Rest Unto The Land: A New Chronological Study of the Bible

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Understand how time progresses through the Bible. Get the full scope of Bible events. Do not ignore Bible Chronology. Bible Prophecy tells us what will happen. Bible Chronology tells us when. Does all the detail in the Bible seem to blur together? It all has a purpose and it all makes sense. You simply need to get the key from the book Rest Unto The Land. With that key, you can unlock the Bible's chronology. No generations are skipped. No date gaps exist. From Adam's creation to Christ, the Bible provides a series of events which form a clear and complete chronology. Also, because the Bible has a real date for one of the events in this series, that date can be used to date the other events in the Bible. You will experience a genuine enlightenment as the full scope of the Bible is revealed from its beginning to its end. Maybe for the first time, you will see your place in the full history of the world. Order now to get this insightful chronological study of the Bible.

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