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sending on one Load of Currants and 2 Hdds. West India Rum. Should you have an offer for the Rum as high as 65 Dollars please to dispose of it. the Current send on as above likewise the Rum if you do not sell it. Yours etc. JOHN WILEY."

The 2 Hdds. Rum 10 BBs. of Currants an Two Tierces of White Sugar is now in the Store Rum unsold although offered for Sale. Capt. Wiley left in my hands one Tierce of Tea to sell for him to best advantage. We have not sold more than doz. lbs. as that article seems at this time to be rather plenty. the Teams that carried on the 4 pipes of Wine from my Store to Fish Kill returned last Saturday night in the evening. Left Sleds Yoaks and sold 2 Yoak of their oxen on account of the scarcity of keeping as they say. had but few words with them on account of the night, but understood they had delivered their Load to Major Bush, had rec'd no pay fo[r] Transportation but expect it from me which I shall do. They say Capt. Wiley went from fish Kill that day before they arived. The badness of the Roads I think it not prudent to send on the Goods now nor do I know whether I can get any Teams that would be willing to go on now. I advanced One Thousand Dolers to carry Mr. Blake forward and One Thousand for the Wine for I could not get any Team under 10 Doller per mile which is a high price so that I have not Money enough to send on the two Loads unless I should sell Tea or Rum faster than I have done. I thought proper to make you Sir acquainted with the matter as it stands. I suppose that wind and weather hath been much against Capt. Wileys proceedings. Notwithstanding be willing to advance any Sum for him knowing that I have Goods of his in my hands to much greater amount if sold to carry all forward. What little Money I have now on hand is chiefly in hard Cash which should be loth to stir as the times are. I should be glad to purchase one Tierce or half a Tierce of your White Sugar in my Store if it suited you to sell it and if you conclude to let me have one please to let me know by the next post the price etc. the price in paper Bills and the price in hard money. Shall want a Hdd or Tierce

of Good West India Rum for the purpose of keeping Tavern or retailing if you could let me have it by and by. if I can be of any service in selling any Goods in my Store for you shall be willing on low Commissions. You will be pleased to let me know your Mind next post. as Capt. Wiley is at great distance from me thought the best and earliest instructions might be had from you. I am with Highest Esteem Your Humble Servant




Amsterdam, the 24 February, 1780.

We have lately received the bad news that our Brigg Lady Amelia1 met with the misfortune of being droven on shore near Madeira by a violent gale of wind where she has been obliged to put in, for want of water, an English privateer having robbed her of all she had on board. the Vessel is intirely lost the Crew saved and also part of the Cargoe which will be sold at Madeira the management of the matters being confided there to M[ess]rs. John Searle and Comp. a very respectable house, and due care will be taken of every thing as soon as we have the generall account of sales. We will accordingly make an exact repartition and hope to be in the case to restore you some part of the loss. We hope also you'll meet with better luck in the future where to we will contribute what lays in our power, being in the mean after tenders of our best service With all regard,

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THOMAS SMART to Aaron Lopez

Providence, February 28th, 1780.

YOUR favour of the 24th came duly to hand by Mr. David Lopez in whose favour find you have drawn on me for £2568 being the amount of those Cambricks I rec'd from Mr. Coburn.

But as I presume my taking the whole in some measure disappointed you on your arrival in Boston expecting I might have taken but part according to Agreement, obliges me to make some Apology on that head; the day I rec'd the Cambricks from Mr. Coburn I rec'd orders to set out for Camp for which place made immediate preparations for, and knowing you would have taken them with you to Leicester had not the Evening hurried you out of Town determined in my own mind (as I expected to come your way) to wait on you and pay as much as might be then in my power towards the whole, making no doubt but you would have been willing to indulge me with so long time as I could have remitted the Ballance from Camp; but the weather coming on so severe and the roads being for some time impassable has detained me till now being under the necessity of altering my rout on account of those Stockings I had to receive here, as likewise to have what things I had in Boston brought this way to pack the Stockings with, which things on their passage here unfortunately got wet and five peices of Cambrick were staind which has done them no other damage than not appearing so merchantable as the rest, on which event I had wrote to acquaint you of the matter which would have been forwarded some days ago had the regular post arrived, but yours coming on Saturday last have substituted this.

I have therefore paid Mr. David Lopez the sum of £1208 for 5 of the peices Number as follows 640, 680, 710, 720, 850. the remaining 5 should be extremely glad to have, if I could be favourd with so long time as I can remit the Balance from Camp, which would not be more than five or six weeks.

your compliance to this will greatly oblige, Sir, Your humble Servant,


P. S. Should the above be not convenient for you to comply with as prior engagements might probably prevent it will lodge the 5 remaining peices with Mr. David Lopez on receipt of your order.



Boston, 21st March, 1780.

We have now to advise you that on Saturday last, the Snow Happy Return, together with her sails, rigging, stores and Guns, were sold at publick auction per Account hereto annex'd. Your proportion of the Money we shall receive and retain 'till we are favour'd with your Orders for its delivery. the exact amount we cannot yet ascertain. Capt. Minthurn was on the spot and thought it adviseable to have her sold, in which we concur'd. with sentiments of due esteem, We are Sir, Your Obedient Friends,


The conditions of Sale are, that the Money for the Snow be paid on Thursday next and that the late Owners defray the expense and risque the arrival of the Guns from Chatham, which are to be paid for on the delivery.

Sales of the Snow Happy Return, etc., etc. Boston, 18th March, 1780.

Snow Happy Return with her sails, rigging and stores

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at 21/ per Cwt.

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Cannistre and Langrage [langrel] Shott £61 for the whole

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Dear Sir,

Preston, Monday, April 17th, 1780.

I HAVE just now had a man with me that had about 220 Dollars in Exchange his price is 45 for I in Continental or hard money to make it equal to that allowing 50 for 1. I have not the Continentall or think should chose to have paid him in that. I offered him 100 Silver Dollars for 120 in Bills which is little more than 83 for 100. Believe I shall be able to procure about 400 Dollars at 85 for 100.1 in case I should not be able to get Esquire Leffingwells that I mentioned to you tho I here his Vessel is sailed that he wanted to send hard money in. purpose to see him tomorrow. the people I have seen since I came home had all heard that Bills were par in Boston.

Since writing the above this moment have heard that considerable part of the Bills is going to be sent to Boston tomorrow mean to see after them this night and can add no I am Sir your most Humble Servant,


[Endorsed,] favoured by Mr. Lester.



Preston, May 12th, 1780.

Dear Sir, Yours of the 9th Instant is before me. observe what you say about Bills. I think you told me when I met you on Boston Neck, to engage you about 400 Dollars in Bills there was not any particular limit'd price then mention'd. I have stop'd about that Sum being sent to Boston purposely for to serve you. am afraid have bro't my self into some trouble, tho I shall endeavour to return

1 "The price of exchange is hard to determine as there is no Bills at market. People generally receeve @ 40 for one. Hard money has fell from 85 to 65 for one, and some People say 55 for 1. West India goods are or have been upon the fall. N. E. Rum, 41 Dollars per Gallon; W. I. Rum, 18 to £20; Tea £21 per lb; sugar £180 per Ct.” Jarvis and Russell to Aaron Lopez, Boston, July 27, 1780.

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