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Price Five Shillings.

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ALTHOUGH the book is small which is here presented to the public, yet it is proper that the Author should conform to the practice which custom has made a law, and submit to his readers a prefatory remark or two.

The following Lectures, the ground work of them at least, were first delivered to the author's congregation, without the least intention, however, at the time, to publish, They have since been carefully revised and considerably enlarged—it is hoped improved.

And though the following Discourses were not hastily nor negligently composed, yet not daring to trust his own heart, or rely on his own judgment, the author thought it proper to put his Manuscript into the hand of a candid and intelligent friend for examination, but for whose favourable opinion of the work, it is likely the intention of laying these Lectures before the Public would hav been entirely abandoned.

As this is his first attempt at doing good

in this way, the author cannot but be aware that (small as it is) many faults may be detected in his book. Respecting these, he can only say, they are not the consequences of negligence :—the sentiments advanced in the following pages have been maturely considered, and the work having been repeatedly and earnestly presented to God, by prayer, for his assistance and blessing.

The author cannot conclude these remarks without presenting his thanks to those esteemed friends who kindly encourage this publication : entreating them to grant one more favour, namely, to beseech God for his blessing on this humble effort, that it may lessen the quantity of sin, advance the knowledge of Divine truth, and promote the practice of true piety.


Thatcham, 1832.


Allen, Rev. S. Chinnor
Adnams, Mr. John, Thatcham
Angus, Mr. Newcastle-on-Tyne
Andrews, Miss, Shaw
Archer, Mr. W. Basildon

Barfield, John, Esq. Thatcham

(4 copies) Berry, Mr. J., Speen, (2 copies) Brown, Mr., Newbury Butt, Mrs. Ditto Batehelor, Mr. Ditto Burgis, Mr. Reading Billing, Mr. Ditto Billing, Mrs. Ditto Buncombe, Mr. Ditto Burnard, Mr. Ditto Boorne, Mr.J., Ditto Batt, Mr. Ditto Bodmin, Mr., Hungerford Burgis, Mr., Benson Burgis, Mr., jun. Ditto Burry, Mr., Abingdon Burgis, Mr., John, Ditto

Bevan, Mrs., Ditto
Badcock, Mr. James, Ditto
Butler, Mr., Wycombe
Benson, Mr. Newcastle-on-Tyne
Benson, Mr. Michael, Ditto
Clayton, Rev. G., Walworth
Coxhead, Miss, Reading
Chipperfield, Mr. Ditto
Cuff, Mr. Ditto
Clerk, Mrs.

Cooper. Mr. J. J. Ditto
Cleaver, Mr. Ditto
Champion, Mr. Shaw
Compton, Mrs. Speen
Coombs, Mr. Newbury
Chesterton, Mrs., Ditto
Carter, Mr. T. Ditto. Surgeon
Carter, Mrs. Ditto
Crofts, Mr. T., Ditto
Church, Mrs. Thatcham
Corker, Mr. M. Ditto
Chalk, Mr. John, Ditto
Carter, Mr. Ditto
Collier, Mr. J., Abingdon

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