Letters and Papers Relating Chiefly to the Provincial History of Pennsylvania

Crissy & Markley, 1855 - 312 páginas

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Página lxvi - General went up to see her, and she upbraided him with being in a plot to murder her child. One moment she raved,. another she melted into tears. Sometimes she pressed her infant to her bosom, and lamented its fate, occasioned by the imprudence of its father, in a manner that would have pierced insensibility itself. All the sweetness of beauty, all the loveliness of innocence, all the tenderness of a wife, and all the fondness of a mother showed themselves in her appearance and conduct.
Página xxxix - I possessed for a restoration to the state of things before the contest began, provided we could have had a sufficient security for its continuance.
Página lii - Friendship and esteem, founded on the merit of the object, is the most certain basis to build a lasting happiness upon ; and when there is a tender and ardent passion on one side, and friendship and esteem on the other, the heart...
Página cxxxiv - He was a member of the convention that framed the constitution of the United States; and in 1789, was elevated to the bench of the Supreme Court of the Republic, as associate justice.
Página lii - ... Twenty times have I taken up my pen to write to you, and as often has my trembling hand refused to obey the dictates of my heart — a heart which, though calm and serene amidst the clashing of arms and all the din and horrors of war...
Página lxvi - In a letter of the twenty-fifth of September, addressed to Miss Schuyler, Hamilton thus adverts to this affecting story : " Arnold, hearing of the plot being detected, immediately fled to the enemy. I went in pursuit of him, but was much too late ,- and could hardly regret the disappointment, when on my return, I saw an amiable woman, frantic with distress for the loss of a husband she tenderly loved...
Página lxi - In truth, she was subject to occasional paroxysms of physical indisposition, attended by nervous debility, during which she would give utterance to anything and everything on her mind. This was a fact well known amongst us of the General's family; so much so as to cause us to be scrupulous of what we told her, or said in her hearing.
Página x - Sir, that every day adds to its establishment, and that falsehoods, however specious, however supported by power, or established by confederacies, are unable to stand before the stroke of time : Against the inconveniences and vexations of long life, may be set the pleasure of discovering truth, perhaps the only pleasure that age affords. Nor is it a slight satisfaction to a man not utterly infatuated or depraved, to find opportunities of rectifying his notions, and regulating his conduct by new lights....
Página cxxxvi - The spark that from Lucifer came, And kindled the blaze of sedition. " Let candor then write on his urn, ' Here lies the renowned inventor, Whose flame to the skies ought to burn, But inverted descends to the centre.
Página lii - Consider before you doom me to misery, which I have not deserved but by loving you too extravagantly. Consult your own happiness, and if incompatible, forget there is so unhappy a wretch; for may I perish if I would give you one moment's inquietude to purchase the greatest possible felicity to myself. Whatever my fate may be, my most ardent wish is for your happiness and my latest breath will be to implore the blessing of heaven on the idol and only wish of my soul.

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