The Man from Tennessee

About The Author: "The World Famous Anonymous Author" has no desire for fame. He once said, "Writing a published book is an honor within itself." We honestly believe it would be wrong to publicly identify someone who prefers to remain anonymous. About The Book: This is one "small" book filled with many "big" ideas designed to reach nations with information about Elijah alias James. This "one crazy man" with God connections has revelations for Christians with open minds. Shocking revelations about the controversial life of "the man" will impact conventional ideas about politics, religion, survival of civilizations and the mysterious 19 March 2006 event! Explanations about the supernatural transformation of James Reesor from sinner to prophet provides spiritual/psychological insight into events leading to "THE MESSAGE FROM GOD" and the acronym "JIGROP" - meaning: "Jesus Is God; Repent Or Perish."

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I'm experiencing so much revelation it has hospitalized me but God was there I'm 28 born September 1st 1990 in the land of grace with the last name of a king visions dreams God speaks to me in such high volumes I can't write it down fast enough I'll be 30 in yr 2020 and as I do research and read the word more and more the more he feeds me, I completely and 100% can relate to james and my life story/testimony and the things I write down and am experiencing needs to be public but I don't have the energy much but the world also doesn't have much time neither 

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