The Kingdom of Heaven Through the Ages

1st Book Library, 2003 M06 24 - 376 páginas

Smashing System is a collection of poems written during 1988 through 2000, by Mark Clayton Graham. Many of the poems written in this collection are based on events that affect all individuals upon a global scale, such as war, terrorism, industry, politics, racial discrimination, and religion. Many times these poems may seem twisted, abstract, obscure, bizarre, and often macabre, as it deals with these many controversial issues. This, however, is meant to allow the reader to think critically, and to decide upon his, or her own, the outcome of our current situations in life. This book is not directed towards any political movement, it is not for, or against, any particular party, religious group, or organization. It is not intended, nor does it, intentionally discriminate towards any racial group or minority.

Regarding poetry as an art form for the entertainment field, metaphoric scenes were attempted to create, and allure the reader into an unreal world of fantasy, danger, emotion, and even suspicion. Though the situations many times are based on current events, please keep in mind they are also only fictional. Smashing System is a philosophical book of poetry dealing with sociological issues that affect us all in the twenty-first century. It is the first of three collections written in this structure. Those who have inspired this book are many individuals, from many different backgrounds, most who will go unnamed. Like many forms of new, and modern art, this book of poetry is for the people to question, as they speculate about our current status that we as a species have upon the planet, but most of all, Smashing System is meant for the readers to admire, enjoy, and appreciate.

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