It's Not about You: A Study of the Last Church Generation Volume One

Tate Pub & Enterprises Llc, 2007 M03 1 - 368 páginas
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Increased deception has encroached upon the world. Through love, God is speaking His truth and warning people and nations across the world in order to capture them away from the impending trouble, but very few are listening. What are you willing to hear? Throughout the pages of this entrancing book-"It's Not About You, A Study of The Last Church Generation, What Every Christian Should Know"-some of the most thought provoking questions in the hearts of people around the world are addressed. Did Jesus' death on the cross really cover all sin? Did His sacrifice actually lift the curse of sickness, poverty, and death upon the world resulting from Adam's sin? If God loves us, then why are there so many catastrophes in the world? Why do people and children tragically die? Straight from the heart of God through Biblical Scripture, this no-holds-barred expose tackles these questions head-on, in addition to many others that Christians and agnostics are concerned about in the world today.

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