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should be ready against my return, but when I now call'd at his house was told he was gone to Boston and had not left the Necessary to discharge your Bill. I shall again wait on him when I leave this and endeavor if posible to obtain it.

I am with perfect Sentiments of the utmost Respects and Esteem, Dear Sir, Your most Obedient Nephew and humble Servant, David Lopez, JUN'R.

[Endorsed,] To Mr. Aaron Lopez, Merchant, Hartford.

JOHN DE NEUFville and Son TO CHRISTOPHER CHAMPLIN Amsterdam, 27 Sept., 1779.



CRAVING reference to the annex'd Copy of our last respects. of 25 July and your remittance of £ St. 30 your account was creditted for it as follow at Fs. 36 per £ St. F. Bk money 326.5 agio 4 per ct. F. 13.17 = 340.2 Currency whereof please to pass writing in comformity but as there will not be sufficient for a cannester Souchon Tea we only shall ship the chest bohea by the first opportunity, Captain Greely being not able to take anything.

We have no particular news on this side of the water but sincerely congratulate you on the good Luck of the American arms got this summer. Remaining with due Regard, Sir, Your most humble Servants,


Forwarded from St. Eustatia, by Y. M. H. S. HY. GODET.




Watertown, 10 October, 1779.

YOUR favour of 8th have receivd covering an Invoice of Goods purchas'd of you which we find far exceeding the

1 An inn holder in Watertown, 1770.

Quantity talk'd of, but as the one half is to be paid for in Rum think the Advantage will be mutuale. have this morning also receivd the 2 Hhds. of Goods and one Piece Baize to outward appearance in good order by Mr. Wicker. have fill'd 8 Bbs. Rum for Mr. Wicker to take for you but upon applying to our Committee for a Certificate find that its not in their Power to give a proper Certificate to secure your team in their way to Leicester they say it must come from your Committee. in this disagreable Situation tho't it prudent to advise Mr. Wicker back to your Town for a proper Certificate which hope will meet with your Approbation.

Mrs. Hall and daughter had an agreable Return on Thursday last. Mrs. Hall and Miss Betsey and Mr. Cooke joins me in presenting our Respects to you Mrs. Lopez and Ladies. being very assuredly Your Most Humble Servants,


Dear Sir,


Providence, 12th October, 1779.

COUSIN JOS. handed me your much esteem'd favor of the 10th Current to the contents of which have duly attended, and note your orders respecting the goods we have on hand. the Sundrys you are pleased to order by Cousin Josy, are deliver'd him, the others shall be punctual'y conformed to your pleasure, altho' must beg leave to observe that the prevailing sentiment in this quarter, respecting the prospect before us, does not appear to coincide exactly with yours, particularly in regard to the disposall of Goods; for notwithstanding the Certainty of Mons. De Estaing's Arrivall at the Southward, and the Success that has attended him in that quarter, the price of goods has not decended in the least, nor has the speculators, or holders of them, in any degree slack'n'd their avidity in collecting and enhancing

1 The original is in the Newport Historical Society.

their value. not a Merchant or Shopkeeper here will willingly part with any article by wholesale, and when they do which is rare, nothing is abated from the retail price, the truth of which Josy can fully evince from his own observations, and fruitless Essays to procure a few articles that were wanting. to him therefore I beg leave to refer you for further particulars, and the reasons urged for this rule of Conduct.

Bills on France are equally scarce and in demand. Mr. Clark has not as yet been able to purchace any, but promises to continue his best endeavors. I have now deliver'd Cousin Joseph 5 small setts amounting 192 Dollars, which I wrested by the dint of persuation from a Farmer who was passing through here on his way to Boston, to ship them; he had before refused 12 that was offer'd him by Clark and Nightingale, therefore was constrain'd to allow him 13 for one. I am inform'd the same price has since been given by those Gentlemen.

Messrs. Tillinghast and Holroyd have punctually discharged the order drawn on them by Capt. Wiley, which sum together with what we have collected in the Shop being about Ten Thousand Dollars, have thought best to hold till your further orders, for the purchace of what Exchange may be obtain❜d by Mr. Clark and self.

Since my return, two Flaggs have arrived from the Island without any tidings from Capt. Wright, and within this day or two has appeared here, one of those Ganabim,1 from Connecticut. his Business is to collect the evidences of all the Newport refugees, respecting the Character of Capt. Wright and Maudsly. Mr. Bowler informs me he was summon'd to give his deposition, that the questions that were demanded from him, were whether Capt. Maudsley did not subscribe to the Association, and was not accounted


1 Gammadims. Ezek. xxvII. ii.

2 John Maudsley, who was charged with being a "rebel”until the occupation of Rhode Island by the British, when he asserted his loyalty. He is said to have sworn allegiance to the new government after the peace, and certainly, in 1783, petitioned the British government for land in Nova Scotia. Sabine, American Loyalists, II. 52.

a friend to Goverment, and whether Mrs. Wright had been continually on the Island since the first arrivall of the British Troops, to both which questions he answer'd in the affirmative. he says he was present and heard severall others interogated to the same questions. I cannot devise what handle they mean to make of Capt. Maudsley in that affair, but fear those Villians will occasion you much trouble before they can be brought to render you due Justice, which at length I cannot but flatter myself they will be compell'd to do, altho their Rascally, peaked, Bearded Judges may by their Chicane, procrastinate the period. should I discover any further particulars of their Intentions you may rely on being seasonably apprised. I am with the greatest respect and esteem, Hon'd Sir, Your Obedient Nephew and Servant,


14th October.

Accounts from below say the Enemy are certainly embarking, that their heavy Cannon are on the wharfs and every thing in the outmost readiness for evacuating the Town. should they quit it I shall not fail conveying you the earliest Intiligence, as it will prove an excelent oppert'y of conversing with Capt. Wright who I do not think will emediately follow them. Cousin Joe will be able to furnish you the particulars of this account.

Dear Sir,



Providence 21st October 1779.

Your most estemm'd favor of the 19th is just handed me by the Teamster, and in conformity to its contents have now del'd him the three Hhds. Dry Goods which hope may reach you safe and meet an advantageous sale. Inclosed is a minute of what has been taken out of each Cask since they were first packed for your Goverment. Mrs. Williams left 1 The original is in the Newport Historical Society.

me 321⁄2 li Tallow to be forwarded to you at 12/ which have paid her and debited your Account with Lopez & Co. it will be delivered by the Bearer, who being importunate to be dispatched prevents my enlarging. We have this moment an express from below advising the Enemy's being all embarked, the wind being now favourable. the Troops here are all order'd to embark in Boats and follow the Gen'l who has gone down post haste with his retinue. They burnt the light house last night and have blown up severall other of their works near the Town this morning.1 many of the Inhabitants have also imbarked among whom is Colo. Wanton 2 and fam'ly. This we have from a person that was taken off the Island last Night by Colo. Barton.3 every appearance now indicates a speedy Evacuation, in which hope we may not by some unforseen event be disapointed.

I am with respectfull Salutations to your hon'd self my Dear Aunt and famly, Dear Sir, Your Respectfull Nephew and Servant,


Hon'd Sir,


Providence, 24th October, 1779.

I HAD the pleasure of paying you my respects under the 21st Current by Mr. Hathaway with whome I forwarded the three Casks Dry Goods you was pleased to order. hope they are safe with you e'r this, and that you may find a vent

1 "Our best Accounts from Rhode Island are, that the Enemy had nearly compleated the embarkation of their Cannon, Baggage and Stores, and were employed in plundering the Inhabitants, taking the Bells from the Houses of Worship, etc. The North Battery was levelled a few Days since, and the platforms burnt; on Wednesday morning they burnt the Mast and other Wood-Work of the LightHouse on Beaver-Tail, and yesterday were destroying their Works near the Town. Their Departure is daily expected." Providence Gazette, October 23, 1779. The embarkation took place on the evening of October 25.

2 Joseph Wanton, Jr., and William Wanton were among those who accompanied the British.

3 William Barton (1748–1831).

4 The original is in the Newport Historical Society.

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