Incessant Crucifixion and the Unholy Trinity

AuthorHouse, 2006 - 196 páginas
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What I have written into this book is in an attempt to convince the populace that there is more hope in truth than in fantasies: wether religiously based, or scientifically based. For if man can be awakened to honor truth he will see the reality of the true God: and draw in a breath of pure clean knowledge; and courage, to face the things that must come to pass with the exceptional intelligence that only God can give. But in these days, man prefers darkness to light; and fantasy to truth. For he is driven into a dream world and though all things seem good to him; the texture of his vision in his world is very foggy. In these days of the release of Satan out of his prison: we are going to need the word of Jesus to alleviate our fears for they will grow in intensity, as prophecies grow in severity. And in this book I attempt to reveal how Satan is released out of his prison; and virtually governs the Earth and those catastrophic events of these times: and I also attempt to reveal how the Dragon, the Beast and the False Prophet were involved in the Crucifixion; and have been incessantly crucifying Jesus even unto this day and time.

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