and all moneys, merchandizes, debts, bonds and specialties whatsoever that are any ways due, owing or belong unto me or my late husband Thomas Morrice deceased by or from any person or persons &c. in the island of Barbados. In case my son Thomas Newman shall not be living at the time of my death then I give and bequeath all such lands &c. unto my son in law George Newman &c. And I give the money due for the service of my late husband from Capt. Reade (two and twenty months service) unto my son Thomas &c. To my sister Elizabeth Katherine all my ready money, share of prize money &c. &c. And I make and ordain my brother John Parris of the Barbados and my said sister Elizabeth Katherine jointly and severally executors &c.

Wit: Thomas Parris, Peter Pery.

Alchin, 21.

BRIDGET LUCAS, wife of Edward Lucas, citizen and plaisterer of London, 16 October 1657, proved 19 November 1657. To my kinswoman Mary Bishopp now resident in Virginia (certain articles of clothing). John Bishopp her brother. My cousin Elizabeth Perry. My brother and sister Whitwick. My daughter Sarah Hide. My daughter Martha Leeke. My three sons Luke, Silvanus and Timothy Hide. To my two daughters Martha Leeke and Sarah Hide such household stuff &c. which were mine before my intermarriage with my husband Edward Lucas. The lease of my house in Rood Lane I leave to my brother (?) Silvanus Hide. To my son Timothy Hide the lease of the house called the Key in Rood Lane. Other estates to other children. My son John Hide and Elizabeth his wife. My kinswoman Lydia Messenger. My other son Paul Hide. My brother Booker's son. My cousins Henry Sharpe and Elianor Harlowe. My son Ralph Leeke. My son William Edwards and his wife.

Ruthen, 456.

JOHN HALL, citizen and draper of London, 23 August 1644, proved 28 November 1644. My body to be buried in the parish church of Nicholas Acon in London, where my father lieth buried. My wife, my son Martin Hall, my daughter Sara and my son in law and daughter Blackwell. To my wife Sara my plate, jewells and her wearing rings of gold (over and above the other parts of my estate herein given unto her). All my goods &c. (except the shares of the estates of my late father in law Sir Martin Lumley deceased and of my aunt Alice Woodrow deceased) shall be divided into three equal parts according to the Custom of London, one-third whereof I give to my said wife and the two other thirds thereof shall be divided into seven equal shares, one of which I give to my son Martin Hall, one other to my son Humfry Hall, one other to my son James Hall, one other to my daughter Alice, one other to my daughter Elizabeth, one other to my daughter Mary and the other share I give to my wife Sara, my son Martin Hall and my son in law Gervas Blackwell upon trust to dispose the same unto my daughter Sara the wife of Thomas Berry, into her own hands or for her good, by such proportions and in such manner only as they, the said trustees, shall think fit, her husband to have no part thereof nor intermeddle therewith. Provision made for her children. To my brother Humfry Hall forty shillings. The same to my sister Gorsuch, my sister Anne Bate and to my sister Gartred Battson if her husband pay the debt of one hundred and fifty pounds and upwards which he oweth me. To my sister Sara Scrouther thirty shillings to buy her a ring if she please, so that her husband first pay to my executor all such debts as he truly oweth me. Sundry poor. The parish of St. Hellens where I late dwelt. I have recovered or am near upon recovery in the High Court of Chancery, of and from my brother in law Sir Martin Lumley, a share of the personal estate of my late father in law Sir Martin Lumley deceased, which he promised me upon my marriage with his daughter, my wife, and was due by custom, and a share of the personal estate of my aunt Alice Woodrow deceased. Out of the former shall be paid two hundred pounds to the Drapers Company, to be lent out to four young men free of the Company &c.; the rest to be divided into two equal parts, one of which I give to my wife the other (to be divided as before). Son James at one and twenty. My two messuages in Lumbard Street, the Black Swan and the Golden Flying Horse, to be entailed on my (children in order) Martin, Humfry, James and my four daughters, Sara, Alice, Elizabeth and Mary. For the full advance of my son James &c. I give him my messuage, now made into two tenements, in Lambe Alley, St. Botolph without Bishopsgate, London, my wife to be his guardian &c. My son Martin to be executor and my brothers in law Sir Martin Lumley, knight, and Sir George Garrett, knight, to be overseers. Proved as above by Martin Hall. Commission issued 10 April 1662 to James Hall, son of John Hall late of St. Dunstan's in the West deceased &c., to administer the goods &c. left unadministered by Martin Hall, son and executor, now also deceased. Rivers, 6.

[Other Hall wills will be found in the REGISTER, vol. 47, pp. 138-40 (ante, pp. 683–5); 246–49 (ante, pp. 688-91) and 506–9 (ante, pp. 779-82).—Editor.]

RICHARD BERRISFORD of London, merchant, 13 June 1643, proved 22 November 1644. Mentious wife Bennett Berrisford and three sons, Robert, Rowland and Samuel. My wife's brother John Greene Esq. Sergeant at Law. To son Rowland Berrisford houses and lands in Hertford town, Herts., called the King's Head. Houses in Cheapside at Foster Lane.

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