A Sketch of the History of Holy Ghost Chapel, at Basingstoke in Hampshire: Comprehending an Account of Another Religious House, Founded at the Same Place by King Henry III. and Some Other Curious Antiquities. With Biographical Notices of Some Eminent Natives of Basingstoke, to which is Added the Ruins of a Temple; a Poem, with a View of the Chapel


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Página 22 - The boast of heraldry, the pomp of pow'r, And all that beauty, all that wealth e'er gave, Awaits alike th
Página 24 - Time: her cankering hand With calm deliberate malice wasteth them: Worn on the edge of days, the brass consumes, The busto moulders, and the deep-cut marble, Unsteady to the steel, gives up its charge.
Página 10 - A little church, chapel, or particular altar, in some cathedral church, &c., endowed with lands, or other revenues, for the maintenance of one or more priests, daily to sing mass, and perform divine service for the souls of the donors and such others as they appointed.
Página 1 - midst the wreck of things which were; There lie interr'd the more illustrious dead. The wind is up: hark! how it howls! Methinks Till now, I never heard a sound so dreary: Doors creak, and windows clap, and night's foul bird, Rook'd...
Página 24 - Ambition, half- convicted of her folly, Hangs down the head, and reddens at the tale. Here all the mighty troublers of the earth, Who swam to sov'reign rule through seas of blood; Th...
Página 26 - Malster's wife, who was twice Buried Alive, for which neglect several Persons were Indicted at the last Assizes held at Winchester, and the Town of Basingstoke compelled to pay a great Fine.
Página 7 - ... of architecture! Some few feet more to the westward of this chapel is an erection which once, no doubt, was the body of that church to which the chapel was attached, constituting the chancel or choir.
Página 12 - This fraternity was dissolved in the first of Edward VI. and its possessions vested in the crown ; but in the first of Philip and Mary, a brotherhood was again established here, and the former possessions re.granted " for the maintenance of a priest, for the celebration of divine service, and for the instruction of the young men and boys of the town of Basingstok.
Página 6 - The style of the architecture appears to be of the day of Edward IV. The design, though small, is much enriched ; and among the ornaments are many of the Roman and Grecian turn, which shows that examples of this sort had been earlier introduced among us than is generally understood. However, it is not impossible but that many of the carvings, with some shields of arms, were added in the reign of Henry VIII. , in consequence of repairs or alterations then taking place. Another feature...
Página 8 - Keysler, that it was a common practice with those who undertook the conversion of the Heathens, to fix on such spots for their new places of worship, as had been hallowed in the opinion of the converts, by ancient...

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