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Concord, October 6, 1779, to regulate prices of Merchandise, &c.; Proclamation of Provincial Congress for Fast, April 15, 1775; General William Johnson's Letter from Lake George, 1755; Votes of Boston, 1773, relatiye to East India Company Tea; Convention at Concord, 1779, about prices of Merchandise-and an Address; Print of the Thirteen States united in a ring; MS. copy of the Laws of Harvard College, in Latin, as adopted November 22, 1692, &c.

Mr. Thomas Whittemore. History of Portland, by William Willis. The Author. Beawe's Lex Mercatoria; French Prayer Book; Les Pseaumes de David, ed. 1756; Poesies de Malherbe, ed. 1777; La Sainte Bible, ed. 1761. Dr. Gamaliel Bradford.

A Survey of England's Champions and Truth's Faithful Patriots, by Josiah Recraft, 1647; a volume containing a Letter from some aged Non-conforming Ministers to their Christian Friends touching the Reasons of their Practice, 1701; Sermons, &c. I. P. Davis, Esq. Collection of Indian Arrow-Heads.

John Gray, Esq. of Kingston. Sermon, by Rev. Jasper Adams, before the Episcopal Convention, S. C.; Address before the Euphradian Society of Charleston College, S. C. The Author.

Catalogue of Williams College, 1832.
Dr. Jacob Porter, Plainfield, Conn.
Collections of Virginia Historical Society, Part I., Vol. I., &c.
The Society.
Stedman's History of the American Revolutionary War.

Mr. Tudor.

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Spanish American Newspapers, 4 vols. ; a large box of Spanish American and other pamphlets. Jared Sparks, Esq.

Portrait of Dr. John Clark.

Dr. John C. Howard. Joseph E. Worcester, Esq.

Warden's Bibliotheca Americana.

Portrait of Governor John Winthrop; Reports of the Committees of the House of Commons, 1771, 2, 3,-2 vols., 3d and 4th-folio ; Journals of the House of Lords, 1768 to 1773, Nos. 32, 33, fol.-and Journals of the House of Commons, 1772 to 1798, Nos. 34 to 52, fol.; Index of these Journals up to the 45th vol., in 5 vols. folio; History of Peru, 2 vols. fol.; History of Florida, 2 vols. fol.-these two works are in Spanish; Costume of a Peruvian young Lady.

Hon. Thomas L. Winthrop. Hitchcock's Geology of Massachusetts. Legislature of Mass. Edw. Everett's Address before the P.B.K. Society of Yale College, 1833. The Author. American Quarterly Register, November, 1833; ditto for February, 1834. American Education Society. Report of the Attorney General to Massachusetts Legislature, 1834. Hon. James. T. Austin.

Catalogue of Books relative to America, in the Collection of Colonel Aspinwall, Consul of U. S. in London. Colonel Aspinwall.

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British American Orderly Book at Boston, 1776.

Theodore Dwight, Jr., Esq. Documents of the First Session of 22d Congress. U. S. Congress. Business Letter in Arabic, signed by Mohammed Abdul Cada; Arabic Account Current; Letter in the Surat language; Arabic Letters; Ten Commandments in Latin, Portuguése, English, and Mahratta; Cingalese, Hindostanee, and other Tracts; Asiatic Calendar ; Waghorn's Address on Steam Navigation between India and England, 1833; Captain J. H. Wilson on Steam Communication between Bombay and Suez, 1833. Mr. Isaiah W. P. Lewis. Gallatin's Report of the Union Committee, 1834.

Lemuel Shattuck, Esq.

A sheet of the Yeas and Nays on General Conway's Motion in the House of Commons, February 27, 1782, as to termination of War with the American Colonies, with some Remarks.

Hon. Thomas Beekman, of New-York. History of Attleborough, by John Dagget. The Author. The Farmer's Weekly Museum; New Hampshire and Vermont Journal, vols. 5, 6, 7 and 8, in one volume, beginning October 9, 1797; American Herald for 1785, and Independent Ledger and American Advertiser for 1785, 2, vols. in one. Dr. W. P. Greenwood. Appendix to Vol. 9th of Dane's General Abridgment of American Law. The Author.

Tractate on Church Music, 1786; Discourse on the Death of Rev. Dr. Buckminster, by Rev. Nathan Parker, 1812; Simeon Doggett's Sermon at the Ordination of his Son, Theophilus P. Doggett, 1833; Statement of Premiums of the Humane Society of Massachusetts, 1829. Rev. Dr. Lowell.

Discourse about Civil Government in a new Plantation, by Cotton H. Davenport, printed 1663. John Farmer, Esq. Description of New Sweden, by T. C. Holm,-translated by P. S. Duponceau, LL.D., 1834. Dr. James Mease, Philadelphia. Portrait of Rev. Dr. Charles Chauncy. Mr. Woodward.

List of Donations from June 30, 1836, to June 29, 1837.

Bound MS. of Rev. John Barnard; Memoirs of the First Settlement of Barbadoes. Colonel S. Swett.

A volume of Tracts, relative to a Bank of Credit, &c.; 13 Pamphlets; J. L. Homer's Address before the Massachusetts C. M. Association, 1836; Influence of the Ministry at large in Boston, 1836; Dr. J. B. Whitridge's Oration, S. C., 1835; Annual Report of Prison Discipline Society, 1836; Centennial Discourse, by John Pitman, of Providence, 1836; Report of Seaman's Aid Society, 1837; Election Sermon, by Rev. D. Dana, D. D., 1837; Speech of Mr. Cowin on Reduction of the Revenue, 1837; Sermon, entitled the Good Merchant, 1837. Rev. Alexander Young. Documents of Treasury Department, 24th Congress; Letter of the

Secretary of the U. S. Treasury, on the Cultivation, Manufacture, and
Foreign Trade of Cotton, 1836.
Hon. Levi Woodbury.
Historical Tracts, relating to the Settlement of North America.
Peter Force, Esq.
The Publishers.

New York Spectator, 2 vols., 1834 and 5.
Thacher's Military Journal, and History of Plymouth.

The Author.

Governor Everett's Orations and Speeches; National Intelligencer, from January 1 to August, 1836. Governor Everett.

Quarterly Registers, four Nos.; Annual Reports of American Education Society, 1835, 6. American Education Society. Historisch Antiquarische Mittheilungen Det Kongelige Nordiske Oldskriff Selshab-Antiquitates Americanæ, and other Papers accompanying them. Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries. Letter from Secretary of War as to Canal from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, Plans, &c.; Speech of Mr. Tallmadge on Deposites of Public Money. Hon. Abbot Lawrence. General Court Documents of Massachusetts, 1836 and 1837; Election Sermon by Rev. D. Dana, D. D., 1837. Legislature. Report on the Brunswick Rail Road; Catalogue of P.B.K. Society of New Hampshire, 1836; MS. papers of the late Dr. Snow. Joseph Willard, Esq.

Sermon before Pastoral Association, 1836.
Rev. John Codman, D. D.
Catalogue of Books printed in the United States, 1804.
Mr. Melvin Lord.

Memoir of Penn's Treaty with the Indians in 1682. Messrs. Duponceau and J. F. Fisher, Philadelphia. Discourse before the Historical Society of Pennsylvania on William Penn, 1836; Memorial to the Lords Commissioners of Trade and Plantations, on the state of the American Colonies, 1703; Description of 14 Medals of Washington, and 17 other Medals relative to America. J. F. Fisher, Esq. Three Lectures on Liberal Education, by J. S. Popkin, D.D. 1836.; Yaradee, Plea for Africa, by F. Freeman, 1836; Dr. Green's Address at the Interment of, and a Sermon on the Death of R. Ralston, Esq., by C. C. Cuiler, D. D., 1836;. Judge Pitman's Centennial Discourse; Letters from the English Kings and Queens, by R. R. Hinman; an Agreement between Commissioners of New York and Massachusetts, as to territory; Audubon's Ornithological Biography, 3 vols.

Hon. T. L. Winthrop.

Statistical View of the Commerce of the United States, by T. Pitkin, 1835. The Author.

First Annual Report of the New York and Erie Rail Road Company, with a Report of the Survey, and a Map, 1835.

The Company.

Memoirs of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Vol. 3d. Part The Society.



Twenty-one volumes of MS. Sermons, from 1653.
Rev. H. A. Miles.
Portrait of Rev. William Shurtliff. Mrs. Susan Parker of Exeter,
and Mrs. Lucretia Lyman of Portsmouth.
Portraits of Mrs. Shurtliff and Robert Pike, Esq.

Mrs. Theodore Aikinson of Dover.
New-Year's Gift to Virginia, printed 1610. E. A. Newton, Esq.
Lecture on South Sea Islands, by Hon. John Pickering, 1836;
Congressional Documents for 1818, &c. Hon. J. Pickering.
Letter from John Ross on the Affairs of the Cherokee Indians, 1836.
MS. Minutes of Governor Saltonstall's Sermons while pastor in New
London, 1689-90; MS. Experience of Wm. Adams, of Ipswich, who
died 1659; MS. Minutes of Sermons from 1677 to 1684; Political
Resolves, MS.; History of Jemima Wilkinson, by David Hudson,
Rev. Henry Channing.
Centennial Address, by Rev. G. Powars, of Goshen, Conn. 1830.
A Friend.
Centennial Discourse, by Rev. C. Durfee of South Church, Ded-
ham, 1836.
The Author.

Three Discourses before the Congregational Society in Watertown, 1836; Address at the Dedication of Eliot Hall, by B. P. Williams. Rev. Convers Francis. Historical Discourses of the First Congregational Society in Providence, R. I., 1836, by E. B. Hall. The Author. Centennial Discourse, by Rev. J. White, of Third Parish in Dedham, 1836. The Author. J. E. Worcester, Esq. First Annual Report of Western Rail Road Corporation, 1836; First, Second, and Third Annual Reports of South Cove Corporation. F. Jackson, Esq. Arte de la lengua general del regno de Chile. Lima, 1765. Stephen Codman, Esq. J. L. Homer's Address before the Massachusetts C. M. Society, 1836. The Author.

American Almanac, 1837.

Collections of New Hampshire Historical Society, Vol. IV.

The Society.

Rev. Jasper Adams's Address to the Graduates of Charleston Institution, S. C., 1836; ditto 1835; Sermon on Advent Sunday, 1835. The Author. Laws of the Colony of New Plymouth, by William Brigham, Esq. 1836. Massachusetts Legislature. M. Carey.

Annals of Liberality, &c. 1834. Globe Sketches of Debates 1st Session 24th Congress. Dr. Gamaliel Bradford. Portrait of Governor Endicott; Voyages relative to the Discovery of America, and Catalogue of Books concerning America, Paris, 1837. Hon. F. C. Gray.

Fathers of New-England, by Miss M. Clark, 1836.

Mr. William Minot.

Memoirs of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey. Journal of an Expedition to Canada, 1711. General H. A. S. Dearborn. List of Persons taxed in Boston, 1835; Audubon's Collection of Birds, 3 vols. I. P. Davis, Esq. J. Q. Adams. Hon. James Savage.

Eulogy on James Madison.

Letters to Friends of Temperance.

Harvard University Treasurer's Statement.

President Josiah Quincy.
William Lincoln, Esq.

History of Worcester.
Transactions of the American Antiquarian Society, Vol. II.
The Society.

Candid Address to the Unitarian Ministers in Boston and vicinity; Portrait of "New Measures," 1835; Address of Rev. E. Jennings; Sermon at the Ordination of Rev. S. Whittlesey, 1807.

Dr. Jacob Porter.
Rev. Mr. Sibley.

Ancient Books on Music.

Address before the Law Association, by Hon. J. Kent, N. Y. 1836; Annals of the Swedes on the Delaware, by Rev. John C. Clay, Philadelphia, 1835. George Folsom, Esq., N. Y. Lecture before the Bangor Lyceum, by Rev. F. H. Hedge, 1836. The Author. Remarks and Documents as to preservation of Public Archives, by Richard Bartlett, Esq., of New York City, 1837.

New Hampshire Historical Society. MS. Sermons of Rev. J. Eckley, D. D. to 1811.

David Eckley, Esq.
The Society.

Report of Seaman's Aid Society, 1837. Letter from Rev. Mr. Baxter to Sebastian Rale; Tour through Great Britain, Vol. IV., 1748; English Liberties, 1721.

Mr. Daniel Adams.
Mr. E. W. Cheever.

Board of War Papers, 1780.

Catalogue of Coins in the Museum of Joseph Huddart, Liburni, 1795. Hon. John Davis.

Anti-Slavery Tracts. Mr. Joshua Coffin, Philadelphia. A Gun, used at the Capture of Sir E. Andros. Mr. Gannett. Twenty-three volumes of the North American Review; North American Review of January and April Nos., 1837.

Professor J. G. Palfrey.

Mr. John Blunt.

MS. Papers. Representations of Captain Joshua Huddy, in a Report to Congress, by Mr. Storer. Mr. Storer.

Sermon, by Bishop of Chester, 1757; Bibliotheca Politica, by James Tyrrell, of London, 1708. John Welles, Esq.

History of the late Rebellion against King George by friends of the Popish Pretender, 1708. Mr. Charles W. Lovett. Transactions of the American Phil. Society, 1837. The Society. Catalogue of P. B. K. of New York, 1837.

Mr. E. Tuckerman, Jr.

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