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Hynes the wife of George Hynes of this parish. Mary Follett my now servant. Matthew Wotton the son of my brother Matthew. I do give and bequeath unto my brother in law Richard Gary all the right and interest that I have in and to that plot of ground called the Pound lot adjoining to his now dwelling house. To my master Michael Arundell (sic) the elder's wife my book of Martyrs. Juxon, 26.

CHRISTOPHER CARY, of Bristol, merchant, 10 September 1672, proved 28 October 1672. Contract made 19 January 14th of his Majesty's reign that now is, between myself and wife Margaret, of the one part, and Jeremy Hollwey of Bristol, merchant, and Thomas Sterne, of the same city gent, of the other part, to levy a fine &c. of the messuage on the Back at Bristol, the church yard of St. Nicholas on the South side thereof, a little lane lying between said house and churchyard. Messuage in St. Stephen's, in a place or street commonly called the Key. I dwelling on Stony Hill, St. Michael's, Bristol. My two sons Richard and John. My son in law Henry Daniel and his wife. Eure, 118.

Dame MARY SERGEANT, late Phips, relict of Sir William Phipps, late of Boston in New England, knight, deceased. Reference to marriage contract with present husband, Peter Sergeant Esq., bearing date 24 September 1701. My honored mother in law Mrs. Mary Howard, widow, her son Philip White oweing and indebted to me a considerable sum of money, for securing the payment whereof his houseing and lands lying in Beverly stand engaged and made over by way of mortgage and are become forfeit, the time for payment being long since elapsed. My sister Mrs. Rebecca Bennett. The Rev Mr. Increase Mather, the Revd Mr. Cotton Mather and my friend Mr. John White. Margaret, wife of Matthew Armstrong, and her daughter Mary Armstrong. To Dorcas Salter, wife of Eneas Salter jun', that silver tankard which my son Spencer used at the college &c. My adopted son Spencer Phipps als Bennet to be my heir. Margaret Armstrong and Dorcas Salter two of my said husband's (Sir William Phipps') nieces. My houseing, land and wharf at the North End of Boston, called the Salutation, I give to my two nephews David and William Bennet. My house at the North end, in the present tenure &c. of Samuel Avis, I give to Mary Armstrong. Gift to a free school in the North end. Bequests to Benjamin White, Elizabeth Holland, Margaret Armstrong and William Bennet. My two sisters in law Mary Bridger and Margaret Andrews. Spencer Phipps als Bennet to be executor and, during his minority, my friends John Foster and Andrew Belcher esquires to be executors. Signed 19 February 1704 and proved 29 January 1706. Poley, 16.

[Dame Mary Sergeant was a daughter of Roger Spencer. She married 1st, John Hull of Boston, not the mint-master; 2d, Sir William Phips, the first governor of Massachusetts, under the second charter; 3d and lastly, Peter Sergeant, whose house was afterwards purchased by the province and known as the Province House. He survived his wife.-EDITOR.]

[We now continue the abstracts of East Anglian wills].

MATHEWE STEPHENS of Colchester, Essex, gent. 2 March 1597, proved 13 May 1599. Dwelling in the parish of All Saints. Wife Priscilla 1 have all my houses, lands &c. for life if she continue unmarried. House called the walnut tree house. A copyhold in Grinstead. Priscilla my

daughter. William Stephens my brother. My house and lands at Wyvenhoe. Lands and tenements called Stephens in Ardeley and Langham. My daughter Elizabeth. Lands and tenements in Much Horcksley. Lands in Lexden. My daughter Martha. My daughter Anne. Lands and tenements in Much Holland. My very good uncle John Stephens of Ardeley. My tenement called Cole's in Ardeley. My uncle Robert Stephens. My said five daughters. I, being one of the executors of the last will of Thomas Laurence, lately alderman of Colchester, with Martin Bessell, alderman, and William Laurence, make my good friend Sir Thomas Lucas my executor for those matters only, he to be bound in such manner as my brother Robert Myddleton gent. shall think meet. Lands and tenements called Hunters in Wigborowe and Pelldon. My brother Bessell and his wife. My brother John Stephens. My loving friends and kinsfolk Mr. Thomas Reynoldes my father in law Mr Myddleton, Mr. Northey, Mr. Lobell and my uncles John and Nicholas Stephens.

Thomas Reynolds, Roberte Middleton and Raphe Northey were among the witnesses. Proved for Priscilla Stephens the relict &c., Sir Thomas Lucas renouncing &c.

Proved 13 December 1626 for Elizabeth Gilberd als Stephens a daughter of the deceased, Priscilla Stephens, the relict being dead.

Kidd, 41. PRISCILLA STEPHENS of Colchester, Essex, widow, 5 June 1626, proved 17 March 1626. To be buried in the church of All Saints, Colchester, near my husband. My son in law George Gilberd and Elizabeth my daughter, his wife. My grandchild Elizabeth Gilbert, his daughter, and her son, my great grandchild, George Gilberd the younger. My daughter Buxtone. My son and daughter Norfolke. My grandchild Priscilla Cosen at four and twenty. John Cosen at one and twenty. William and Thomas Cosen at four and twenty. My grandchild and god daughter Anue Buxtone. My grandchildren Thomas and Robert Buxton at four and twenty. My grandchild Mary Peeters at one and twenty. My godson Robert Middleton at four and twenty. My cousin Samuel Motte's wife and his son William Mott my godson. My cousin Robert Mott and his wife. My cousin Shirley and his wife and Elizabeth Mott the wife of John Langy. Mr. Thomas Tatem and his wife. My old cousin Holmes his wife. My son and daughter Norfolke to permit and suffer my other children to enjoy all the goods and chattells of my late husband deceased without making any claim to the same. Legacies to their children. The said George Norfolke. My daughter Anne Buxton. I make my cousin William Mott and my cousin Samuel Mott executors and my cousin Thomas Mott and my cousin Thomas Holmes Overseers. If my cousin Mott and and his son Samuel shall refuse to be executors then I appoint my daughters Gilberd and Buxtone. Proved by William and Samuel Mott. Skynner, 26.

Sententia was promulgated 19 June 1630 in a cause between Edmund Peirce Not. Pub. curator ad lites of Mary Peter a minor, grand daughter of the deceased, on the daughter's side, and William Mott and Samuel Mott, executors of the above will. Scroope, 59.

EDMOND SYBORNE of Dedham, Essex, clothier, 15 December 1617, proved 2 March 1617. To wife Margaret all my houses and lands that I bought of Simon Fenn and Roger Barat during her life; then to son Edmund, with remainder to son Thomas. To wife all the household stuff that

was hers before our marriage. Bequests to the said two sons and they to be apprenticed to some clothier or some other honest trade. My wife's children Margaret Bentley, Hanna Bentley, Beazadle (Bezalliel), John and Edward Bentley. Edmund Syborne my brother's son. Cousin Mary Wrighte of Colchester. To Edward Newman of Colchester such sums as he doth owe me. To Edmond Spynke the five pounds that he oweth me upon this condition that he do give an acquittance for five pounds that was given him by my brother Thomas. The poor of Dedham and of St. James Parish, Colchester. To Mr Rogers as much of my best cloth as shall make him a gown. Mr. Cotsford. My brother William Syborne. Wife Margaret to be executrix and Robert Alfounder and William Bentley supervisors. Loving friend William Cole. Meade, 25.

ROBERT WARD of Lexdon within the liberties of Colchester, 8 January 1616, proved 9 May 1617. To wife Parnell two hundred pounds, partly in money & partly in goods, household stuff &c., and the benefit of my lease of Lexden Lodge and the grounds therewith demised, until the Feast of St. Michael 66 Tharkengell" which shall be in A.D. 1620, and the rent of Shalford Mill until the said Feast (1620). And if she remain a widow until the said Feast &c. and so be unprovided of a convenient habitation then I will that she shall relinquish the said lease of Lexden Lodge and grounds there and the said mill &c. and at the said Feast &c (1620) shall enter upon my messuage in Wethersfield, called Ward's to have, hold, occupy and enjoy the said messuage &c. for and during the term of her natural life, if she shall happen to continue sole and unmarried (except my hopgrounds there &c). But if she shall change her estate by marriage then she shall only hold my said messuage, called Ward's, until the Feast of St. Michael &c. next after her marriage and no longer. My wife shall pay yearly unto my mother in law, the late wife of my father Lancelot Ward, thirteen pounds six shillings eight pence out of the said lands according to a grant thereof made by me in satisfaction of her dower out of said lands and tenements. Provision for sixteen loads of firewood, from trees which have been usually lopped and topped within twenty years past, to be used at the said house only If wife marry again then she to have and hold the said mill and lands from the Feast of St. Michael &c. next after her said marriage for term of her natural life. My wife to bring up my three youngest children, my son Samuel (one of the said three) to be fitted for the University and there by her placed. I give to said Samuel, for his maintenance at the University, eighteen pounds by the year for six years after he shall be there settled and one hundred pounds six months after the last payment thereof. To son John my free tenements in Blakemer End in Wethersfield, called Chappell Howse, late in the tenure of one Collins, and those closes of copyhold which I lately purchased of the sons of John Clarke of Shinborowes, or of one of them. To said John one hundred pounds, to be paid unto him by Robert my son within nine months after the said Robert shall lawfully enter upon my said messuage called Ward's. But if John is not then of the age of twenty one then the said. money shall be paid by Robert to such person or persons as the greater part of their brothers and sisters then living shall nominate and appoint, to be employed in some honest use and benefit for the said John till he shall be fit to use it himself, he being entered into some profession or trade of living. I give to Robert my son my capital messuage called Ward's &c. which I late had of Lancelot Ward my father deceased (with certain

exceptions) to hold &c. for ever at and from his age of twenty three (if my said wife's estate therein shall happen to be then determined); but if Robert die before that age then to son John and his heirs forever, upon condition he pay Samuel twenty pounds yearly during Samuel's life. Other estate to Robert. To my said two younger sons, Samuel and John, each of them an annuity of six pounds thirteen shillings four pence out of my mill called Shalford mill, after Robert enters upon and enjoys the said mill. To said Robert, my eldest son, the said mill &c. Bequests of money to daughters Mary, Martha and Sarah. My said five younger children. To my reverend and well beloved friend Mr. Richard Rogers of Wethersfield forty and eight shillings by the year to be paid unto him yearly during his life. My servants Robert Middleton, Phillip Clarke, Thomas Scott and Robert Smyth. The poor of Wethersfield and of Lexden. I constitute and ordain my well beloved brother John Ward, my loving uncle Robert Spring of Wethersfield, my brother in law John Upcher of Dedham and my brother in law George Sewell of Halsted executors and my cousin Thomas Cole and my cousin Samuel Springe supervisors. (Sarah one of the three youngest children). Wit: Isacke Ford, Tho: Cole, Phellep Shearman.

Com. of London for Essex and Herts
Bundle for 1616 (not numbered).

Robert Alefounder, husband of ANNE ALEFOUNDER of Dedham deceased, appeared and sought administration of her goods.

Colchester die Saturni viz. primo die mens Junii Anno Dñi 1622

Com. of London for Essex and Herts.

Act Book for 1622-1623.

[Robert Ward, the testator, may have been a relative of John Ward, chirurgeon, of Ipswich, Mass., whose will dated Dec. 18, 1652, and proved March 25, 1656, is printed in the REGISTER, vol. xxii., pp. 31-2; and the will of whose mother, Anne Ward, is abstracted and annotated in these Gleanings (REGISTER, vol. xlvi., p. 318; ante, p. 588). The testator had property in Wethersfield, and John of New England had relatives there. Other Ward wills are found in that volume, pp. 314-19; ante, pp. 584-589). There is some probability that John Ward of Ipswich, N. E., was a relative of Rev. John Ward of Haverhill, Eng., and Bury St. Edmunds, whose three sons, Samuel, Nathaniel and John, were distinguished Puritan ministers and authors (see Dean's Memoir of Rev. Nathaniel Ward, author of The Simple Cobler of Aggawam, Albany, 1868). -EDITOR.]

To my son

MARY ALEFOUNDER, wife of Robert Alefounder of Dedham, Essex, clothier, 27 June 1627, with the good will and consent of said husband. To grandchild Elizabeth Wodward my house and lands in Thorpe. To grandchild Mary Wodward my house and land in Beamont. John Wodward five pounds. My kinswoman and godchild Mary Large. My daughter in law Sarah Brunninge. My daughter in law Susan Alefounder. My daughter in law Anne Fenne. To my daughter Rachael Sherman my best peticoat. To my son in law Robert Alefounder a nutshell footed with silver. To my son in law Matthew Alefounder one silver spoon. To my son in law John Alefounder one silver spoon. To my brother in law John Alefourder one silver spoon. All the rest of my silver spoons I give to my grandchildren Mary and Elizabeth Wodward, equally to be divided betwixt them. To my daughter in law Mary Wodward my cloak and safeguard that were mine when I was a widow and a piece of new cloth to make her a cloak. To my loving husband Robert Alefounder my biggest gold ring and a piece of gold of thirty three shil

lings. To my daughter Anue Fenne a little gold ring. To my daughter in law Susan wife of Matthew Alefounder another gold ring. My maid Anne Deane. To Mr. John Rogers forty shillings and to Mr. Cottesford thirty shillings. Mr. Witham of Misley. The poor of Dedham. I make Ezekiell Sherman my son in law sole executor.

Wit: Lyonell Chewte, Symon Fenne and George Spinke.
Proved 5 September 1627.

Com. of London for Essex and Herts.
File for 1627-1628. No. 126.

JOHN ALEFOUNDER of East Bergholt, Suffolk, clothier, 3 July 1627, proved 9 November 1627. My sisters Emme White, Mary Howard and Audrey Moore, My son Benjamin Alefounder. My cousin Robert Alefounder. My wife Mary. Skynner, 108.

MATTHEW ALEFOUNDER of Dedham Essex, clothier, 20 December 1628, proved at Colchester 5 June 1629. To wife Susan, for life, my house wherein I lately dwelt, called Sturgeon's, with all my lands and meadow ground now in the tenure &c. of Steven Howe and his assigns. I give her also my house and lands called Knappe's, now in the tenure &c. of Henry Renolds (with other lands). After my wife's death I give these houses and lands to my brother John Alefounder. To my brother Robert Alefounder and his heirs forever all that my free land in Walton, Essex, called Grovehouse land, with a barn thereupon built, now in the occupation of John Cole, after my father's decease. I give to my sister Susan Salmon, for life, my tenement or cottage wherein Joseph Tompson dwelleth, called Sturgeon's (with other land). I give and bequeath unto my sister Rachel Sherman, during her natural life, all my lands lying in Lawford, called Foxash. And after the death of the said Susan Salmon and Rachel Sherman I give and bequeath to my brother John Alefounder and to his heirs forever all those lands, meadow and tenement before given to the said Susan and Rachel. I give to my father Alefounder five pounds to buy a piece of plate and to my mother Alefounder forty shillings to buy her a ring. To Mr. John Rogers, preacher of God's word in Dedham, five pounds, to Mr. Cottesford, minister of Dedham, three pounds and to Mr. Witham, minister of Mislie, three pounds. To my father in law Upcher and to my mother in law Upcher five pounds apiece. Item, I give to my father in law Goodwyn and to my mother Elizabeth Goodwyn forty shillings apiece to buy them, each of them, a ring. To my brother Quarles, minister of Raydon, and to my sister his wife forty shillings. To my brother Hayward and Anne his wife forty shillings apiece. To my sister Alefounder (wife of my brother Robert) forty shillings. To my brother William Hubard, to my brother John Goodwin and to my sister Mary Holloway, to either of them forty shillings apiece. To my brother Richard Bruning forty shillings. To my brother in law Ezekiell Sherman forty shillings. To my brother in law Henry Fenn forty shillings. To my brother in law Edmund Seaburne and Anne his wife forty shillings apiece. To my sister Mary Bentlie forty shillings. To my aunt Emme White, widow, three pounds. To my aunt Mary Howard three pounds. To my aunt Audrie More, widow, forty shillings. To my cousin George White five pounds. To my cousin Sarah Fintz, widow, three pounds. To my cousin Richard Alefounder forty shillings. My two servants John Starke and Elizabeth Rogers. My workmen Thomas Darbie, Gilbert Hilles and Miles Robertson. The widow Pakyn of Much Broomlie. To my

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