Dissipation, by the author of 'Realities'.

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Página 282 - Come unto me, all ye that are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest !" He smiled and wept when he spoke these words.
Página 41 - Connors' cabin was each Sunday thronged by the country people, who came to see with their own eyes, and hear with their own ears, the wonderful good fortune that befell them.
Página 228 - ... life, equally produceth a neglect of what we owe to God and our country. Tully hath long since observed " that it is impossible for those who have no belief of the immortality of the soul, or a future state of rewards and punishments, to sacrifice their particular interests and passions to the public good, or have a generous concern for posterity," and our own experience confirmeth the truth of this observation.
Página 180 - I were as notable as she ; for a fortune in a wife is better than a fortune with a wife ; and the Devil tempts other men, but an idle man tempts the Devil.
Página 283 - That day the Lord heard her knock, and gave her the desire of her heart, in the conversion of her husband. When the Lord saw her faith would not give up, he sent the answer immediately.
Página 285 - ... laid up for them who have fought the good fight, and finished their course triumphantly.
Página 255 - Almighty did not cut him off in the midst of his sins, by some stroke as awful as it was sure; the forbearance and selfdenial Maria exerted on his behalf, she thought carried to an extreme, partaking of weakness and fear...

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