What Is It Today?

iUniverse, 2006 M07 11
Do you know what it means to be in the right relationships? Well, "What is it today?" focuses on establishing relationships on purpose through family, work, friendships, and marriage. You begin by experiencing life through the eyes of the one chosen to be your Caregiver. Yet the more you seek for truth and understanding, you realize your beginning does not have to be your end. Because of God's Grace, everyone is given the same opportunity to have total happiness and inner joy.

Through Christian principles, this book will walk you through the most important relationships of your life. You will learn:

  • The initial impact your family will have on your life
  • Why working is a requirement not an option
  • The attributes of being a friend
  • Your role in marriage
  • The purpose of discovering who you are
Each relationship provides a unique opportunity for God to change your life. Learn how that can happen for you today!

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