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Sin a Reproach of any People; and I endeavoured, in the most charming and winning Wayes that I could, to gett the Reproach of this people rolled away.

23 d. 4 m. I preached, on Job. 15. 11. The Consolations of God, not small.

26 d. 4 m. Wednesday. I preached the Lecture at Andover; on Ezek. 37. 4. 30 d. 4 m. I preached on Luk. 15. 7. Joy in Heaven over one Sinner that repenteth.

7 d. 5 m. [July.] I preached on Eph. 5. 5. The Idolatry of Coveteousness. Being particularly desired by some inquisitive Christians, to discourse on it.

14 d. 5 m. I preached on 1. Chron. 29. 11. God the Owner of all Things.

18 d. 5 m. Thursday. I preached on Luk. 12. 15. To Take heed and beware of Coveteousness. But because of the extreme Heat of the Season, I did not finish the Discourse.

21 d. 5 m. I preached on 2. Joh. 4. The great Joy of seeing Children walking in Truth.

28 d. 5 m. I preached on Psal. 110. I. Christ sitting at the right Hand of God. (And I administred the Eucharist.)

4 d. 6 m. [August.] I preached on Gen. 4. 9. The Duty of every Man to be his Brother's Keeper.

II d. 6 m. I preached, on Psal. 126. 3. The great Things done by the Lord for His People. (On the Occasion of the redeemed Captives now mett in our Congregation to give Thanks unto God.)

15 d. 6 m. Thursday. I preached the Lecture and finished the Discourse begun a month ago; on Luk. 12. 15. Coveteousness.

18 d. 6 m. I preached on 1. Cor. 7. 35. All the Lessons of Godliness, being for our Profit.

21 d. 6 m. Wednesday. I preached the Lecture, at Reading, on 2. Joh. 4.

25 d. 6 m. I preached on Joh. 8. 24. The miserable Death of those who dy in their Sins.


I d. 7 m. [September.] I preached on, Joh. 6. 44. That Case, what should be said unto those, who make this their Answer to the Calls of the glorious Gospel, that they cannot obey the Calls. A Case for which I am entertained with daily and woful Occasions.

4 d. 7 m. Wednesday. I preached the Lecture at Dedham, on 2. Joh. 4.

8 d. 7 m. I preached, on Rom. 15. 11. Manly Christianity the Marks of one grown to some Strength in Christianity

11 d. 7 m. Wednesday. I preach'd the Lecture at Salem, on the same Subject.

15 d. 7 m. I preached at Salem, on 2. Joh. 4.

22 d. 7 m. I preached on Psal. 110. 1. The Enemies of a Glorious Christ made His Footstool. (And I administred the Eucharist.)

29 d. 7 m. I preached on 1. Joh. 5. 13. Our knowing from what is written, in the Word of God, that there is an Eternal Life; and whether we have the Marks of a Part in it.

6 d. 8 m. [October.] I preached on, Jam. 5. 20. The Conversion of a Sinner from the Error of a sinful way, and the Salvation of the Soul of such a Convert from Death: and the Blessedness of being Instrumental to such a work.

10 d. 8 m. Thursday. I preached the Lecture, on Joh. 6. 65. The Doctrine of humane Impotencey; defended against those who deny it, and rescued from those who abuse it.

13 d. 8 m. I concluded, what I began the last Lord's-Day.

17 d. 8 m. Thursday. It was a Day of general Thanksgiving thro' the Province: I preached on Deut. 32. 3. How we are to ascribe Greatness unto our God.

20 d. 8 m. I preached, on 1. King 14. 13. Some good Thing observable in young Persons.

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22 d. 8 m. Tuesday. I preached, the Lecture at Roxbury, on 1. Joh. 5. 13.

27 d. 8 m. I preached, on Joh. 9. 15. One knowing a mighty and happy Change on himself, and yett not knowing some Circumstances relating to it.

3 d. 9 m. [November.] I preached on, 2. Tim. 3. 15. Children made wise to Salvation, by the Knowledge of the Holy Scripture. (And I baptised my Son Samuel.)

7 d. 9 m. Thursday. I preached the Lecture, on Psal. 52. 8. The Mercies of being in the House of God, and like a green Olive-tree there.

10 d. 9 m. I preached, on 1. Pet. 2. 15. The Will of God, thus we should carry it well in the several Relations wherein He has placed us; relative Christianity.

17 d. 9 m. I preached, on Psal. 110. 2. The Gospel, the Sceptre of our Lord Jesus Christ. A Glory and a Strength in it; and issuing forth from Zion. (And I administred the Eucharist.)

24 d. 9 m. I preached, on Heb. 12. 11. The peaceable Fruit of

Righteousness, yeelded by Affliction, (being under some special Exercises.)

I d. 10 m. [December.] I preached on, Psal. 126. 5. The Joyful Harvest, reap'd by them who sow in Tears. (With a special Eye to the Experience of it, by the worthy Minister now present in our Congregation, return'd from a long and sad Captivity.)

8 d. 10 m. I preached on, Job. 30. 23. How we do know, and, how we should know, that God will bring us to Death. (On the Occasion of the Death of my Sister.)

15 d. 10m. I preached, on Job. I. 1. Piety, the first, and cheef of all Excellencies.

19 d. 10 m. Thursday. I preached the Lecture (for another) on Gal. 3. 27. Putting on Christ. Fetching an Occasion to recommend a Glorious Christ, from the Time of our Putting on our WinterGarments.

22 d. 10 m. I preached on 2. Cor. 7. 11. Carefulness to recover out of our Falls into Sin, with Advantage to the Service and Glory of God. (For a Cause mention'd at 13 d. 10 m. in these Memorials.)

29 d. 10 m. I preached on, Rev. 3. 19. Be zelous. (To kindle the Fire of Zele, in the cold Season of the Winter.)

2 d. 11 m. [January.] Thursday. I preached the Lecture on, 2. Tim. 2. 1. The Marks of manly Christianity.

5 d. 11 m. I preached on Gen. 3. 15. The willing and friendly Obedience of the Sinner to Satan, till God putt into him an Enmity to the Service of Satan.

12 d. 11 m. I preached on Psal. 110. 3. The Faithful, being the People of Christ. (And I administred the Eucharist.)

19 d. 11 m. I preached on Gen. 3. 15. The two Seeds, the two Sides and Sorts, and Setts of People in the World; and characterised them.

26 d. 11 m. I preached, on Job. 5. 7. Man born to Trouble; a Picture of the matter, in Sparks flying upward. (A Subject seasonable, in the Winter.)

30 d. 11 m. Thursday. I preached the Lecture; on Isa. 55. 10, 11. (Much Rain, and Snow, falling this Day.)

2 d. 12 m. [February.] I preached on Gen. 3. 15. The Enmity between the two Seeds.

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9 d. 12 m. I preached, on Heb. 10. 26, (rescuing it, from the desperate Sense commonly putt upon it). That the Sacrifice of a Glorious Christ, is the only Sacrifice now remaining for us; and how to express our Faith in that Sacrifice.


I have now such a vast Variety of Employments, (which indeed I have at all Times:) but there does therewithal occur so very little observable, or extraordinary, that these Papers, about this Time, receive but few Memorials.

One thing I will mention. In a Prayer at a Meeting of some Christians, I mentioned the sad Condition of our Frontiers, that notwithstanding the extreme Obligation which their dangerous and afflicted Scituation laid upon them, to be a very religious People, yett there was much Irreligion and Profaneness and Disorder in many of them. After the Prayer, some of them that were present, being touch'd with a Sense of the Matter, mov'd me to write a little Book, agreeable to the Condition of our exposed Plantations; which they would be at the Expence to send and lodge in all their Families. I sett upon the work, and enjoy'd a singular Assistence of Heaven, in drawing up the Admonitions of Piety for those Plantations. It may be, the Lord will bless this Essay, for much good, unto many poor People, in a Land of unwalled Villages. I gave it the Printer; entituled; FRONTIERS WELL-DEFENDED.2

13 d. 5 m. [July.] Lord's-Day. I know not whether I shall do well, to take Notice of the Experiment, tho' tis like what I have several Times mett withal.

On the one side, the Defeat I have once had in a Particu

1A fragment only, found among the papers of Thomas Wallcut, presented to the Massachusetts Historical Society, September, 1879, by Rev. R. F. Wallcut.

2 "Frontiers well Defended. An Essay to Direct the Frontiers of a Countrey Exposed unto the Incursions of a Barbarous Enemy, How to behave themselves in their Uneasy Station." Boston: T. Green, 1707.



lar Faith, has long rendred me afraid of ill-founded Enthusiasms; and it may bee; too ready, even to shake off some Impressions and Influences from the angelical Quarter, on my Mind.

On the other Side, it is possible, that my great Sinfulness, and Slothfulness, and Filthiness, and my forward Indisposition to attend unto such Things, may deprive me, of many Communications from the heavenly World with which I might otherwise be favoured.

However I will mention what this Day occurr'd unto me. I have a Brother-in-Law, Master of a Vessel, bound from Barbados to Virginia. We have Advice from Virginia, which renders it extremely suspicious, that the French have taken him. The Owner, does perfectly give over the Vessel for lost; and cannot be perswaded otherwise.

This Day, as I was pouring out Prayers before the Lord, with an Eye to this Matter, I felt an Afflatus on my mind, which gave me some Assurance, that my Brother-in-Law was yett safe and well; and that his Relatives having on this Occasion resigned him, they should now stand still, and see the Salvation of God: I express'd myself unto my Consort, that my Mind was well-satisfied, it would be so.

Behold, on the seventh Day after this, there arriv'd unto us, Letters from him, of his being well-arrived a[t] Virginia.

I considered, that it were very desireable to have our poor People in our Frontiers, well informed, and well defended, against the Delusions of Popery; lest any more of them should be carried Captives, as many of them have been, into a Popish Countrey. Wherefore, I composed a Catechism for that Purpose, to be added, unto my little Book for the Frontiers. I considered, that in Maryland, a Colony not very far from us, there were many Papists; and the Popish Clergy seduced many People on frequent Occasions. Wherefore I printed some hundreds of this Catechism by

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