The Wrap-up: 21 Days to Learn What the Bible Teaches About the End of the Age

Xulon Press, 2007 - 172 páginas
Many Christians have a murky idea of what the Bible teaches about the end of the age. The idea of personally tackling the eschatological (future) passages of the Bible, particularly the book of Revelation, seems overwhelming. It isn't. The Wrap-Up offers a fresh, logical way of integrating the complex eschatological passages into a cohesive whole. The passages mesh beautifully when interpreted according to the plain reading of the text and in sync with what other passages say on the same subject. If you will work through the Scripture passages in the order they are presented in this book, you will end up with a clear understanding of how the final events of this world will shape up. Is it scary? It depends. The coming judgments are horrendous for sure. But Jesus is coming back, too. If you love his appearing, knowing this world's future is a peaceful place to be. Not only will you have a good grasp of what lies ahead, you'll know Who is running the show. You'll see beyond the distress to a glorious future. There's a new world coming! Kay D Paulson's credentials include a master's degree in religious education from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California; five years on InterVarsity Christian Fellowship staff; 25 years of leading home and church Bible studies; 3 years as founding president of Women's Aglow South in Littleton, Colorado; and 15 years of free-lance writing and editing. She and her husband, Brian, live in Denver, Colorado, where they raised six children and presently attend an Evangelical Free Church. Her permanent address is the new Jerusalem.

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introduction to Eschatologicat errns Concepts and Style
Daniel 7 and 8
Outlines Synopses Diagrams and Tables
s Subject Summaries
Day H I he Apocalyptic Chapters of the Synoptic Gospels
The End of the Age
The End of the Age con d
The End of the Age contd
The End of the Age contd
The End of the Age cont d
Old Testament Prophets The Day of the Lord contd
The Thousand Years Christs Reign of Farth
The forever After A New Heaven and a New Earth
Symbols and Abbreviations
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